Kalashtami 2022- Date ,Time, Significance, Kaal Bhairav Jayanti 2022

Kalashtami (or Kala Ashtami) is an auspicious day that falls on the 8th day of the waning phase of moon, i.e., on Krishna Paksha. Lord Kaal Bhairav is worshiped on this day who is a fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva. Since Kalashtami is observed on the ashtami tithi of every month, there are a total of 12 Kalashtami in a year. Kalashtami that falls in the month of Margashirsha is the most significant of all and is celebrated as Kalabhairav Jayanti. Kalashtami when observed on a Sunday or Tuesday also has its special significance as these days are dedicated to Lord Bhairav. Devotees who want to know more about Kalashtami 2022 like pooja vidhi, vrat katha, etc can find the same in this article.

Date & Time of Kalashtami Vrat 2022

The table below presents the date, day and time of Kala Ashtami vrat that falls in different months in the year 2022.

Month Kala Ashtami Date & Time Day
January Magha Kala Ashtami 25 January 2022

Start time- 07:48 AM, Jan 25

End time- 06:25 AM, Jan 26

February Phalguna Kala Ashtami 23 February 2022

Start time- 04:56 PM, Feb 23

End time- 03:03 PM, Feb 24

March Chaitra Kala Ashtami 25 March 2022

Start time- 12:09 AM, Mar 25

End time- 10:04 PM, Mar 25

April Vaishakha Kala Ashtami 23 April 2022

Start time- 06:27 AM, Apr 23

End time- 04:29 AM, Apr 24

May Jyeshtha Kala Ashtami 22 May 2022

Start time- 12:59 PM, May 22

End time- 11:34 AM, May 23

June Ashadha Kala Ashtami 20 June 2022

Start time- 09:01 PM, Jun 20

End time- 08:30 PM, Jun 21

Kalashtami 2022 July Date Shravana Kala Ashtami 20 July 2022

Start time- 07:35 AM, Jul 20

End time- 08:11 AM, Jul 21

August Bhadrapada Kala Ashtami 19 August 2022

Start time- 09:20 PM, Aug 18

End time- 10:59 PM, Aug 19

September Ashwin Kala Ashtami 17 September 2022

Start time- 02:14 PM, Sep 17

End time- 04:32 PM, Sep 18

October Kartika Kala Ashtami 17 October 2022

Start time- 09:29 AM, Oct 17

End time- 11:57 AM, Oct 18

November Margashirsha Kala Ashtami 16 November 2022

Start time- 05:49 AM, Nov 16

End time- 07:57 AM, Nov 17

December Paush Kala Ashtami 16 December 2022

Start time- 01:39 AM, Dec 16

End time- 03:02 AM, Dec 17


Kalabhairav Jayanti 2022

Kalashtami that falls in Margashirsha month (normally November month as per the Gregorian calendar) is celebrated as Kalabhairav Jayanti as it is believed that Lord Kaal Bhairav was born on this day. As such this day is celebrated with utmost devotion by the devotees in different parts of the country. Kalabhairav Jayanti is also called as Bhairav Ashtami.

According to the Hindu legends, there was an argument going on in between Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma made a remark during the argument which infuriated Lord Shiva and He took the form of Mahakaleshwar. He stood up at once and chopped fifth head of Brahma. From that day onwards, Lord Shiva started to be worshiped as ‘Kaal Bhairav’. Devotees who observe a fast on Kalashtami recite this story as Kala Ashtami vrat katha.

Significance of Kala Ashtami 2022

Lord Kaal Bhairav, who is a manifestation of Lord Shiva is worshiped on Kalashtami. Devotees believe that by worshiping Kaal Bhairav all the sins of past and present life can be redeemed. It is also said that by worshiping Lord Kaal Bhairav on the day of Kala Ashtami can remove all the pain, sufferings, pain and negativity from life of a person. With this belief, Kalashtami is celebrated with full enthusiasm by the devotees.

Kalashtmi Vrat 2022 Kaise Kare?

Kalashtami fasting should be observed on the day when Ashtami Tithi prevails during night. As such, sometime Kalashtami fasting is observed on Saptami tithi. On the day of Kalashtami, devotees should get up early in the morning and take a bath. Prayers, sweets and fruits are then offered to Kaal Bhairav and His blessing is sought. The devotees spend their day without eating and recite mantras to please Lord Shiva. Many people visit Kaal Bhairav temple in the evening and offers prayers to Mahakaleshwar. Feeding black dogs on the day of Kalashtami is also a famous tradition as a black dog is considered as the vehicle of Lord Bhairav. Fasting is opened on the day after Kalashtami. People believe that those who observe a fast on kalashtami, Lord Kaal Bahirav showers his special blessings on them and fill their homes with prosperity and happiness. On Kalashtami, some people perform rituals to pay homage to dead ancestors during the morning.

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