Average Air Hostess Salary around the World

It does not require much to become an excellent air hostess, just as long as you have the utmost desire to do it.

Air hostesses are employed by airlines as a part of cabin crew whose main job is to ensure maximum comfort of those traveling on the flight. Air hostess is one of the most sought-after jobs and though it is normally popular in females, male candidates can apply as well. For those wishing to pursue a career as an air hostess, this article provides important details such as air hostess salary, roles, responsibilities, best airlines, etc.

Air Hostess Salary across Major Countries

There are many countries that offer a lucrative salary to their cabin crew members. The table below presents a list of countries with the highest average air hostess salary. Make sure that this is only the average salary and the highest air hostess salary given by these countries is much higher.

S. NoCountriesAverage Air Hostess Salary

Top 5 Countries offering highest Air Hostess Salary

Check out the top 5 countries where air hostesses are paid a handsome salary.

  1. UK- United Kingdom offers one of the highest salaries to air hostesses. The base pay varies between £12,000 to £14,000 but can vary depending on the airline and other factors.
  2. USA- In the USA, air hostess salary package varies depending on factors like education, certifications and additional skills, but the range normally falls between $70,107 and $97,972.
  3. Australia- The average salary offered to air hostesses in Australia is around $47,000. The highest salary offered in the country goes pretty much higher than the average.
  4. Canada- Air hostess in Canada earns an average annual salary of around $45,533 which makes up to $23.35 per hour. Freshers can take a salary of about $35,000 per year, while experienced workers can go home with up to $59,516 per year.
  5. Dubai- The average salary for air hostesses in Dubai is around 22,000 to 28,000 per year. In addition to this, there is also a handsome average additional compensation offered to flight attendants in Dubai.

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Air Hostess Salary by Top Companies

Here are certain airlines around the world that offers some of the best average salaries to their cabin crew members, including air hostess.

AirlinesAverage salaryHighest salaryLowest salary
Alaskan Airlines$53,000$113,000$27,000
United Airlines$44,219$100,000$28,000
American Airlines$43,460$86,000$30,000
Southwest Airlines$42,000$65,000$30,000
Delta Airlines$40,236$91,000$24,000
Spirit Airlines$39,000$68,000$25,000
Air Canada$39,000$65,000$24,000
Frontier Airlines$29,400$45,000$27,000

How to land a high-paying job as an air hostess?

Below here are given the simple steps you need to follow to begin your journey as an air hostess or cabin crew member.

  • Graduating senior high school/ grade 12 or equivalent is a compulsory requirement to become an air hostess.
  • After completing graduation, you can apply to any aviation training institute registered to any recognized board of the country.
  • Before applying, make sure you fulfill the mandatory eligibility criteria.
  • Flight attendants then receive on-the-job training from their employers.
  • After the training completes, the candidate becomes eligible to apply for a job as an air hostess.

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Roles & Responsibilities of Air Hostess

Here are some basic roles & responsibilities of an air hostess:

  1. Serving drinks and/or food to passengers on board.
  2. An air hostess goes over safety and emergency checklists, including the locations of emergency equipment before every flight.
  3. Verifies boarding and other information like children traveling alone, special needs passengers, VIPs, etc.
  4. Monitor the cabin for any unusual objects or situations.
  5. Assist with the loading of carry-on baggage, checking for weight, size and dangerous goods.
  6. Familiarize passengers with emergency situations, exit rows and assist during any evacuation.
  7. Deal with different kinds of emergencies and are trained in first aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country offers the best air hostess salary?

UK offers some of the best average air hostess salaries in the world.

Can a male candidate become an air hostess?

A male candidate can become a cabin crew, with responsibilities similar to an air hostess.

What is the age limit for air hostesses?

Maximum age limit for a fresher is 27 years.

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