Ancient Indian History GK Quiz 2024: Questions and Answers

Explore Ancient Indian history by solving our set of important GK questions.

The aspirants preparing for competitive exams like IAS, State PSC, SSC, etc. should have a stronghold on Indian History subject. In Indian history subject, the section which is considered to be most difficult is Ancient Indian History.  The best way to prepare for this section is to go through as many Indian Ancient History questions and answers as possible. To help aspirants in their exam preparation, we are providing the best Indian Ancient History GK questions along with the answers.

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Ancient Indian History GK Quiz 2024

1) Who was the ruler of the kingdom between the rivers Jhelum and Chenab?

(A)  Alexander the Great

(B)  Darius III

(C)  King Porus

(D)  Chandragupta Maurya

Answer: C (King Porus)

2) Which of the following statement is wrong?

(A)  Bhoja was the founder of Pritihara Empire.

(B)  Dharmpala was the founder of Pala dynasty.

(C)  Vikramashila University was founded by Dharmpala

(D)  Krishna III was the last Rashtrakuta king.

Answer: B (Dharmpala was the founder of Pala dynasty)

3) Which empire lasted the longest among the following?

(A)  The Pratiharas

(B)  The Pala

(C)  The Rashtrakutas

(D)  The Senas

Answer: B (The Pala)

4) Who was the main male God worshipped by Indus people?

(A)  Lord Vishnu

(B)  Vishnu

(C)  Brahma

(D)  Indra

Ans: A (Lord Vishnu)

5) What led to the end of Indus Valley Civilization?

(A)  Invasion of Aryans

(B)  Recurrent Floods

(C)  Earthquakes

(D)  All of the above

Answer: D (All of the above)

6) Which among the following is a place in Larkana district of Sind province in Pakistan?

(A)  Alamgirpur

(B)  Harappa

(C)  Rangapur

(D)  Mohenjo-Daro

Ans: D (Mohenjo Daro)

7) Where were the hymns of Rigveda composed?

(A)  Punjab

(B)  Gujarat

(C)  Rajasthan

(D)  Madhya Pradesh

Answer: A (Punjab)

8) Who among the following was worshipped during Early Vedic Civilization?

(A)  Varuna

(B)  Indra

(C)  Surya

(D)  All the above

Answer: A (Varuna)

9) Who was the first Indian ruler who had territory outside India?

(A)  Ashoka

(B)  Chandragupta Maurya

(C)  Kanishka

(D)  Harsha

Answer: C (Kanishka)

10) Upnishads are books on:

(A)  Social life

(B)  Philosophy

(C)  Medicine

(D)  Politics

Answer: B (Philosophy)

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