ATL Marathon 2023-24: Date, Theme, Application, Document and Video Submission, Prize

ATL Marathon 2023-24 application form may release in October 2023. The last date to submit the application form will be notified according to its official notification. Inspired by the Honorable Prime Minister’s call on Atmanirbhar Bharat, the government of India has launched the ATL Marathon. The ATL Marathon is Atal Innovation Mission’s flagship innovation challenge. Under this challenge, schools identify community problems as per their choice and develop an innovative solution.

In the previous edition of the ATL Marathon, we witnessed over 7200 innovations from 32 states and 324 districts. Not only this, over 57% of the participants were girl students. Now, the applications are invited for ATL Marathon 2023. Go through this post to know more about Atal Tinkering Labs Marathon 2023-24.

Top 350 teams – Student Internship Programme (SIP)

Top 50 teams – Student Entrepreneurship Programme (SEP)

Special Certificates –

  • Top 10 teams from each state
  • Top 10 teams from rural areas
  • Top 10 teams from government schools
  • Top 10 teams from Aspirational Districts
  • Top 10 teams including Children with special needs

Aim of ATL (Atal Innovation Mission) Marathon

Here are the major aims of the government of India while beginning the ATL Marathon.

  • To give a boost to the spirit of innovation among young students in India.
  • Recognizing and rewarding innovators under the age of 18 who aim to resolve the most pressing challenges in India.
  • To draw inspiration from developing a New India with the innovation and creativity of the young minds of our country.
  • This year, the marathon will be based on the ‘Strategy for New India @ 75’ document by NITI Aayog.

ATL Marathon 2023 Theme

ATL Marathon 2023 theme is yet to release. You can check last year’s theme for reference purpose only:

  1. Education
    • Innovate to ensure access to education for all
    • Innovate to help children with special needs learn effectively
  2. Health
    • Innovate solutions for patients suffering from the most common diseases in India.
    • Build solutions to find new ways to address health and nutrition challenges (malnutrition, obesity etc.)
  3. Agriculture
    • Design solutions to increase agricultural yield in India
    • Design solutions to position millets as alternative staples globally
  4. Environment & Climate Sustainability
    • Innovate to find ways to reduce carbon emissions in industries
    • Build solutions to make every citizen in India adopt environment-conscious lifestyle( LiFE movement )
  5. Development
    • Design a solution to improve public transportation in India
    • Design a solution to improve the drinking water and sanitation problem in India
  6. Digital Economy
    • Build solutions for the Digital India Movement across different sectors
    • Design solutions to improve digital governance
  7. Tourism
    • Design solutions to boost the tourism industry in India
    • Build a solution for sustainable development in popular tourist locations preserving the natural and ecological heritage of the region
  8. Others (Identify your own problem statement and innovate for it)

This year, we have a unique theme to incorporate all special ideas and innovations. If you have any innovations in any sectors other than the 7 themes above, you can submit your projects here.

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Who can apply for ATL Marathon?

The ATL Marathon eligibility criteria are as follows.

  • The age of an applicant should be less than 18 years.
  • A team comprising of students (from ATL and Non-ATL schools) can submit their entries in the Marathon.
  • All teams should consist of a maximum 3 students (class 6th to 12th) and one ATL in-charge/ School Teacher (must be an employee of the ATL School).

Note: The government of India encourages ATL schools to include other schools/ communities within the team composition.

How to Apply for ATL Tinkering Marathon?

The application or Participation guidelines for ATL Marathon 2023-24 are as follows.

  • You can apply for the ATL Marathon by signing in through the My government account portal i.e.
  • In case you don’t have an account then you may create one by signing up.
  • At the time of applying, you should keep your ATL UID handy. To move forward with the application, you must provide your correct ATL UID.
  • While submitting details in the ATL Marathon 2023-24 application form, you will have to choose the problem you or your team is targeting.
  • The final entry in the marathon will be in form of a Research document and Video file (both mandatory).

Document Submission

  • While submitting the ATL Application, you will have to submit a document of your plan or innovation/ Solution.
  • The size of the documents should be around 300 words.
  • This document should cover various aspects of research related to the problem.
  • You may target the problem by answering the following questions in the document.
    • Why you have selected this particular problem?
    • What is the main technology you are using to tackle the issue?
    • What is the main idea behind the solution you are suggesting?

ATL Marathon Video Submission

Apart from the document, it is also compulsory to submit a video in order to participate in the ATL Marathon 2023-24.Here are the things that you need to provide in the video.

  • A short introduction of the prototype/ Solution on which you are working (full 360 degrees view)
  • The journey of your project including on-ground testing/ implementation.
  • Functionalities and salient features of the project.
  • Role of each and every team member.
  • Involvement of community/ industry/ local mentors/ institutions sharing their feedback on the solution.

Major Challenges faced by India Today

As stated earlier in this post, one of the main aims of this marathon is to find innovative solutions to challenges faced by students. Here are the challenges that young innovators try to solve in the ATL marathon.

  • Sources of Clean Energy – Currently, more than 66% of India’s electricity is generated by coal & Gas. This leads to environmental pollution. The government of India is looking to find alternate energy measures to get a cleaner form of energy.
  • Waste Management – Presently, India generates around 130 million tonnes of e-waste. Innovators in ATL marathon 2023 – 2024 are invited to resolve this problem.
  • Water Conservation and Management – The rate at which the drinking water is depleting in India is scary. As per an estimate, around 600 million Indians face a severe water shortage. The participating teams are also invited to provide innovative solutions to such problems.
  • Agricultural Technology – Over 70% of the rural household in India depends upon agriculture for their livelihoods. So, innovators are invited to showcase new technology in the field of Agriculture.
  • Health Technology – Sadly, the life expectancy in India has dropped to 68.56. Technology can save millions of lives. So, you can participate in the ATL marathon and provide an innovative solution to health problems in India.
  • Sustainable Development Goals – India is a developing country that is growing very rapidly. However, this development should not harm our environment. So, there is a need to take action towards various societal concerns.
  • Smart Mobility – You might know that traffic congestion costs Indian Cities Rs. 1.5 lakh crores a year. So, there is an urgent requirement for innovative measures to fix this issue.

ATL Marathon Winner Prizes

Given below are the prizes that you can get after winning the ATL Marathon.

  • Top 50 teams in the ATL Marathon will be rewarded with a 15-days internship program designed specifically to allow kids to get a real-world and hands-on learning experience.
  • An intensive 3-month module has been developed that will take the top 50 teams through an immersive journey that will help them reach the MVP stage with their ideas.
  • A few shortlisted teams/ members will get opportunities to visit GE innovative centers and manufacturing units (National & International)
  • Each of the top 50 teams would be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs. 10000/- and a prototyping kit to further develop their innovative skills for the final events – Innovation Marathon Conclave.
  • Innovation Marathon Conclave – A one-day event where top 50 teams will be invited to pitch their ideas to an esteemed panel of judges. In this conclave, the top 3 will get prize money of 6 lakh rupees.

Jury Panel of ATL Marathon 2023

The jury panel of the Atal Tinkering Labs is given below.

  • Param Mandloi – Head of Strategy and Innovation, Mahindra Susten
  • Harish Hande – Founder SELCO India
  • Dr. Abha Rishi – CEO, Atal Incubation Centre, BIMTECH
  • Sameep Pandora – Founder, Sameep Padora & Associates (sP+a)
  • Ashish Goel – Founder, Urban Ladder
  • Jateen Lad – Chief Co-Architect, Sri Aurobindo Society
  • Abhishek Pareek – CEO – Atal Incubation Centre Banasthali Vidyapith
  • Naveen Kumar – Founder, NaPanta
  • G Sriram Prasad – Founder, Keerai Kadai
  • Jeet Vijay – CEO – Atal Incubation Centre Pinnacle Ventures
  • Rajiv Vaishnav – Managing Partner Cornerstone Ventures Partners
  • Taslimarif Saiyed – CEO and Director Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms
  • Tanmay Shah – Leadership Team Imaginarium
  • Dr. Binish Desai – Waste Warrior and Recycle Man of India Empirical Eco Solutions
  • Pranali Chavan – Research Associate, Electricity & Fuels Group
  • Sonia Rani – Area Convenor, Sustainable Buildings (Delhi)
  • Manish Anand – Associate Fellow, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
  • Manish Pandey – Area Convenor, Centre for Rural Action
  • Pavan Kumar – Founder and CEO at Workbench Projects
  • AR Shivakumar – Principal Scientific Officer Indian Institute of Science
  • Amit Raje – CEO – Atal Incubation Centre Aartech, Aartech Solonics Pvt. Ltd.
  • Abhinav Jain – Research Associate, Electricity & Fuels Group
  • Mohan Simham – VP and Head of Consumer iOT Vodafone India
  • Archana Sahay – CSR Head Dell EMC
  • Dr. Anjlee Prakash – MD and Chairperson, Learning Links Foundation
  • Rahat Kulshreshtha – CEO – Quidich Innovation Labs
  • Snehal Shetty – Chief Operations Officer, Amrita TB

Note: Please note that the above Jury is as per the previous year’s Marathon. A few names can change this year.

Disclaimer: All details updated in this post are for reference purposes only. We’ll update the post after the release of ATL Marathon 2023 notification.

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