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After a historic decision by the supreme court of India, the central government of India has launched the CRCS Sahara Refund Portal. Through this portal, investors of Sahara Group cooperative societies can apply for getting their refunds. Honourable Union Home & Cooperation Minister Shri Amit Shah launched this portal in a ceremony on 18th July 2023.

This portal is like a ray of hope for thousands of depositors who are waiting for their refund for many years. Check out this guide to know how to apply for Sahara Refund through CRCS Sahara Refund Portal and all other latest news about the refund process.  

Decision by the Supreme Court and Action by the Government of India

To provide a refund and resolve the grievances of the investors of Sahara group’s co-operative societies, the supreme court of India issued an order on 29th March 2023. 

According to this order, Rs.5000 Crore will be transferred to the Central Registrar of Cooperative Societies (CRCS) from the Sahara-SEBI Refund Account.

Following the decision of the court, the government has launched a portal to refund money to valid depositors of the following cooperative societies.   

  1. Sahara Credit Cooperative Society Limited, Lucknow
  2. Saharayn Universal Multipurpose Society Limited, Bhopal.
  3. Humara India Credit Cooperative Society Limited, Kolkata
  4. Stars Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited, Hyderabad    

The refund process through the portal is completely digital, convenient, and transparent. This will ensure that only valid claims of the depositors will be processed.

Documents Required and Claim & Refund Process

  • Investors will have to provide details of all their claims at once through the official website. 
  • All investors are required to provide relevant documents related to claims. 
  • All investors must have an Aadhar linked phone number as well as Aadhar- linked bank account. 
  • Sahara group societies will verify all the claims within 30 days of submitting the claims.
  • Investors will get to know about their claim verification through SMS and Portal within the next 15 days i.e. within 45 days of submitting the online claim. 
  • In case of a valid and verified claim, the refund will be processed in the bank account as per the availability of the fund.    

CRCS Sahara Refund Portal Login Process (How to Apply Online for Refund)

The Sahara Cooperative Societies depositors are requested by the Ministry of Cooperation to submit their refund claims through the official portal. The process to submit the claim is explained below.

1. First of all, visit the official portal of the Ministry of Cooperation i.e.

2. On the home page, you need to click on the “Investor/ Jamakarta Registration ” as shown in the image below. 

3. Next, you need to provide the last four digits of your Aadhar number along with the phone number linked with your Aadhar.

4. Click on the “Get OTP” button. 

5. After that, you will get an OTP on your phone number. 

6. Enter the OTP and click on the “Verify OTP” button. 

7. Next, you must log in using the “Investor/ Jamakarta Login ” button.

8. Agree to the terms and conditions of the UIDAI by clicking on the “I Agree” button available at the bottom of the page.

9. Verify all the details that will be fetched by your Aadhar. Here, providing your email ID is optional. Click on the “Next” button if all details are correct.

10. In the next step, you must provide the details about your investment in the Sahara Co-operative Societies. Please enter the details very carefully because all of these will be verified later.

11. The details you need to enter are as follows.

  1. Name of the society
  2. Membership number
  3. Account number
  4. Receipt number
  5. Date of opening the account
  6. Amount Deposited
  7. Image of the deposit certificate (Less than 3 MB in size and in .png/.jpg/.jpeg/,jpg2 format)

12. Click on “Add Claim” after providing the details.

13. In the next step, you must generate the claim request form by clicking on “Generate Claim Request Form”.

14. Fill out the Claim form accurately and provide all the required details.

15. After filling out the claim form, you must upload the same by scanning it and providing your signature, and passport-size photograph.

16. Click on the “Upload” button after choosing the image.

17. Finally, a thank you screen will display. It will show your application number. You must note down this number for future reference.

Important Things to Know

  • Only those investors can apply for refund who have deposited the money before 22nd March 2022 in any of the following societies – Sahara Credit Cooperative Society Limited, Lucknow, Saharayn Universal Multipurpose Society Limited, Bhopal, and Humara India Credit Cooperative Society Limited, Kolkata.
  • If you are an investor of Stars Multipurpose Co-operative Society Limited, Hyderabad, and deposited money before 29th March 2022 then you can also apply for a refund. 
  • The refund claim will be accepted in online mode only. 
  • Four OSDs are appointed to provide guidance and help in the refund process. 
  • A retired judge of the supreme court Justice R. Subhash Reddy will head the committee that will oversee the process of the refund. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it possible to apply for Sahara Co-operative Societies refund offline?

No, the refund will be processed through CRCS Refund Portal only. 

When was the CRCS Sahara Refund Portal launched?

On 18th July 2023.

Who launched the CRCS refund portal?

Shri Amit Shah

How much time will it take to get my refund claim verified?

After submitting the claim through the portal, it will get verified within 30 days.

How much time will it take to get a refund after verification?

You will get a refund within 15 days of successful claim verification i.e. within 45 days of submitting the claim. 

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