10 Best Data Science Companies in the World 2024: Microsoft, Amazon, Wipro and More

Data science is important for the growth of any company as it can help uncover useful insights through careful study of its business data. There are many companies that have developed superior quality solutions to extract data in the best possible manner and are allowing other organizations to benefit from it. In this article we will look at 10 best data science companies in the world 2024 on whose data science platform other businesses can rely for converting their raw data into thoughtful business insights.

10 Best Data Science Companies in the World 2024

Check out the list of world’s best data science company along with the country they are located in.

  1. Microsoft
  2. Amazon
  3. Wipro
  4. IBM
  5. Cloudera
  6. Splunk
  7. Numerator
  8. Mu Sigma
  9. SPINS
  10. Teradata

World’s 10 Best Data Science Companies List

Let us know a little bit in detail about the 10 best data science companies in the world one by one.

1. Microsoft (Microsoft Azure)

Microsoft is by far the best data science company in the world that relies on data analytics and data science to enhance its user experience. Microsoft offers a number of products and services and its data science algorithms ensures utmost user satisfaction that in turn improves productivity and cuts support costs.

2. Amazon (Amazon Web Services)


Amazon ranks second among the best data science companies in the world with focus on e-commerce, cloud computing and digital streaming. Amazon implements a data science strategy to understand the needs of the customers to that it can offer better recommendations. With its data innovation technology, Amazon is able to keep track of every important thing in their business.

3. Wipro

When it comes to top data science companies in the world, Wipro is a name not to be forgotten. Its data, analytics and AI services, enable organizations to deliver value in their service. Data science solution of Wipro play a key role in transforming native business operations, creating new business models and unleashing process improvements. 

4. IBM (Data Science and Business Analytics Platform)

Best Data Science Companies In The World

IBM (International Business Machines) Data Science and Business Analytics platform saves money, mitigates risk and drives innovation through the combined power of data science and business analytics. Data science tools and solutions of IBM offers the ability to run any AI model with a flexible deployment to operationalize data science models on any cloud.

5. Cloudera (Data Science Workbench)

Data Science Workbench of Cloudera allows data scientists to manage analytics pipelines with built-in scheduling, monitoring, and email alerting. With Cloudera Workbench, organizations can easily and quickly develop & prototype new machine learning projects and deploy them to production. These features make Cloudera one of the best data science companies.

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6. Splunk


Splunk is among the 10 best data companies in the world that provides software for searching, monitoring and analyzing machine-generated data. It can capture, index and correlate real-time data and generate graphs, reports, visualizations, etc. The company also has a partnership with the Formula One team of McLaren for which it provides data analysis and insight.

7. Numerator (OmniPanel)

Numerator (OmniPanel)

Numerator is one of the world’s topmost data science companies providing the best solutions to monitor and analyze data. Its data science platform OnmiPanel helps business to convert complex business questions into simple first-party consumer data allowing access to fast and actionable consumer insights in a highly changing market.

8. Mu Sigma

Mu Sigma

Mu Sigma is not only the world’s largest data analytics firm but it is also one of the best in the market. It offers a number of data analytics software, statistical analysis software, data visualization tool, reporting tool, etc. The company provides data science solutions to more than 140 of the Fortune 500 companies working different sectors like retail, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, technology and others.



With the aim to empower the industry with wellness-focused data technology, SPINS has emerged as one of the best data science companies in the world. SPINS solutions increase the presence and accessibility of organic products by providing valuable insights. It currently a database of more than 6000 retailers with over 400000 items.

10. Teradata (Teradata Vantage)

Teradata (Teradata Vantage)

Data science solution from Teradata deliver business insights and value to clients through big data analytics. With its data science platform Vantage, businesses can unlock data, activate analytics and accelerate its value. Teradata now comes with faster access, better governance, and more powerful analytics with lower cost of ownership. The company ranks at number 10 in this list of 10 best data science companies in the world 2024.


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