Top 15 Largest Data Centers in the World in 2023

With millions of terabytes of data and information getting exchanged everyday there is a need of data centers bigger than ever. There are many projects being carried out in past few decades to manage this heavy volume of data. Many data centers have been developed with size more or around a million square feet to cater to this amount of data. Let us check out the top 15 largest data centers in the world in 2023 along with their area, location and other important information.

Top 15 Largest Data Centers in the World in 2023

Check out the list of largest data centers in the world along with their area (in square feet) and the country they are located in.

Data CenterArea (square ft.)Country
China Telecom Data Center10 millionChina
China Mobile7.2 millionChina
The Citadel Campus7.2 millionUnited States
Microsoft Data Center7 millionUnited States
DuPont Fabros Technology3.3 millionUnited States
CWL1 Data Centre1.45 millionUnited Kingdom
Apple’s Mesa Data Center1.3 millionUnited States
CoreSite Reston VA31.3 millionUnited States
Lakeside Technology Center1.1 millionUnited States
Utah Data Center1 millionUnited States
QTS Atlanta Metro Data Center0.97 millionUnited States
Tulip Data Center0.9 millionIndia
Yotta NM10.82 millionIndia
NAP of the Americas0.75 millionUnited States
Next Generation Data Europe0.75 millionUnited Kingdom

World’s 15 Largest Data Centers List 2023

Let us know a little bit in detail about the 15 largest data centers in the world one by one.

1. China Telecom Data Center

China Telecom Data Center- Largest Data Centers in The World

The largest data center in the world in 2023 is the China Telecom Data Center that spreads over a massive area of over 10 million square feet. Located in Beijing-Tianjin economic circle radiation belt, China Telecom has a large global network of over 400 data centers. The company still has to develop data center with 77% of the project completed till February 2023.

2. China Mobile


World’s second largest data center is also located in China. China Mobile ranks next after China Telecom in largest data center and has a size of about 7 million square feet. In order to provide better services to meet the growing demand in the international telecommunications market, the company has 59 data center locations within 50 miles of this facility.

3. The Citadel Campus

Switch’s Citadel Campus was once the largest data centers before China Mobile & China Telecom came into play. To meet the surge in demand for online connectivity, this data center was developed over an area of 7.2 million square feet. The company has the goal to grow internet connectivity intelligently and sustainably to support millions of data and information being uploaded, downloaded and stored every second.

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4. Microsoft Data Center

Microsoft’s massive data center in Quincy, Washington houses computers in more than 20 buildings and has one of the longest and most substantial security checkpoints worldwide. The data center has an advanced digital framework and also a highly-developed energy infrastructure. For continuous running of operations, more than 19000 battery cells and more than 140 electrical generators are deployed at this data center.

5. DuPont Fabros Technology

DuPont Fabros Technology is a real estate investment trust that owns, develops, manages and operates wholesale data centers leased to tenants. The company leases space to companies on a wholesale level for building their own data centers. DuPont has more than thirty customers with some of the largest multinational corporation including Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Rackspace and Yahoo.

6. CWL1 Data Center

The CWL1 campus is the largest data center in Europe and sixth largest data center in the world. Located near Cardiff in Western UK, the company offers small and large businesses a range of benefits such as high security, low environment risk, easy access, etc. CWL1 is one of the most efficient data centers in the UK with incredible growth potential, low PUEs and unrivaled service continuity.

7. Apple Data Center

Situated in Mesa, Arizona, the Apple’s data center ranks seventh in this list of top 15 largest data centers in the world 2023. Since Apple likes to keep most part of its operations secret, not many specifics about what happens inside the facility is known. There are five other Apple data centers in United States but the one in Arizona is the largest of all.

8. CoreSite Reston VA3

CoreSite has established its newest and the largest data center (VA3) in Reston, Virginia that has the ideal infrastructure for intensive data requirements. The CoreSite Reston provides access to a robust ecosystem of cloud, network and IT providers. Customers can easily establish interconnections and build a holistic hybrid IT solution within the company’s ecosystem from their local data centers.

9. Lakeside Technology Center

Spread over an area of more than one million square feet, Lakeside Technology Center is one of the best option for housing data centers for financial firms. Its infrastructure includes four fiber vaults and three electric power feeds which generates more than 100 megawatts of power. Advanced cooling system and gothic architecture hallway are some of the most distinctive features of the facility.

10. Utah Data Center

The UDC or Utah Data Center is a data storage facility for the United States Intelligence Community. It stores data estimated to be on the order of exabytes or larger and has the capability to process all forms of communication, private emails, cell phone calls and internet searches. Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center is another name of UDC.

11. QTS Atlanta Metro Data Center

QTS Atlanta Metro Data Center is one of the biggest data centers in the world spreading over an area of 0.97 million. The data center has its own on-site power substations and direct fiber access to various carrier alternatives. Atlanta Metro is the eleventh largest data center in the world and offers significant growth opportunities for clients across all QTS product lines.

12. Tulip Data Center

Tulip Data City (TDC), located in Bangalore, is Asia’s and India’s largest and the world’s eleventh largest data center in the world. It is a part of Tulip Telecom Ltd that has three main line of business, data centers, data connectivity and managed services. Tulip covers over 3000 cities and its fiber network reaches almost every major building in the metros. Its major customers includes AT&T, Orange Business Services, IBM, HP and UIDAI.

13. Yotta NM1

Yotta NM1 is the second largest data center in India and Asia and ranks thirteenth in the world’s 15 largest data centers 2023. The company is located in a 600-acre land and comprise of 5 DC buildings, 7000 racks and 4 fiber paths. State-of-the-art server floors, redundant power & connectivity, multi-tier security and top notch facilities make NM1 one of the best data centers.

14. NAP of the Americas

Network Access Point (NAP) of the Americas is a giant data center and internet exchange point in Florida that spreads over 750,000 square foot in area. Operated by Equinix, it is one of the USA’s largest data centers and among the 15 largest data centers in the world. NAP was built to serve as a major hub for network traffic between the United States and Latin America.

15. Next Generation Data Europe

The Next Generation Data is one of the largest data centers in the UK, Europe and the world as well. The company opened as Next Generation Data (NGD) in 2009 but was later acquired in 2020 by Vantage. Majority of space in the data center is being taken up by large scale operators along with dedicated halls for “smaller clients”.


Which is the largest data center in the world in 2023?

China Telecom Inner Mongolia Information Park

What is the size of largest data center in the world?

10,763,910 square feet

Which data center is the largest in the United States?

Switch’s Citadel Campus

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