Board Exams 2021 to be postponed or not? Check the latest updates here

There is a buzz among students that ICSE/ ISC exams can get postponed – Know the facts here

The Covid – 19 pandemic has disrupted the academic 2020 – 2021 drastically. With most of the classes taken place in online mode, a lot of students complain they have got less time and opportunities to prepare for the exam. Now, there are speculations that the board will now postpone ISCE/ ISC exams. However, the truth is that exam authorities haven’t decided anything yet. The decision is yet to be taken and students will be informed beforehand if exams are postponed.

No Official Announcements Yet

As far as exam authorities are concerned, they are looking to find a way to create a favourable situation for both students and exam board. Gayethri Devi who is the Secretary of Karnataka State ICSE Schools’ Association, told the press that she will prefer a “win-win situation” for students and councils. She added – the decision of conducting the exam must be taken only after considering what happened at state board schools last academic year. Plus, the school should be prepared to conduct exams in March/ April.

At the same time, Gayethri Devi said that it is important for us to understand psychological constraints of students as well. The anxiety among students can further increase if the exams are delayed further. It will be easier for students to plan their future if exams are finished earlier. She also said that the council is constantly in touch with the school to get updates on when portions would be completed. She informed the press that schools are on track to complete the syllabus on time through online classes.

The Principal of Cambridge, Mr. Prashant Fernandes said that a formal decision of postponing the exam is not taken yet. The council is refraining from making any pre-mature announcement as it may confuse students. However, the authorities are ready to conduct the exam at any time.

Mr. Prashant also added, in case of a delay in the exam, schools will an opportunity of conducting more practical classes. This will help students to clear their doubts and get more time to revise. However, the problem with deferring the exam is that schools have to re-adjust the next academic session.

Views of students

Just like views of council members, the views of students also seem to be divided. According to some students, they are not still sure about the starting of offline classes. Plus, online classes are only supplementary to the actual offline classes. So, it is not a good idea to conduct exams on the basis of online classes.

On the other hand, some students want exams to be conducted on time. They said that if exams are postponed then they will not get enough chances to apply to apply for higher studies because their result will be further delayed.

Overall, we can say that it is not clear that whether exams are going to be postponed or not. We recommend students to prepare for exams thinking that exams will held as per the normal schedule. However, if there will be a delay then they will get more time and opportunity for revision.

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