Popular Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with “C”

Check out a beautiful collection of popular Hindu baby girl names starting with the letter "C". These names are packed with cultural meanings, giving you a wonderful collection of options to choose from when welcoming your adorable little one into the world.

There are a number of beautiful and popular Hindu girl names starting with “C”, however choosing the one mostly depends upon personal preferences of people, cultural significance, and individual meanings attached to names.

So, if just felt parenthood but unable to decide name of your baby girl then refer this write-up. In this article, I have shared the list of popular Hindu baby girl names with “C”.

Check Out Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with “C”

  1. Chitkala: Art, beautiful creation
  2. Chitrangada: Daughter of King Shantanu, known for her beauty
  3. Chitreshwari: Queen of art
  4. Chakradhari: One who carries the discus (Sudarshan Chakra), a reference to Lord Vishnu
  5. Chandika: Fierce form of Goddess Parvati
  6. Charumati: Gentle, kind-hearted
  7. Charulata: Beautiful moon
  8. Charushila: Good character, noble
  9. Champakavati: Queen of Champa trees
  10. Chandanbala: Fragrant like sandalwood
  11. Chahat: Desire, love
  12. Chayanika: The chosen one
  13. Chaaru: Pleasant, good-natured
  14. Chashak: Clever, witty
  15. Chakora: A bird known for its love for the moon
  16. Chaitravali: Full moon of Chaitra month
  17. Chakori: A type of partridge
  18. Chalani: Cool-headed, calm
  19. Chhayadevi: Goddess of shadows
  20. Chiragni: Lamp, light
  21. Chandra: Moon, one of the names of Goddess Parvati
  22. Champa: Pagoda tree, beautiful and fragrant flowers
  23. Chitralekha: Painter, artist
  24. Chitra: Picture, beautiful painting
  25. Chhaya: Shadow, reflection
  26. Chandrika: Moonlight, beautiful and charming
  27. Chaitali: Born in the month of Chaitra (spring)
  28. Charvi: Beautiful, pleasing
  29. Chhaya: Shade, refuge
  30. Chhavi: Image, reflection

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Benefits of Choosing Baby Girl Names with “C”

People prefer their baby names starting with the letter “C” for a variety of reasons, including:

  • There may be some family traditions due to which a family chooses all their family members names with C. It might be because they want to honor ancestors or maintain family continuity.
  • People find names with “C” melodious or aesthetically pleasing.
  • There are few communities that prefer names starting with specific letters due to cultural or religious significance associated with that letter.
  • People might be influenced by some actress name.
  • Some parents believe in numerology or astrology and choose names based on the numerical value or astrological significance of the starting letter.

These are just few reasons behind why people choose their baby girl names with “C”. However, the reason broadly depends upon cultural background, family traditions, personal beliefs, and individual preferences.

Let other know if your baby girl names starts with letter “C” and why did you choose that name. Share your view through the comment box below.

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