CBSE Class 1 English Syllabus 2024-25

The Class 1st is a stage where students learn about the basics of the English language. The CBSE Class 1 English syllabus 2024-25 is created as per the latest education curriculum.

It focuses on helping students learn in an interactive way. At the beginning of an academic year, both students and teachers should check the syllabus very carefully.

The syllabus of English subject consists of both written chapters as well as poems. All the students should prepare for the mid-term (half-yearly/ quarterly) and annual exams by keeping syllabus in mind.

In this article, we are discussing the details of CBSE Class 1 English syllabus for the upcoming exams.

CBSE 1st Class English Syllabus 2024-25

There are two textbooks of English subject for 1st Class students i.e. Marigold – 1 and Raindrop. Both of these textbooks contain many chapters and poems.

Marigold has 10 units on the other raindrop comprises of 9th chapters. Students must be well-versed with all these chapters and poems to score good marks in the final examination. Given below is the list of units and chapters within Marigold – 1 and Raindrops.

Marigold – 1

  • 1st Unit
    • A Happy Child
    • Three Little Pigs
  • 2nd Unit
    • After a Bath
    • The Bubble, the Straw and the Shoe
  • 3rd Unit
    • One Little Kitten
    • Lalu and Peelu
  • 4th Unit
    • Once I Saw a Little Bird
    • Mittu and the Yellow Mang
  • 5th Unit
    • Merry-Go-Round
    • Circle
  • 6th Unit
    • If I Were an Apple
    • Our Tree
  • 7th Unit
    • A Kite
    • Sundari
  • 8th Unit
    • A Little Turtle
    • The Tiger and the Mosquito
  • 9th Unit
    • Clouds
    • Anandi’s Rainbow
  • 10th Unit
    • Flying Man
    • The Tailor and his Friend


  • 1st Chapter: – Clap, Clap, Clap
  • 2nd Chapter: – One, Two
  • 3rd Chapter: – The Little Bird
  • 4th Chapter: – Bubbles
  • 5th Chapter: – Chhotu
  • 6th Chapter: – Animals and Birds
  • 7th Chapter: – Fruits and Vegetables
  • 8th Chapter: – Who Am I?
  • 9th Chapter: – Hide and Seek

Students are advised to follow the NCERT textbooks i.e. marigold – 1 and raindrops in order to prepare for their English exam. For any kind of doubt in the CBSE class 1 English syllabus 2024, the students can seek help from their teachers.

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