CBSE Class 2 Maths Syllabus 2024-25

The topics that the students study in class 1 are given an advanced form during their class 2nd studies. Students will learn to make more use of basic addition, subtraction and will also be taught things like patterns, counting, shapes, etc. The complete syllabus comprise of 15 chapters and different topics within each chapter. This article presents the complete information related to CBSE Class 2 Maths Syllabus 2024-25. Students as well as the teachers should strictly follow this syllabus during studying or teaching.

CBSE Class 2 Mathematics Syllabus 2024

Details of all the chapters and the important topics described under these chapters are provided below. Students should check these details and then study according to them.

Chapter 1-> What is Long, What is Round?

  • Guess its Name
  • How Strong is a Postcard?
  • Hurry Up! Be Quick!
  • What Rolls, What Slides?
  • My Tiny Tree
  • The Tallest Tower
  • Coin Play

Chapter 2-> Counting in Groups

  • Look and Guess the Number
  • More or Less, Let Us Guess
  • Hop Till You Drop
  • Join the Dots
  • Naughty Bhurru
  • Puzzling Tail
  • The Big Carrot
  • Seema’s Century

Chapter 3-> How Much Can You Carry?

  • The Clever Donkey and His Heavy Sack
  • Raju Wants to Ride a See-saw
  • Heavier or Lighter
  • Chhotu Monkey and the Carrots
  • How Much Can Simran Carry?

Chapter 4-> Counting in Tens

  • Chickens and the Clever Fox
  • How Many are These?

Chapter 5-> Patterns

  • Leafy Patterns
  • Number Patterns

Chapter 6-> Footprints

  • Bholu and the Footprints
  • Trace and Guess
  • Read and Draw
  • More Fun with Tracing
  • Tarani’s Shapes
  • Dressing Up Bisania
  • Shapes and Faces

Chapter 7-> Jugs and Mugs

  • Make and Enjoy Lemon Drink
  • Lemon Drink Stall at a Village Fair
  • Fun in Filling Vessels
  • Rani and the Milkman
  • Thirsty Crow

Chapter 8-> Tens and Ones

  • Bangle Throw
  • The Flute Man and the Rats
  • Clean School Day

Chapter 9-> My Funday

  • Teacher-Teacher
  • Games Every Day
  • Favourite Month
  • February is Different
  • Blow Hot, Blow Cold

Chapter 10-> Add our Points

  • Toss the Ball
  • Guess and Tell
  • Heads and Tails
  • Two at a Time
  • How Fast Can You Add?
  • Play Time

Chapter 11-> Lines and Lines

  • Whose Line is It?
  • Fun with Lines
  • Dancing Lines
  • Designs with Dots
  • Lines in Pictures

Chapter 12-> Give and Take

  • One Extra Necklace
  • Venkatesha’s Canteen
  • It’s Time to Buy!

Chapter 13-> The Longest Step

  • Hand or Fingers?
  • Cat’s Food – Rat or Milk?
  • Is That So?

Chapter 14-> Birds Come, Birds Go

  • How Many Cranes and Swans?
  • Catch the Right Bus!
  • Cross Me Out!
  • Chakachak Toli

Chapter 15-> How Many Ponytails

  • Letters in Names
  • Fruit Seller
  • Count and write
  • Hair Styles
  • Shoe Numbers
  • Water We Drink
  • The Colour You Like

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