Chinese Language Day 2024: The History that you need to know

More people around the globe, by a wide margin, speak Chinese as their native tongue than any other language. Chinese Language Day was established in 2010 by UNESCO (a branch of the United Nations) to recognize the importance of Chinese as being one of the six national languages of the UN.

Since then, every April 20th has been a highlight of our year. Cangjie, the man credited with creating the Chinese letters some five thousand years ago, is also honored on this day. When Cangjie was done, the gods supposedly showered the soil with grain.

Chinese Language Day 2024 Date

The United Nations Language Day was first proclaimed in 2010 by the UN Department of Public Information (now known as the Ministry of Global Communications). China has 11 official languages, however many of them are really dialects of Mandarin or other closely related languages. More than 1,500 distinct Chinese dialects are spoken today.

Event nameDayDate
Chinese Language Day 2024 DateSaturday20th April 2024

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Chinese Language Day 2024:A Brief Background

On the “Gu Yu” of the 24th solar period of the lunar calendar, the Ministry of Communications has designated the Chinese Day to honor Cangjie, the progenitor of Chinese characters.

“Spring rain is as pricey as oil” because it is most needed to hydrate the newly planted seedlings and crops at this time. Duckweed sprouts toward the end of spring, just as the first crop of spring tea is gathered. The proverb, “The season of a year lies in spring,” describes the current picture of growth and prosperity.

According to the “Huainanzi,” Cangjie’s invention of characters was a catastrophic occurrence that led to the establishment of the Guyu Festival. In late spring or early summer,  instructing people all over the globe to study the characters that Cangjie had created.

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The tale says that the Emperor of Heaven was touched by his skill at character writing. In response to the widespread starvation that had spread over the globe, instructed them to unlock the granary in the Heavenly Palace. The world’s population was spared when grains began falling from the sky. Some twenty-four solar periods later, this day was given the moniker Gu Yu by those in the know.

Chinese Language Day 2024: Some activities to do 

  • On Chinese Language Day, the United Nations and its partner organizations host activities to celebrate the Chinese language and its place in world culture. Famous Chinese writers, poets, and calligraphers often lead workshops and seminars. All across the globe, you may attend a concert featuring traditional Chinese music, a martial arts demonstration, or an exhibition of Chinese calligraphy.
  • Acquire some Chinese language skills. The word “thank you” in Mandarin Chinese is “xiexie.” Simply combine the parts into one word and pronounce it normally. Simple, right? You may now pass as a Chinese speaker!
  • Eat at a Chinese restaurant. Peking duck is a must-try for everyone who doesn’t already have a favorite Chinese meal. Nothing else compares to the flavor. Next time you’re enjoying a meal and your taste sensations have reached nirvana, remember to show your global citizenship by thanking your waitress in Chinese.
  • You’ve hit the jackpot, so to speak. It’s no secret that Chinese cinema has produced some of the world’s most magnificent films. After celebrating Chinese Language Day, to explore hundreds of films and the realization that the Mandarin language sounds lovely and that Chinese movies are excellent.

Some Facts about Chinese Language Day

  • The most important ingredient, the noodles, were developed in China, although the dish itself was created in Italy.
  • For the development of paper, we have China to thank. To put it another way: who could do without it? Is Earl Gray tea a favorite of yours, by the way? As Captain Picard, you did it. However, the tea’s true origins may be traced back to the Imperial court of China, despite the name.
  • China has 11 official languages, however many of them are really dialects of Mandarin or other closely related languages. More than 1,500 distinct Chinese dialects are spoken today.
  • All the cool kids in China are rock stars, and they all speak Chinese. Aside from being one of the most renowned martial artists in the world, Jet Li is widely considered to be the funniest stuntman in the world, thanks to his work with Jackie Chan.
  • Beautiful and dangerous, Michelle Yeoh was the perfect Bond girl. There are several excellent films in which Zhang Ziyi has appeared. A few of the world’s most hip individuals happen to be fluent in Chinese, and the stats prove it.


Approximately how long has the Chinese language been in use?

At least a handful of thousand years have passed since the first written Chinese characters were created. Evidence of written Chinese dates back at least 3,00 years.

Which three Chinese languages are there?

Standard Chinese is the national language of China and is used as the medium of instruction in mainland Chinese schools and in Taiwan.

Which is the most common dialect of Chinese?

Mandarin is by far the most spoken variety of Chinese. It’s no surprise that the most used language in the world is Chinese, given that there are more than 955 million native speakers in China alone.

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