GK Quiz Questions on Gautam Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama, also known as Gautama Buddha and Lord Buddha, is a religious teacher and the founder of Buddhism. His followers are referred to as Buddhists. Gautama Buddha was born into the family of the Shakya Clan, located below the foothills of the Himalayas on the edge of the eastern Indian subcontinent.

His father Suddhodana, was the head of the Shakya clan and his mother Maya was a Koliyan princess. After the age of 29, Gautama Buddha decided to leave his kingdom and become an ascetic. Thereafter, he was referred to as Buddha, which means a free-thinking who has attained freedom from the state of suffering and illiteracy, having achieved the state of nirvana.

If you are preparing for competitive exams like SSC CHSL, SSC CGL, Railways, and other related government exam, the Gautam Buddha’s topic from Ancient Indian History is an important topic to prepare for. Below, we have listed some important General Knowledge questions on the Gautam Buddha topic for the better preparation of your exam.

General Knowledge questions and answers on Gautam Buddha

Question -1: What is the real name of the Buddha?

Answer: Siddhartha Gautama.

Question -2: Who was the founder of Buddhism?

Answer: Gautama Buddha.

Question -3: In which year Gautama Buddha was born?

Answer: 563 BCE.

Question -4: Where was Gautama Buddha born?

Answer: Lumbini (now in Nepal), Shakya Republic.

Question -5: What was the name of Gautama Buddha’s father?

Answer: Śuddhodana.

Question -6: What was the name of Gautama Buddha’s mother?

Answer: Maya Devi.

Question -7: Where did Gautama Buddha attain enlightenment?

Answer: At Bodh Gaya.

Question -8: What was the name of Gautama Buddha’s wife?

Answer: Yashodhara, daughter of Shakyagana.

Question -9: In which year did Gautam Buddha Maha Parinirvana take place?

Answer: 483 BC.

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Question -10: At which age did Gautam Buddha leave home?

Answer: At the age of 29 years.

Question -11: What is the incident of renunciation of Mahatma Buddha called?

Answer: Mahabhinishkraman.

Question -12: By which name Gautama Buddha was referred after enlightenment?

Answer: Buddha.

Question -13: What does the term Buddha mean?

Answer: Tathāgata (means beyond all coming and going).

Question -14: Where was Gautama Buddha raised during his early life?

Answer: Kapilavastu.

Question -15: Where did Gautama Buddha meet Alar Kalam?

Answer: Vaishali.

Question -16: Where did Gautama Buddha meet Rudrak Ramputra?

Answer: In Rajgriha

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Question -17: At which place did Gautama Buddha give his first sermon?

Answer: At Deer Park, Sarnath near Banaras.

Question -18: When did Gautama Buddha die?

Answer: 483 BC.

Question -19: Where did Gautama Buddha die?

Answer: Kushinagar in Gorakhpur.

Question -20: What is the meaning of Mahaparinirvana in Buddhism?

Answer: The death of Buddha is referred to as Mahaparinirvana.

Question -21: On the bank of which river did Gautama Buddha get enlightenment?

Answer: Niranjana River

Question -22: Who was Alar Kalam?

Answer: A teacher of Sankhya philosophy.

Question -23: Under which tree did Gautam Buddha achieve enlightenment?

Answer: Peepal tree.

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Question -24: What is the incident of Mahatma Buddha’s “First Sermon” called as per Buddhist text?

Answer: Dharma chakra pravartan.

Question -25: How many people attended the first sermon of Gautama Buddha?    

Answer: 5 people.

Question -26: In which language did Buddha speak?

Answer: Pali.

Question -27: What is the meaning of Ashtangika Marga?

Answer: The Ashtangika Marga is the term used for the Eightfold Path.

Question -28: What is included in the Eightfold Path?

Answer: It includes Right belief, Right thought, Right speech, Right action, Right living, Right effort, Right recollection, and Right meditation.

Question -29: Who established Sangha?

Answer: Gautama Buddha established the Sangha at Sarnath.

Question -30: When did Gautama Buddha’s mother die?

Answer: After the seven days of Gautama Buddha’s birth.

Question -31: What is the name of Gautama Buddha’s stepmother?

Answer: Gautami.

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Question -32: What is the name of Gautama Buddha’s son?

Answer: Rahul.

Question -33: For whom the term Bhikshus was used?

Answer: For the followers of Buddha.

Question -34: What does the term “Triratnas” mean in Buddhism?

Answer: Thriratnas included Buddha, Sangha, and Dhamma.

Question -35: What are Tripitakas?

Answer: Tripitakas are the religious literature of Buddhists.

Question -36: What is the meaning of Mahayana?

Answer: The reformed Buddhism is called Mahayana. The term Mahays means the greater vehicle.

Question -37: What is the meaning of Chityamandap?

Answer: A Prayer Hall for Buddhists is called Chityamandap.

Question -38: How many Pitakas are there in total?

Answer: Three.

Question -39: What is the name of the three Pitakas?

Answer: Vinay Pitaka, Sutta Pitaka, and an Abhidhamma Pitaka.

Question -40: What is the prime element of Buddhist philosophy?

Answer: Pratitya Samutpad.

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