Happy Kokborok Day 2024, Celebrations of Tripuri Culture

Kokborok Day is a special day celebrated in the Indian state of Tripura. It is a day to show your honour and respect to the Kokborok language. It became the official language of Tripura in 1979.

Kokborok, also known as Tripuri and it has been spoken for thousands of years among the people of the Tripuri community.

Happy Kokborok Day 2024 is on Friday, 19th January 2024. This day is also known by many other names such as Tripuri Language Day and Kokborok Day. Every year, the government of Tripura organises many events and activities on this day in honour of Kokborok.


Name of the dayHappy Kokborok Day
Date19 January 2024
Also known asTripuri Language Day and Kokborok
PurposeTo celebrate the language and culture of the Tripuri people

History of Happy Kokborok Day

Happy Kokborok Day was first celebrated on 19th January 1979. Since then, this day has been celebrated every year with great enthusiasm and joy. People use this day as an opportunity to show their love for Tripuri culture.

Happy Kokborok Day 2024 Date

Kokborok Day will be observed for the 46th time on Friday, 19th January 2024. The language of the Tripuri community, Kokbork, is also known as Tripuri or Tiprakoka. On this day in 1979, the state government of Tripura recognised Kokborok as the official language of the state along with Bengali and English.

Significance and Objectives of Happy Kokborok Day 2024

The main objective of Happy Kokborok Day is to celebrate the Kokborok language and its associated culture. It is the day to promote and preserve the rich heritage of the Kokborok-speaking community.

Another aim of this day is to raise awareness about the importance of language diversity. People use this day to encourage everyone to use the Kokborok language in everyday life. Using your cultural language can give you an immense sense of pride.

Unfortunately, many local languages and dialects in India are dying due to the influence of more popular languages.

Happy Kokborok Day lets the Tripuri people know how crucial it is to preserve your culture and language. Everyone should take a pledge that they will never let the Kokborok language be extinct.

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Importance of Kokborok Language

Kokborok is one of the most ancient languages in North East India. The word Kokborok is made up of two terms, Kok and Borok. Kok means language and Borok means people.

It is one of the Tibeto-Burman languages spoken widely not only in the state of Tripura but also in neighbouring CHT hill tracts of Bangladesh.

Kokborok is the primary language of many Tripuri clans such as Debbarma, Kalai, Reang, Jamatia, Tripura, Noatia, Rupini, Murasing, and Uchoi.

According to a chronicle of the Tripura Kings (around 184 kings) who ruled Tripura for more than 2000 years “Koloma” was the script of Kokborok. Authorities are trying hard to revive this script.

However, the script of the Kokborok is not yet finalised because of numerous socio-political debates. A large number of Kokborok-speaking people prefer writing it in Latin script.

Ways to celebrate Happy Kokborok Day

Let’s go through some ways by which you can celebrate Happy Kokborok Day.

  • Create and distribute educational materials related to the history and significance of Kokborok.
  • Use Kokborok in your daily life and encourage others to do so.
  • Post on your social media accounts about the Kokborok language.
  • It is possible that the government might be organising an event on Happy Kokborok Day near you. You can take part in the event and show your support.
  • You may also decorate your home with flags, posters, and slogans in the Kokborok language.

Kokborok tei Hukumu Mission

Kokborok tei Hukumu Mission is an initiative by many government and non-government groups who are continuously involved in promoting and developing the Kokborok language. They are working continuously on Tripuri art, literature, and films/songs through the cultural revolution.

Due to their regular efforts, the Kokborok language is now taught in government schools, colleges, and universities. Still, there is a lot to be done to involve Kokborok in the mainstream culture of Tripura.

Some less-known facts about the Kokborok language

  • There is a public library at Khumulwng town based on Kokborok books with more than 5000 titles in the language.
  • Kokborok has six (monophthong) vowel phonemes – i, u, e, ə, a, o.
  • Many dialects of Kokborok are also spoken in states like West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, and Mizoram.
  • According to the 2011 census, there are more than 1 million Kokborok-speaking people in India.
  • Radhamohan Thakur was the first person to write Kokborok. He also developed the grammar of Kokborok in the early 1900s.

Common Pharses in Kokborok

  • Hello – Khulumkha
  • Welcome – Lamsogo
  • Thank you very much – Belaikheno Hambai
  • Thank you – Hambai
  • Good morning – Phung kaham
  • Goodbye – Thangkha
  • Fine – Kahamno
  • Good evening – Sanja/Sarik kaham
  • I love Tripura – Ang Tripurano hamjakgo
  • Good afternoon – Dibor kaham
  • How are you? – Nwng bahai tong?/Bahai tong?

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Happy Kokborok Day 2024

Friday, January 19, 2024

Kokborok language is primarily spoken in which states of India?

Tripura, Mizoram, West Bengal, and Assam.

What is the script of Kokborok known as?


Is Happy Kokborok Day a national holiday?

No, it is not a national holiday.

Is the Kokborok language spoken in Bangladesh?

Yes, this language is spoken by more than 4 lakh people in Bangladesh.

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