How to become MARCOS Commando? Check here Eligibility and Training Process

MARCOS, officially called the Marine Commando Force (MCF), are the special forces of the Indian Navy that are capable of operating at sea, in air, and on land. Exceptional combat skills are required to become a part of this prestigious force and only a selected few are able to clear the selection process. Extensive training programs are included in the selection process of MARCOS Commando that are carried out in four different phases.

Overview of MARCOS

Check out below some basic yet important information regarding the MARCOS:

Official nameMarine Commando Force (MCF)
Years active1987 – present
Branch Indian Navy
HeadquartersINS Karna, Vishakapatnam, India
NicknamesMagarmach (The Crocodiles), Dadhiwala Fauj (The Bearded U+0041rmy)
Selection process4-stage training program

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Eligibility Criteria for MARCOS Commando

Here are the basic eligibility criteria for appearing in the Marcos Commando selection process:

  • Both male and female candidates are eligible for the position.
  • The candidate should be in their early 20s to be eligible for selection.
  • Applicant should be already employed by the Indian Navy.

MARCOS Commando Selection Process

The selection process of Marcos Commando comprises four different phases- Pre-Selection, Selection, Basic SF Training, and Advanced SF Training. The complete details about the selection process are provided below.

Phase I (Pre-Selection)

The first phase of the MARCOS selection process is a three-day test where the physical stamina of the applicant is assessed. In addition to this, the aptitude of the candidates is also tested.

Phase II (Selection)

After the completion of the initial phase, the second step will be a rigorous physical test. This round is five weeks long and comprises an intensive training routine. Candidates shortlisted for the second phase need to go through the following:

Training parametersConditions added
Morning run20 kilometers or 12.4 miles
Night marchCarrying a 60-kilogram load for 12.4 kilometers
Ammunition trainingusing live bullets, shells, and other weapons
Weekly marchCarrying a 60 kg weight for 120 kilometers in a given set of time
End-of-the-week run800-meter-long run
End-of-the-week crawl marchCarrying a weight of 25 kg
Obstacle courseComplete a 2.5-kilometer obstacle course

Phase III (Basic SF Training)

Candidates who qualify the second phase of MARCOS selection will have to appear for the Basic SF training. The SF training is further divided into two stages: basic and advanced and the candidates have to appear for a different range of training under these stages.

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Training duration:

The complete duration of the training will be 10 weeks followed by a 3-week parachute training.

Training authority:

INS Abhimanyu will take the responsibility of conducting the training activities at this stage. The 3 weeks of basic parachute training will be conducted by the Indian Army’s Parachute Training School. Apart from these, the candidates will also have to appear for Combat driver training by the Indian Navy’s Dive School.

Training exercises:

  • Explosives and ammunition training
  • Rescue of a Hostage
  • Training for photographers
  • Weapons management training
  • Kayaking
  • Drills for ship intervention
  • Defenseless Combat Training (Close Quarter Battle)
  • Unarmed combat training (Close Quarter Battle)

Phase IV (Advanced SF Training)

The Advanced SF is the fourth and final stage of the MARCOS selection process which includes high-grade training activities. This will be a pretty tough phase of the whole selection process that will include warfare training, shadow operations, language training, and others. Let us check these activities in detail below.

  • Full combat load
  • Shadow operations
  • Water jump training
  • Free-fall warfare training
  • Anti-piracy and anti-hijacking training
  • Observation, surveying, and inspection training
  • Language training, particularly Mandarin or Arabic
  • Submersible craft and submarine operations training
  • Operation Amphibious (including riverine, beach, and coastal)
  • Participate in the improvement of IEDs using easily available items
  • Sniper proficiency and training with bullets, small arms, medium machine guns, and missiles

Major Operations carried out by MARCOS

Since its inception in 1987, MARCOS has carried out several important missions. Check out some basic details about a few of these operations:

  1. Operation Pawan- During Operation Pawan, the MARCOS helped capture two harbors in Sri Lanka. MARCOS carried out a successful raid against a Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) base underwater. They swam 12 km to their target and rigged the LTTE harbor with explosives without being detected.
  2. Operation Cactus- As part of the Indian Navy contingent, the MARCOS defended the democratic government of the Maldives from a coup. They also captured a group of 47 mercenaries who were attempting to escape by sea with some help from the Sri Lankan Army.
  3. Operation Tasha- Operation Tasha, a follow-up operation of Operation Pawan was carried out on the Tamil Nadu coast to thwart operations of the LTTE there.
  4. Operation Rakshak- Operation Rakshak is an ongoing counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operation which started in 1990. MARCOS has undertaken various missions in this operation, killing heavily armed militants.
  5. Operation Black Tornado- During the terrorist attacks that happened in Mumbai on 26 November 2008, MARCOS stormed the Trident and Taj Hotels. During the operation, eight hard-core terrorists were neutralized.

In addition to these, MARCOS has also played an active role in various anti-piracy operations, China-India conflicts, and the Kargil war.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are women also eligible for MARCOS?

Yes. Earlier only male candidates were eligible but since 2022, women candidates are allowed in MARCOS as well.

What is the full form of MARCOS?

MARCOS stands for Marine Commandos

Is there any entrance exam conducted for selection to MARCOS?

No, the candidates only need to clear the entrance exam for selection to the Indian Navy.

Can a civilian apply for the position of MARCOS?

No, only Navy personnel are eligible for the MARCOS position.

What is the motto of the MARCOS?

“The Few, The Fearless”

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