International Day of Nowruz 2023: How is it celebrated?

Celebrations of Nowruz may be found all the way from the Balkan to the Mideast to Southwest Asia; it is not only a national holiday in Iran. Because of its enormous popularity, the United Nations has recognized it as an official observance. However, Nowruz was also selected because of the peace and goodwill it spreads across the very varied area where it is observed.

As a celebration, Nowruz dates back centuries. Zoroastrians claim it as their own, and it eventually became the most significant festival in their faith. These days, however, it is celebrated as a spring festival by members of all faiths.

International Day of Nowruz 2023 Date

Just before Novruz, family members visit their loved ones’ graves and tend to their gravesites, and then they all feast together on traditional foods. A khoncha, a big copper tray filled with Samani (wheat) and surrounded by candles and painted eggs to signify a lot of family members, will serve as the centerpiece of the dining room table. The menu for the feast will include at least seven different courses.

Event nameDayDate
International Day of Nowruz 2023Tuesday21st March 2023

Origins of International Day of Nowruz 

Although often referred to as Persian New Year, this celebration really stretches back at least 5,000 years, to the time of the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian empires. On the 20th or 21st of March, the spring equinox occurs, marking the beginning of Novruz and the beginning of longer days, heralding the approach of milder weather.

A month before the event, preparations start in earnest. In the weeks leading up to Novruz, the four Tuesdays are each associated with a distinct element. First, we have Water Tuesday, a day dedicated to the rebirth of the natural world via the power of water. The next day is Fire Tuesday, a celebration of fire as a symbol of renewal. Then on Wednesday, we celebrate the renewal of Earth Day. Finally, the wind of Tuesday has blown open the buds, signaling the start of Spring.

Every Tuesday leading up to Novruz, four separate fires are set in a ritual of devotion to the sun god. Everyone must purify himself by jumping over the flames last Tuesday.

A common theme of spring celebrations is the importance of renewal and cleanliness. Activities centered on rebirth are common in the weeks leading up to Novruz.

While not a national holiday, the Parsi community in Mumbai & Gujarat are home to many Zoroastrians who observe Nowruz. It is customary for Parsis to make a pilgrimage to the Temple of the Holy Fire to worship. Also, special treats are cooked up, and people come together with their loved ones to rejoice.

Some Facts about International Day of Nowruz 2023

  • The Persian New Year, or Novruz, is celebrated on the first day of spring. It’s a whole new day, or Novruz.
  • More than 3,000 years have passed since the first celebration of Nowruz, making it one of the world’s oldest and most celebrated festivals. The vernal equinox, which occurs when the sun crosses the equator, marks the beginning of the 13-day festival. Rebirth and a commitment to living in harmony with the natural world are implicit in this image.
  • Legend has it that a rich trader named Nusservanji Kohyaji, originally from Surat, often visited Iran in the 18th century and brought the celebration of Nowruz to India.
  • Sabzi Polo Mahi is another traditional meal offered during Nowruz. Rice, various green herbs, and spices are combined to make sabzi polo, a dish that symbolizes the renewal of spring. Nowruz also features the consumption of special desserts.
  • Many nations along the Silk Roads celebrate this ancient ritual on March 21.

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How to celebrate the International Day of Nowruz 2023?

  • Persians celebrate the evening of Nowruz alongside their loved ones. The classic menu item for New Year’s Eve supper is white fish over rice with various herbs. Many families celebrate the new year by giving youngsters money (called eidi). Guests at each other’s houses are expected to bring customary presents.
  • It’s a good idea to do stuff like clean the home and go shopping for new clothing before the festival starts. As the last rites of the old year, fire-jumping ceremonies are performed this week immediately prior to the celebration. Gather your loved ones around the haft seen table, and celebrate the New Year together.
  • Nowruz staples include kuku sabzi, a vividly green herb frittata, and sabzi polo ba mahi, herb rice paired with fish. Pistachio, almond, and walnut mixes, as well as ash-e reshteh, are other fan favorites (Iranian noodle soup).


Q. What color was Navroz 2022?

Ans. People of many cultures celebrate Nowruz by donning a wide range of colors in their clothing. These colors are black, crimson, and deep green and vary mostly with culture.

Q. When is Eid Nowruz??

Ans. There are many different ethnic and linguistic communities that observe this day, which occurs on or around March 21 of the Gregorian calendar.

Q. How do Muslims feel about Nowruz?

Ans. Nowruz is forbidden by Islamic law since it is associated with non-Muslims, yet it is nonetheless widely observed in many former Persian territories, in the eastern portion of the so-called Islamic world, and in the cultural boundaries of Iran outside its geopolitical bounds.

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