International Tea Day 2024: Facts, History, Events, Celebration

The history of tea can be dated back to 5000 years ago when it was first consumed accidentally in China, although exact place of origin is still unknown. To mark the long history and significance of tea around the world, International Tea Day is celebrated every year on May 21.

Based on the proposal put forward by India in October 2015, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO) decided to observe 21 May as International Tea Day. The proposal was accepted universally on December 21, 2019 and since then every year 21 May marks International Tea Day.

International Tea Day 2024 Date

Below mentioned are the upcoming dates for International Tea Day for the next 5 years.

International Tea Day 2024May 21, 2024Tuesday
International Tea Day 2025May 21, 2025Wednesday
International Tea Day 2026May 21, 2026Thursday
International Tea Day 2027May 21, 2027Friday

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International Tea Day 2024 Overview

EventInternational Tea Day 2024
DateMay 21, 2024
Declared byUN Food and Agriculture Organization

Interesting Facts about Tea

Moving on, let us learn some interesting facts about tea to get familiar with on the occasion of International Tea Day 2024.

  1. About 1 million metric tons of tea is exported by China, Sri Lanka, and Kenya which is highest, worldwide.
  2. To make just one pound of consumable tea, 2,000 tiny tea leaves are used.
  3. Not to exaggerate, but there are about 1,500 types of teas in the world.
  4. More than 25 countries cultivate tea leaves as a plantation crop.
  5. More than 3.7 billion cups of tea is consumed every day.
  6. The Guinness World Record for creating largest teabag is held by Ahmed Mohamed Saleh Baeshen & Co., owner of Rabea Tea in Saudi Arabia. The teabag just over 551 pounds and was 9.8 feet wide & 13 feet high. The teabag could brew more than 100,000 cups of tea. The record for largest teabag was made in 2014.
  7. The first International Tea Day was celebrated in New Delhi in 2005.
  8. Before 21 May began to be observed as International Tea Day, December 15 was celebrated as International Tea Day in tea producing countries of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Uganda and Tanzania.

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History of Tea and International Tea Day

As per the legend, the tea was discovered back in 2732 BC by Emperor Shen Nung when some tea leaves accidently fell into his boiling water pot by flowing wind. When he sipped the brewed water and tea leaves he was taken away by its refreshing flavor. He named the brewed water as “ch’a” which means to check or investigate in Chinese. He named it so because he felt that every part of his body was being investigated by the liquid he just consumed.

A resolution was proposed on 21 December 2019 in front of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to observe May 21 as International Tea Day. Centre for Education and Communication (CEC), India, Hind Mazdoor Sabha, India, Indian National Trade Union Congress, Institute of Social Development, Sri Lanka, New Trade Union Initiative, India, Red Flag Union, Sri Lanka and United Trade Union Congress, India were the main architects behind the proposal. Finally the proposal was accepted and it was declared that every year on May 2021, International Tea Day will be observed.

International Tea Day Significance

To raise awareness about the history and economic importance of tea around the world, International Tea day started to be observed. The day also aims at attracting worldwide attention of citizens and governments on the effect of tea trades on all the people involved with its growing, processing, transporting, etc.

International Tea Day Celebration

There are some simple ways in which you can celebrate International Tea Day 2024. You can always try a new flavor of tea as they come in a plethora of flavors such as mint, apple, etc. you can also host tea party with some International Tea Day theme and learn more about the history and culture of tea. Global Tea Conferences are also organized jointly by trade union movements.


Does tea contain caffeine?

Yes, tea does contain some caffeine and the level of caffeine present is mainly dependent on the plant, type of tea, season of plucking and infusion duration.

Is there any health benefit of drinking tea?

Polyphenols, the antioxidants present in tea repair cells and can help our bodies against cardiovascular diseases, cancers, osteoporosis, diabetes, etc.

Is different type of tea grown from different plants?

Black, oolong, green, and white, all type of tea come from the same plant, named Camellia sinensis. The difference is that the leaves of different tea are treated differently after harvesting.

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