List of SSC CGL Posts: Job Profile, Salary, Pay Levels

SSC CGL Posts: SSC CGL is a fantastic chance for individuals who wish to work for the government in order to have a more secure future. Its competitive compensation and benefits are further incentives for individuals to apply for SSC CGL posts. There are various positions that fall within the SSC CGL classification, and thousands of openings are filled each year. Before seeking for a government position, every applicant demands to learn the pay packages, perks, and allowances that come with it.

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) holds the SSC CGL test to hire candidates for Group-B and Group-C positions in the Indian government’s many ministries, divisions, and organizations. Candidates’ salaries will be determined by the position for which they have been selected. The remuneration of a candidate will also be determined by the city in which he or she is assigned. But let’s understand and gain some knowledge about the SSC CGL Posts, Salary and Job Profile.

SSC CGL Posts Pay Levels

LevelPay Scale

List of SSC CGL Posts (Level Wise Posts)

After the 7th Pay Commission, CGL salaries range from Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 2, 50,000 (Including perks). The SSC CGL posts are outlined below.

Pay Level 4

Group C Posts

Senior Secretariat Assistant/ Upper Division Clerks (Central Govt. Offices)

  • Upper Division Clerks (Dte. Gen Border Road Organization (MoD))
  • Sub-Inspector (Central Bureau of Narcotics)
  • Tax Assistant (Central Board of Direct Taxes & Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs)

Pay Level 5

Group C Posts

 Auditor (Other Ministry/ Departments & Offices under CGDA & C&AG)

  • Accountant/ Junior Accountant (Other Ministry/ Departments)
  • Accountant (Offices under C&AG)

Pay Level 6

 Group B Posts

Assistant/ Superintendent

  • Sub Inspector (National Investigation Agency (NIA))
  • Assistant (Other Ministry/ Departments)
  • Junior Statistical Officer (M/o Statistics & Programme Implementation.)
  • Divisional Accountant (Offices under C&AG)
  • Statistical Investigator Grade-II (Registrar General of India)

Pay Level 7

Group B Posts

 Assistant Section Officer (Central Secretariat Service)

  • Assistant Enforcement Officer
  • Sub Inspector (Central Bureau of Investigation)
  • Inspector (Central Bureau of Narcotics)
  • Inspector (Preventive Officer)(CBIC)
  • Inspector (Examiner)(CBIC)
  • Assistant (Other Ministries/Departments)

Group C Post

  • Inspector of Income Tax (CBDT)

Pay Level 8

Group B Gazetted (Non-Ministerial) Posts

 Assistant Audit Officer (Department under C&AG)

  • Assistant Accounts Officer (Indian Audit & Accounts Department under C&AG)

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SSC CGL Job Profile

Senior Secretariat Assistant/ Upper Division Clerks Post at the clerical level. Employee must keep track of files and enter data.
AuditorState Department expenditure information is audited.
Assistant Distinct departments have various clerical tasks. Organizing files, reporting, and keeping track of ongoing cases, among other things.
Inspector of Income TaxAssessing the amount of income tax owed by individuals or businesses. Taking care of TDS and refund claims.
Upper Division ClerksFiles, financial records, and accounts must all be kept up to date.
Junior Statistical OfficerAiding the Statistical Officer with document preparation, data input, and tabulation.
Tax AssistantIndividual or corporate tax information may be accessed, modified, and verified.
InspectorThe Inspector prevents the illegal manufacturing and transportation of opium.
Assistant Section OfficerIt’s a work with the Central Secretariat Services, and it is the lowest position.
Accountant/ Junior AccountantNumerous bills, wage allowances, office expenditures, and pension-related problems are all passed.
Assistant Enforcement OfficerPreventing money laundering and forgery.
Inspector (Central Excise)Monitoring for any sort of custom duties breach, prohibiting smuggling, and aiding raid teams.
Statistical Investigator Grade-IIReviewing and combining current information, drafting documents, and creating survey results.
Assistant Audit OfficerAudit reports at government and public sector organizations require assistance. Throughout an inspection, he or she must also travel.
Sub InspectorThe primary role is to acquire information, conduct inquiries, and conduct investigations.
Assistant Accounts OfficerData input, processing, and documenting transactions are all part of the job. Providing assistance with the work of checking the facts and audits.


  • House Rent Allowance:The HRA rate has been approved by the 7th Pay Commission, and it varies depending on the government’s planned classification of cities. Cities in Group X include Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad which would get 24 percent of HRA excluding base salary. Group Y, which comprises 100 towns with a population of 5 lakhs, would receive 16 percent of HRA, while rural regions in group Z will receive 8%.
  • Traveling Allowance:Applicants chosen for Group X cities will receive Rs 3600 in transportation allowances, while the other two would receive Rs 1800 in travel allowances to compensate for their trip to cities.
  • Medical Allowance:The government will pay all medical expenditures for treatment to government employees or their families if the employee files a claim.
  • Special Security Allowance:If the applicant works for a special organisation, including the CBI, the IB, or other security agencies, he will be paid an additional 20% of his basic wage as Special Security Allowance (SSA).
  • Pension:This is the most appealing perk of any government employment since you will be paid a nice sum every month for your expenditures even after you retire in your old age, and a portion of this will be taken from your pay each month.

Additional Benefits

Apart from the pay, SSC CGL workers are eligible to a number of other benefits. The following are some of the benefits:

  • Medical Facilities: Employees of the SSC CGL are enrolled in the Central Government Health Scheme. This entitles you to free care at most of the country’s top hospitals.
  • Gratuity Benefit: Employees will be eligible for Government Gratuity Benefits, which will allow them to save money for a brighter future.
  • National Pension Scheme: Employees of the SSC CGL would be enrolled in the NPS system and issued a PAN card. Under this plan, a set proportion of pay will be taken and maintained as a contribution to NPS, with the employer contributing the remainder.
  • Paid leave Benefits: Casual leaves, privilege leaves, medical leaves, and other benefits will be available to employees.
  • Transport Allowance:Employees of the SSC CGL will be given the cost of commuting to and from the office.
  • Mobile Bill Payment: You will be offered a free SIM card and a monthly pay if you are hired for specific positions.

Because of the large number of positions available, SSC CGL is a popular exam. So these were the SSC CGL Posts, job, Salary and Job Profile. Knowing the various positions and their job descriptions can aid you in making an educated decision while deciding on your career goals.

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