National Pistachio Day 2024: Date, History, How to Celebrate, Activities

We celebrate National Pistachio Day on February 26 every year. This year, it falls on Sunday. Pistachios are considered best for home baking or snack. Let’s uncover National Pistachio Day in deep below.

There are many important days worldwide we celebrate every year and National Pistachio Day is one of them. The pistachio tree is among the member of cashew family and it is originating from Central Asia and the Middle East. Today, Iran is the largest producer of pistachio nuts. In the year 2019, the United States and Iran had jointly produced 74% of the world’s pistachios production.

Do you know that the pistachio tree is a long-lived tree which can live up to 300 years? Got surprised? A pistachio tree takes at least 7 to 10 years to become eligible for full-fletched production. In the year 2019, 0.9 million tones pistachios were produced worldwide. Let’s have a look at top pistachios producers as of 2019:

Country Total production
Iran337,815 tonnes
United States335,660 tonnes
China106,155 tonnes
Turkey85,000 tonnes
Syria31,813 tonnes

On the coming National Pistachio Day 2024, let’s give a break to other nuts and snack our favorite pistachio all day long.

National Pistachio Day 2024 Date

National Pistachio Day 2024Monday, February 26, 2024
National Pistachio Day 2025Wednesday, February 26, 2025
National Pistachio Day 2026Thursday, February 26, 2026
National Pistachio Day 2027Friday, February 26, 2027

National Pistachio Day Overview

EventNational Pistachio Day
DateFebruary 26, 2024
Real color of PistachioPale Green
Other name of PistachioHappy Nut in China, Smiling Nut in the Middle East
Activities to DoEat pistachios, Gift pistachios, Aware other about amazing benefits of pistachios

Do You Know?

Ø Pistachios are exceptional source of copper, vitamin B6, and manganese. It is also an ideal source of fiber, protein, phosphorus, and thiamine.

Ø Iran was the largest producer of Pistachios in the year 2019.

Ø Pistachios have been in the United State since 1880s.

Ø Romans introduced Pistachio trees to Europe in the 1st century AD.

Ø Iranian Pistachios is the world’s best pistachios.

Ø The name of Pistachios is also mentioned in the Bible (Genesis 43:11).

Ø  According to Archaeological discoveries pistachios used to be a common food as early as 6750 BC.

National Pistachio Day History

Through, Pistachio lovers celebrate February 26 as National Pistachio Day every year however the origin of this day is still unknown. There are many other international days also observed on February 26 such as- Levi Strauss Day, For Pete’s Sake Day, National Tell A Fairy Tale Day.

In the year 2019, the United States and Iran only produced 74% of the world’s total pistachios production. California produces around 300 million pounds pistachios every year which is around 98% of the total Pistachio production in America.

Pistachios nuts can be used as a snack or included in several types of dessert and food. Researchers also claim that including Pistachio in everyday diet can reduce heart issues however the medical evidence is yet to reveal.

Ways to Celebrate National Pistachio Day 2024

Pistachio nuts, the red ones, cure any problem.” – Paula Danziger

You can celebrate the coming National Pistachio Day 2024 in many ways and some of them are discussed below-

  1. Eat Pistachios

Pistachios are undoubtedly an easy snack to carry anywhere. You can start your day with a nutty treat or include Pistachios in lunch and dinner. You can also spend your day with preparing different Pistachios dishes such as Pistachio Crusted Salmon, Matcha Pistachio Popsicles etc.

  1. Gift Pistachios pack to your loves ones

Pistachios have an amazing health benefits and on this day, let’s gift Pistachios to our loved ones and encourage them to include it in everyday meal.

  1. Let others know health benefits of Pistachios

On National Pistachio Day 2024, you should encourage other people to eat Pistachios on a daily basis by letting them understand its exceptional health benefits. It is a great source of fiber, protein, phosphorus, and thiamine.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we celebrate National Pistachio Day?

National Pistachio Day is celebrated on February 26 every year.

Which country is the largest producer of Pistachios?

Iran was the largest producer of Pistachios in the year 2019. Other top producers were- the United States, China, Turkey, Syria.

When was the first National Pistachio Day celebrated?

It is still unknown, however Pistachios reached the United States in the 1880s.

Can dogs eat pistachios?


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