National Space Day (India): Celebration of the landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the moon’s south pole

National Space Day is going to be a brand-new celebration in India that will commemorate the landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the moon. On August 23, 2023, India was successfully able to land its lander and rover on the surface of the moon. Following this honorable achievement, the Prime Minister of the country declared the celebration of National Space Day every year on 23rd August. The first National Space Day will be observed on August 23, 2024. Find important details related to National Space Day 2024, such as its history, theme, celebration, etc. here from this article.

National Space Day 2024 Overview

EventNational Space Day 2024
Date23 August 2024
Observed byIndia
Purpose of celebrationTo commemorate the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the moon.

National Space Day Upcoming Events

Below mentioned are the upcoming dates for National Space Day for the next 5 years.

National Space Day 202423 August 2024Friday
National Space Day 202523 August 2025Saturday
National Space Day 202623 August 2026Sunday
National Space Day 202723 August 2027Monday
National Space Day 202823 August 2028Tuesday

National Space Day Significance

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) reached a significant milestone on 23 August 2023 when Chandrayaan-3’s lander and rover on the moon landed successfully on the moon. This marked an important day in the history of the country and is of global significance as well. No other country in the world has reached the south pole of the moon before Chandrayaan-3. To celebrate this historic event, August 23 will be observed every year as National Space Day in India.

History of National Space Day

In an announcement made on August 26, the Indian Prime Minister proclaimed that every year August 23 will be observed as National Space Day in the nation. India created history on August 23 when its lunar exploration mission Chandrayaan-3 landed its lander and rover on the south pole of the moon. With this achievement, India also created history by becoming the first country to land on the south pole of the moon. To celebrate this accomplishment, August 23, 2024, will be observed as the first National Space Day in India.

About Chandrayaan-3 & Its Mission

Chandrayaan-3 is India’s third lunar exploration mission carried out by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). The mission was launched on 14 July 2023 and landed on 23 August 2023. Chandrayaan-3 comprised a lander and a rover that landed on the south pole of the moon at 6:04 PM IST. India thus became the fourth country to successfully land on the Moon, and the first to land near the lunar south pole. Other countries that have been able to reach the moon are the United States, Russia, and China.

The south pole of the moon has always been an interesting prospect for scientific exploration due to the presence of ice in the region. However, due to unpredictable conditions, it was a challenge to successfully land scientific missions in the region. But India was able to achieve this feat in its second attempt and it has opened the door for many opportunities. The ice on the surface is not only suspected to be rich in certain interesting compounds but it can also be used as a hydrogen and oxygen resource for any future mission.

National Space Day Celebration 2024

National Space Day 2024 is all set to be observed on August 23 2024 with great enthusiasm by people all over India. People are already excited for the celebrations which will comprise various events such as cultural activities,  educational seminars, and other initiatives as planned by the Government and individuals of the country.

GK Quiz on Chandrayaan 3

Interesting Facts related to Chandrayaan-3

Check out below some interesting facts related to Chandrayaan-3 on the occasion of the National Space Day celebration:

  1. Chandrayaan-3 was the second attempt made by ISRO to reach the south pole of the moon, preceded by Chandrayaan-2.
  2. The life of the lander and rover on the mission is for one lunar night, which is equivalent to 14 Earth days.
  3. The mission cost around ₹650 crores making it one of the cheapest space missions by any country.
  4. The Chandrayaan-3 lander weighs around 1700 kg and stands about 2 meters tall.
  5. The lander is named Vikram to pay tribute to renowned Indian scientist Vikram Sarabhai and the rover is named Pragyan which means wisdom in Sanskrit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: When will be National Space Day 2024 celebrated?

Answer: 23 August, 2024

Question 2: Who was the mission director for Chandrayaan-3?

Answer: Senior ISRO scientist S Mohana Kumar was the head of the Chandrayaan-3 mission.

Question 3: When was Chandrayaan-2 launched?

Answer: 22 July 2019

Question 4: What is Tiranga Point?

Answer: The Tiranga Point is a location on the moon where Chandrayaan-2’s lander Vikram crashed.

Question 5: Is there a National Space Day observed in May?

Answer: The United States observes its National Space Day on the first Friday of May every year.

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