Top 10 Electric Bus Manufacturers in India 2024: Best automobile companies in India manufacturing environment-friendly electric buses

The top 10 Electric Bus Manufacturers in India 2023 includes big names such as Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Eicher Motors Ltd., JBM Motors, PMI Electro Mobility among others.

To achieve a public transport network that is sustainable and environmentally friendly, electric buses seem to be the best solution. There are many stellar automobile companies in India that have created separate manufacturing branches for producing electric buses in India. This article presents the list of the top 10 electric bus manufacturers in India in 2024 along with some additional details about these companies.

Top 10 Electric Bus Manufacturers in India 2024

The table below presents a list of the top 10 electric bus manufacturers in India along with their head office.

S. No.Manufacturing Company NameHead office
1Tata MotorsMumbai
2Ashok LeylandChennai
3Eicher Motors Ltd.Gurugram
4JBM MotorsGurugram
5PMI Electro MobilityNew Delhi
6Olectra Greentech Ltd.Hyderabad
7Mytrah MobilityGurugram
8Deccan Auto LimitedHyderabad
9Speedways ElectricGurugram
10BYD IndiaSriperumbudur

India’s Best 10 Electric Bus Manufacturers

Find below some more interesting details about the best electric bus companies in India.

1. Tata Motors

Tata Motors electric bus

Tata Motors is a pioneer in automobile manufacturing and the company has emerged as a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles in India, including electric buses. Designed for zero-emission with noiseless operations, the electric buses designed by Tata Motors are the ideal solution for cleaner public transport.

2. Ashok Leyland


Ashok Leyland is a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles in India that holds a specialty in buses, trucks, defense vehicles, etc. Switch Mobility is the EV division of the company that designed and launched the first electric double-decker air-conditioned bus in India. Improved safety and comfort are the priority of the company.

3. Eicher Motors Ltd.

Eicher Motors Ltd. ebus

The renowned vehicle manufacturing company Eicher Motors Ltd. manufactures electric buses under its multi-division company VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd. Buses made by this company are the most advanced in safety, comfort, and efficiency that operate on a lower voltage and allow the maximum possible range with the smallest possible battery.

4. JBM Motors

JBM Motors e bus

Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd. is counted among the world’s leading electric vehicle companies with operations in more than 25 locations across 10 countries. With its global headquarter in Gurugram, India, JBM Motors is modernizing transportation with its top-quality electric buses that are friendly to the environment as well.

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5. PMI Electro Mobility

PMI Electro Mobility ebus

PMI Electro Mobility is the only company building all three sized electric buses in India which are designed and sold under the following categories- 7M LITO, 9M REGIO, and 9M REGIO. While designing these buses, the company focuses on bringing sheer comfort with safety to the passengers.

6. Olectra Greentech Ltd.

Olectra Greentech Ltd e bus

Olectra Greentech Ltd is among the top electric bus manufacturing companies that design buses suitable for extreme performance such as metro feeders or staff transportation in heavy traffic congestion. Not only are these buses economical and comfortable, but they also require minimal maintenance.

7. Mytrah Mobility

Mytrah Mobility is a Gurgaon-based electric bus manufacturer in India that is progressively making its name among the top EV companies in the country. The buses by Mytrah are designed with the aim to reduce pollution and also provide features for the utmost comfort and safety of its passengers.

8. Deccan Auto Limited

deccan auto limited electric bus

To provide sustainable solutions for the future, Deccan Auto Limited is involved in manufacturing premium-grade electric buses in India. Deccan Auto makes electric buses in collaboration with the Chinese bus manufacturing company Zhongtong Bus Holding Co., Ltd. at its Hyderabad-based plant.

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9. Speedways Electric

Speedways Electric bus

Speedways Electric has entered into the electric bus manufacturing business with sightseeing buses. The company manufactures SEB11 (10+1+D Seater) and SEB14 (13+1+D Seater) buses with no-noise, no-pollution, inexpensive running costs that are highly comfortable and have a vintage design.

10. BYD India

BYD India electric bus

BYD is originally a Chinese bus manufacturer that operates as BYD India with multiple branches all over the country. With successful operations in different major cities, the company is counted as one of the top 10 electric bus manufacturers in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best electric bus manufacturer in India?

Tata Motors

How many electric buses are being operated in India?

There are around 12000 electric buses are in operation.

What is the average cost of an electric bus in India?

The cost of buses varies depending on factors such as brand, no. of seats, etc.

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