NIOS Class 12 Business Studies Syllabus 2024-25

Students of Commerce stream must be aware of the fact that Business Studies is one of the most important subjects. The students must prepare well for this paper as this forms the basis of advanced topics that they will have to study further in their bachelors or masters degree level. Preparation of exams begin with the knowledge of syllabus which is kind of must-have. From this article, the students can check complete information related to NIOS Class 12 Business Studies syllabus 2024-25.

Business Studies Syllabus for Class 12 NIOS

The details of the modules, important topics covered under each module, hours allotted to complete each module and the marks carried by them, all can be found from here.

Module NameHoursMarks Allotted
Core Modules
Introduction to Business4016
Business as a Career108
Trade and Service Activities4016
Management of Business4016
Financing of Business3012
Optional Modules
Office Procedures & Practices5020
Practical Banking
Introduction to Factory Set-up
Agency Services

Important Topics

Core Modules

Module I: Introduction to Business

  • Unit 1: Nature and scope of Business
  • Unit 2: Forms of Business Organisation- Sole Proprietorship, Joint Hindu Family, Partnership, Joint Stock Company, Co-operative Society characteristics, Suitability of different forms of Business organisation

Module II: Business as a Career

  • Unit 1: Concept of career, need for employment. Avenues of employment and career in business through wage employment
  • Unit 2: Self-employment in business and qualities required for success in business
  • Unit 3: How to establish a business enterprise?

Module III: Trade and Service Activities

  • Unit 1: Trade and auxiliaries to trade
  • Unit 2: Internal Trade- Meaning of Retail & Wholesale Trade, Services of wholesaler and Retailer, Specialized Retailing Agencies- Departmental Stores, Multiple Shops, Mail Order Houses, Super Bazaars- their characteristics, merits and demerits
  • Unit 3: External Trade- Procedure of Export and Import Trade, Main documents used in Foreign Trade
  • Unit 4: Service Activities, Transport, Communication, Postal Services, Banking and Insurance

Module IV: Management of Business

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Management- Definition, nature and scope of management, concept of scientific management and principles of general management
  • Unit 2: Planning- Meaning and process
  • Unit 3: Organising- Process of organising
  • Unit 4: Staffing- Recruitment and Selection of employees, their training and development, appraisal and promotion
  • Unit 5: Directing- Meaning and importance of communication, motivation, leadership and supervision
  • Unit 6: Co-ordination and Controlling- Meaning and process

Module V: Financing of Business

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Business Financing
  • Unit 2: Sources of Short-Term Finance – Nature and characteristics
  • Unit 3: Sources of Long-Term Finance Nature and characteristics
  • Unit 4: Role of Specialized Financial Institutions- Objectives and functions of IFCI, IDBI, ICICI, UTI and SFCs, related to financing of business

Module VI: Marketing

  • Unit 1: Meaning, objectives, nature and scope of marketing
  • Unit 2: Marketing mix
  • Unit 3: Channels of distribution
  • Unit 4: Sales promotion
  • Unit 5: Advertising
  • Unit 6: Personal selling

Optional Modules (Choose Any One Out Of Four)

Module VII: Office Procedures and Practices

  • Unit 1: Nature and Functions of office
  • Unit 2: Office set-up: Type of Jobs in a modern office
  • Unit 3: Handling inward and outward mail
  • Unit 4: Systems of filing and indexing
  • Unit 5: Office equipments and machines

Module VIII: Practical Banking

  • Unit 1: Nature and Scope of Banking, Types of Banks
  • Unit 2: Functions of Commercial Banks
  • Unit 3: Opening and operating of Deposit Accounts
  • Unit 4: Loans and Advances
  • Unit 5: Other Banking Services

Module IX: Introduction to Factory Set-Up

  • Unit 1: Nature and characteristics of factories
  • Unit 2: Health and welfare measures in factories
  • Unit 3: Safety measures in factories
  • Unit 4: Working and service conditions in factories

Module X: Agency Services

  • Unit 1: Meaning, characteristics and importance of Agency Services
  • Unit 2: Types of Agency Services, Insurance Agency, Saving Agency, Advertising Agency, Tours and Travel Agency, Property Agency, Couriers and Packing Agency
  • Unit 3: How to secure agencies?, Insurance Agency, Saving Agency, Tours and Travel Agency

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