Registration for AP E karshak in 2024: e login, Status, Crop Booking

With E-karshak portal farmers of AProcessP can easily register and book their crops like maize, paddy, chillies, cotton, etc. online. Check here how to register for AP E karshak at

The government of Andhra Pradesh has been doing lots of beneficial programmes and launching many schemes for the welfare of farmers. Recently, the Andhra Pradesh govt. has launched the E-karshak portal or E-karshak App, where the farmers of AProcessP can register and book their crops like maize, paddy, chillies, cotton, etc. online through this platform. Farmers can gain many benefits for their specific crops by registering them online on AP E-karshak, such as seed availability, market value of their crops, production details, guidelines, and much more.

e Overview

SchemeAP E-karshak
StateAndhra Pradesh
Started byDepartment of Agriculture
Mode of ApplyOnline
Beneficiaries:All the farmers of state
Official website Login and Registration Process

As we all know, Andhra Pradesh is also known as the “Rice Bowl of India” because here most of the population depends on agriculture. The AP government is working to modernize agriculture in the state.started with this E-karshak App. Through it, agricultural activities become easy without any hurdles. Below we are giving you information about the guidelines and procedure for registering on AP E-Karshak.

Registration for AP E-karsha

AP E-Karshak Registration Guidelines

  • A farmer must have an Aadhaar card because an Aadhaar number is needed during registration.
  • A farmer should have enrolled their crops in the name of a cultivator.
  • During registration, details of the crop are mandatory.
  • During registration, a thumb impression and biometrics are also required.
  • Photos of cultivated crops must be uploaded because the details will be geo-tagged.
  • The department of agriculture in Andhra Pradesh allows registering only 70 to 100 crops per day.
  • This data will be used by the Andhra Pradesh Govt. only in the case of crop damage, when granting insurance on crops and at the time of giving compensation to the farmers.
  • E-karshak online registration will be done district wise in West Godavari, Vizianagram, Vishakhapatnam, Srikakulam, Nellore, Prakasam, Kurnool, Krishna, Cuddapah, Guntur, East Godavari, Chittoor and Ananthapur.

Registration on the AP E-karshak App or the official website.

Offline Procedure

  • Volunteer and executive officers (VAA, SAA, VRO) from the state government visit villages on a regular basis to assist farmers in registering their crops seasonally on the E-karshak App or portal.For further details, visit
  • The agricultural officer must have to scrutinize the entered crop details from time to time.
  • A volunteer or agricultural officer is assigned to the district JDA office.
  • The designated JDA officer will inform the commissioner’s office. District-specific information is available on the official website,

Online Procedure

  • First, visit the official website or App of AP E-karshak.
  • Then it takes you to the home page of the website.
  • Next, click on the search option that is given in the menu bar.
  • Now, it redirects you to the new page of the online applicant.
  • Here you will see Select the District, Crop Year, Mandal, Village, and Search by (Survey No. or Khata No.)
  • Enter your Khata No. or Survey No.
  • Then click on the “Submit” button.
  • Next, it displays the complete information of the applicant, such as their name, father name, cultivator name, district, Mandal, village, survey number, Khata number, crop variety, mobile number, age, etc.
  • After that, farmers can print all this information by clicking on the Print button and can also download the Excel sheet of details by clicking on Excel.

We hope you got all the relevant information regarding the AP e online registration in this article.

e Login Process

If you are a registered user of e then you can login at its official website

e Login

One can login to his/her account by entering the username and password.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are the benefits of the E-Karshak App or Portal?

If farmers register their crop on E-karshak, they will get incentives in the future, insurance and compensation at the time of loss.

Do farmers need to register their crops according to the season?

Yes, farmers need to register their compulsory according to the season (Rabi/Kharif Crops).

Which types of crops can register online on the AP E-karshak website?

Farmers can register their crops like maize, paddy, chillies, cotton, etc. online on the AP E-karshak website.

Who can register on the E-Karshak App or portal?

Only the farmers of Andhra Pradesh can register on the E-karshak App or portal.

What is the official website of AP E-Karshak?

The official website of AP E-Karshak is

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