Eurovision 2024 Date: Everything You Need to Know about this Popular Singing Tournament

Eurovision 2024 competition is expected to be held in the month of May 2024, most probably in the second week of the month. Just like every Eurovision contest held up to now, the winning country will serve as the host for the upcoming tournament held in the next year. Organized for almost seven decades now, the Eurovision Contest has been growing in popularity with people all over the globe. The event will comprise multiple contests and live shows to select a winner (solo or group) from one of the several participating countries. For more details related to Eurovision 2024 date, host, tickets, etc, keep reading this article.

What is Eurovision?

Eurovision, also known as Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) is an international song competition based on the Sanremo Music Festival held in Italy. The tournament is organized by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) on a yearly basis and countries from all over Europe take part in the contest. Recently, countries from outside Europe such as Australia have also been a part of the contest with others like New Zealand have been placing a bid to enter the future competition. Every participating country submits an original song that is performed on live TV and radio. The competing countries then cast their votes for the other countries’ songs to select a winner.

Eurovision is a highly popular and one of the longest-running TV programs not just in Europe but all over the world. What started as a single evening event, Eurovision has now transformed into the longest-running televised music competition.

Host for Eurovision 2024

No host has been finalized for the Eurovision 2024 tournament as the country that wins the contest in 2023 will be the host for the next year. However, by far Sweden has the best odds of winning the competition and is being speculated to host the Eurovision 2024.

Sometimes, due to odd circumstances, the host for the Eurovision is changed from the winning country to another country. For example, for the 2023 tournament, Ukraine was selected as the host after winning the previous contest but due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, the runner-up of the competition, the United Kingdom, was asked to host the contest.

Eurovision 2024 Date & Duration

Similar to the host, the date for Eurovision 2024 contest will also be determined after the 2023 tournament is over. However, it is very likely that the competition will be held in the month of May just like it happens every year. Normally the semi-finals run up to 2 hours whereas the duration of the finals is around 4 hours.

Participants of Eurovision song contest 2024 & Selection of Winner

Every participating country will send one original song to be performed by a singer or a group of singers (maximum 6 members). This means the participants of the Eurovision 2024 will be declared by the participating countries themselves. The duration of the song should not exceed three minutes and the age of the participants should not be less than 16 years. The winner of the competition will be selected on the basis of the points they receive. Each country can give points to their 10 most favorite songs and depending on the views and viewing population of the country, the winner of Eurovision 2024 will be selected.

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Tickets for Eurovision 2024

Although the Eurovision contest will be broadcast on television and radio, interested fans can also get tickets to watch the show live. Different classes of tickets are available for the show that people can purchase according to their budgets and enjoy the show. The tickets for Eurovision 2024 are expected to release in the month of November 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the first Eurovision song contest held?

The first-ever Eurovision tournament was held in 1956.

After how many years does the Eurovision take place?

TheEurovision competition is held annually, i.e. once every year.

Who was the first Eurovision winner?

Swiss singer Lys Assia won the first Eurovision contest in 1956.

Which country has won the Eurovision maximum number of times?

Ireland (7 times) followed by Luxembourg, France and the United Kingdom (5 times)

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