International Picnic Day 2023: Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life

International Picnic Day is celebrated every year on June 18 by people all around the world. The purpose of this day is to provide an opportunity and encourage everyone to spend quality time with their family and connect with the open nature. To celebrate picnic day, people simply plan a picnic with their friends and family. They pack some lunch and visit any nearby park to enjoy the day. In this article, interesting details about International Picnic Day 2023 such as its significance, celebration, history, etc are provided. Keep reading to know more

International Picnic Day 2023 Date

We have shared below date of upcoming International Picnic Day in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027:

International Picnic Day 2023June 18, 2023Sunday
International Picnic Day 2024June 18, 2024Tuesday
International Picnic Day 2025June 18, 2025Wednesday
International Picnic Day 2026June 18, 2026Thursday
International Picnic Day 2027June 18, 2027Friday

International Picnic Day 2023 Overview

EventInternational Picnic Day 2023
DateJune 18, 2023
Declared byFrance (most probably)
Observed byWorldwide
Purpose of celebrationTo provide an opportunity to people all over the world to spend quality time with their family and connect with the open nature.


Life nowadays has become more complicated and people crave to get some free time out of their busy lives and hectic schedules. Picnics provide a great way to do that plus you get to spend time with your loved ones without spending a big budget. All you need is a good place, pleasant weather, some snacks, and all your friends and family. In addition to this, picnics also give us a chance to breathe in fresh air and clear out our minds and lungs. This in turn makes us both happier and healthier than ever. To celebrate all the benefits of having a picnic, International Picnic Day is observed every year on June 18.


The origin of the word picnic can be traced to multiple locations. Some say it is borrowed from French while others say it has originated from German. The earliest citation of the word picnic in English can be traced back to 1748 when Lord Chesterfield associated “pic-nic” with card-playing, drinking, and conversation.

However, the origin of Picnic Day is associated with the French revolution. It was in 1789 when France opened its royal parks to the public after the revolution, marking first Picnic day celebration. In 1800, Cornelia Knight used the word pique-nique to describe her travels in France. It is also believed that picnic is derived from the French word pique-nique which is made of two words, piquer, which means to pick or nab and the rhyming made-up word nique, which means a thing of little importance.

Celebration of International Picnic Day

International Picnic Day is probably the easiest day ever to be celebrated. All you need is pack some light food, normally snacks, grab up a blanket, call your friends and family, and get settled in a nearby park. Everyone can bring food of their own and share it in the form of a potluck lunch. You can also play some outdoor games that you usually don’t get a chance to play otherwise. Some fun game ideas include a scavenger hunt, ring toss, sack race, cornhole, and others. If you find the weather not too favorable, you can simply have a get-together in your backyard without going far from home.

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Interesting facts about Picnics

Here are some interesting facts related to the picnic celebration that we bet you didn’t know.

  1. The picnic was originally a fashionable social event in which every guest came together with some food that they shared with others.
  2. The phrase “no picnic” is used to describe something difficult and its origin dates back to 1884.
  3. The largest picnic was set by 22,232 people at the Parque da Bela Vista, in Lisbon, Portugal, on 20 June 2009.
  4. The most popular picnic snack is a bag of crisps. Earlier it was hamburger and cheese.
  5. In the Southern Hemisphere, people use Christmas time to enjoy picnics as the weather is warm and lovely at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we celebrate International Picnic Day?

It is celebrated on June 18 every year

Is there any theme to celebrate International Picnic Day 2023?

There is no theme to celebrate International Picnic Day in any year.

Do we observe a holiday on International Picnic Day?

No public holiday is observed in any part of the world on International Picnic Day.

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