The Eight Avatars of Lord Ganesha- What do they Signify

In Hindu mythology, the Lord Ganesha is considered the “God of the Beginning”. As per the Vedic puranas, it is believed that Lord Ganesha has taken different incarnations, each of which has its own story and significance. The Eight different forms of Lord Ganesha are stated in the Mudgala Purana. It is said that lord Ganesha took 8 different avatars to protect people from 8 kinds of self-destructing habits- Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Mad, Matsar, Ahankara, and Agyana.

The details of these 8 incarnations of Lord Ganesha are mentioned below.

Lord Ganesha Avatar Names


Ekdanta refers to the Lord Ganesha with a single tusk. In this avatar, the lord Ganesha had four arms, a huge belly, and one tooth. The Ganesha took this incarnation to kill the demon Madasur who was an embodiment of arrogance.


Gajanana means God with an elephant face. In this incarnation, the Lord defeated the demon of greed, Lobhasura. He was the son of Lord Kuber and born out of the goddess Parvati curse. Lobhasura is known for greediness.


Vakratunda was Ganesha incarnation who killed the Matsarasura demon. Matsarasura is the devotee of Lord Shiva and was blessed with a boon of fearlessness. Matsarasura is symbolize jealousy. Therefore, symbolically Vakratunda is the destroyer of jealousy. Vakratunda vehicle/vahana is a lion.


The Mahodara (Big Belly) is a combination of Vakratunda and Ekadanta forms. It is the incarnation of the wisdom of Brahman. In this Avatar, the Ganesha defeated the Mohasur demon which is symbolized as a demon of confusion and delusion. In this avatar, Ganesha’s vehicle was a mouse.


Lambodara means lord with a big belly. With a mouse as his vehicle, Lord Ganesha surmounted Krodhasura, the demon of anger.

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Vighnaraja means remover of obstacles. In this manifestation, Lord Ganesha used Sheshnaag (a serpent) as his mouse. Ganesha took this avatar to overcome the demon Mama or Mamasura. The Lord Ganesha incarnated as Vighnaraja with the objective eradicate the demon of ego and passiveness.


The Lord Ganesha took this incarnation to destroy the demon Kamasura who was the demon of desire and lust. In this avatar, his vehicle was a peacock.


The Lord Ganesha took this manifestation to eliminate the demon Ahamkarasur, the demon of self-infatuation. “Aham” means the ego of the human, which further grasps the human mind with cruelty and dishonesty.


What are the 8 incarnations of Lord Ganpati?

These 8 avatars of Lord Ganesha are Krodh, Kaam, Lobh, Mad, Matsar, Ahankar, Moh, and Agyan.

How many forms of Lord Ganesha are there?

As per Hindu mythology, 32 forms of Ganpati are mentioned in the Puranas.

What is the most powerful form of Ganpati?

Shakti Ganapati is considered the powerful form of Lord Ganpati.

Who was the biggest dedicated devotee of Lord Ganesha?

Morya Gosavi has been known as the most famous devotee of Lord Ganesha.

Which is the rare avatar of Ganpati?

Vighnesha form is considered a very rare form.

Who is the powerful form of Lord Ganesha?

Lambodara incarnation of Ganesh to overcome Krodhasura, the demon of anger is the powerful form of Lord Gnesha.

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