Top 10 Scary Roblox Games 2024: List of Best Scary Roblox Games

We have prepared the list of top 10 scary roblox games 2024.

With Roblox’s Horror Games, creators are able to experiment with topics that aren’t often seen in other genres. Let your imagination run wild and you’ll find danger lurking around every corner in Roblox. We couldn’t stop playing the games on this list of the Best Scary Roblox Games because of how inventive and imaginative they are.

Top 10 Scary Roblox Games 2024

We’ve compiled a list of the best Roblox horror games for you and your friends to enjoy. Please be aware that this film contains jumpscares!

1. Roses

Roses roblox

Within the first five minutes of playing Roses, you’ll feel a chill down your spine as you hunt for your companion in an institution. This craziness has layers upon levels of complexity, yet it only takes 25 Robux to explore them. The attention to detail is astounding and may occasionally take your breath away.

For those who enjoy horror games, Roses is a must-have with a fantastic plot and a lot of attention to detail. This isn’t just another Roblox game; it’s a full-on, never-ending experience. The fact that you’re playing in first-person perspective gives you the impression that you’re trapped in a deserted institution and must pay attention to everything that happens around you.

2. Alone in a Dark House

Alone in a Dark House-roblox

Alone in a Dark House throws you and up to 20 other players against each other in a series of challenging puzzles and harrowing encounters. Private investigators are hired to investigate a vehicular homicide. A deeper dive into the turmoil and misery will be required to unearth the truth.

Alone in a Dark House is a true horror experience that doesn’t detract from the genre and keeps you guessing at every turn. This is a timeless masterpiece that you should not miss. If you’re looking for a good Roblox horror game, this is it!

3. Light Bulb

Light Bulb roblox

Like a match made in heaven, this game caters to those who are terrified of the dark. Running, hiding, and turning on the light is all you need to do to be safe, but it’s not as simple as it seems.

What’s been chasing you will quickly figure out your plan and devise new methods of attacking you. When you’re listening to music through headphones, this bright vs. dark theme is ideal. Be terrified of the night.

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4. Nightmare Mine

Top Scary Roblox Games

It’s up to you to stop the spread of zombies across the city in Nightmare Mine, an action horror that sets you against hordes of the undead.

The game begins with you trapped in a mine, where the miners that worked there have been converted into zombies, and they want to devour your brain. A stunning Roblox action-adventure game based on a classic zombie narrative.

5. Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2

To put it another way, this is a lot like the gameplay in Among Us, but with far more dire effects. When playing as a sheriff or a murderer (or even as an innocent bystander), you must track down and stop the killer.

This game may be enjoyed by a group of up to 12 people due to the turmoil and deception that it includes. The bigger the stakes, the more you’re compelled to assess and question your opponents. This is one of the greatest Roblox horror games of recent years and a genuine gem.

6. The Elevator of Horror

A fresh adventure awaits you on every floor of the Horror Elevator. This provides the impression that you’re playing a series of horror-themed games that are all linked together by an elevator.

There is a lot to explore in the game thanks to this amazing concept. It’s up to you to decide which level you want to rule as king or queen among the chaos and evil that abounds on each one. You have complete freedom to decide how you want to handle each floor.

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7. Dead Silence

Re-creation of the film’s plot, you are given a doll that alters the game’s course. You and a pal will have to work together to solve the murder mystery. We can’t get enough of Dead Silence, one of the best psychological thrillers we’ve ever encountered. Mary Shaw’s murder in Dead Silence is your main goal.

8. Identity Fraud

This game includes three stages, and your goal is to solve the riddle and reach the finish of each maze. The fact that you’re up against a fresh set of foes on each level adds spice to the proceedings.

At the conclusion of each level, you’ll confront a boss. Each monster has a distinct technique of defeat, and sometimes things escalate so quickly that you’ll be overwhelmed and decide to quit. Despite the game’s fast-paced nature, it will simultaneously freak you out.

9. Scarecrow

In this tough and frightening game, every move you take will cause mental confusion. Scarecrow is a wonderful choice for a Roblox Horror game since it has so few aspects. However, this stripped-down adventure will have you scrambling to locate anything recognizable, and when you can’t, things start to get interesting.

10. The Mirror

The Mirror, the last game in our list of the best scary games on Roblox, is all about looking in the mirror and having your mind play tricks on you.

Most of what occurs to you in this game is a result of the game’s use of illusion, sound, and other non-player-controlled components. fIf you’re going to play in the dark, turn the volume up loud.

All above listed Roblox scary horror sames are sure to give you the chills and frighten you to the core. Enjoy them! This list of the Top 10 Best Roblox Space Games on Gamer Tweak is just what you need if you want something out of this planet.

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