Must Try Tricks to Remove Holi Colour from Face, Hair, and Clothes

Who doesn’t love the festival of colours- Holi which is all set to be celebrated on March 8, 2023. However, no one can deny the fact that we commonly face trouble to remove holi color from our face, hair, and clothes. This article shares you easy and must-try tricks to remove holi colour once your finish the celebration.

Holi is unquestionably one of the most popular festivals celebrated around the world. The festival brings people together and encourages them to celebrate victory by applying Gulal on each other. While, some like to play Holi simply by applying powdered colours on each other’s cheeks, there are many who want to utilize their full energy to celebrate this festival at another level. However, colours that get on your face, hair, body, and clothes may take longer to go even a weak. So, what are the simplest ways to remove holi color from face, hair, clothes and hand are discussed blow.

Remove immovable Holi colour from Face

Please Don’t: Never rub your face again n again to remove holi colour from your face. It will ultimately damage your skin instead of removing the colour.

Soon you are indoors after a massive holi celebration you feel to remove colours as soon as possible. Well, you can start with washing off your face. Try to remove colours when it is wet, once the colours dry, it may become difficult to get rid of them quickly. In case, you couldn’t manage your time to wash off your face when colours were wet just don’t panic- it will go off eventually with every shower.

Try following tricks to remove holi colour from your face:

  1. Take a bowl with curd and add three tablespoons lemon juice. Mix it properly and apply it to your face. Otherwise, you may also prepare a thick paste of almond oil, gram flour and milk cream with rose water and apply to your face. Wash off your face.
  2. Holi colours do contain chemicals that can have an adverse affect to your face. Therefore, prepare a mixture of aroma oil, glycerin, and sea salt and apply it your face. Wash it gently.
  3. We commonly rub our face dynamically to remove holi colours from face but it is absolutely wrong. This removes holi colour less and instead damages your skin more. You should gently rub your face using baby oil or facial cleanser and apply moisturizer thereafter. Do not take any beauty treatment such as waxing, bleaching or facial for a week after the holi celebration.
  4. You may also rub your face gently with lemon wedges. It can remove the brawny stains that take longer to vanish.
  5. Apply multani mitti on your face and wash off gently.
  6. It is also suggested to apply coconut oil on face before you use any face wash. The oil is capable to melt the colour that will go after washing your face.

Remove Holi colour from Hair

Don’t Forget- You must apply coconut oil, castor oil, or olive oil to your hair before you start playing the holi.

You can start with washing off your hair with normal water so that the additional colour will come off easily. Then, wash your hair immediately with shampoo and conditioner. Apply a blend of 4 tablespoons honey, 2 tablespoons olive oil, and a few drops of lemon to your hair and scalp. Let it be for 30 minutes and rinse it properly using a shampoo and warm water.

Alternatively, you can also use herbal shampoo or make the one at home. It is quite easy to prepare herbal shampoo at home- all you need to soak reetha, shikakai, and amla overnight and boil and strain the same in the morning.

You can also apply a mixture of curd and lemon juice to your hair and wash your hair gently with a shampoo.

You can also apply a mask of egg yolk and wait for 45 minutes to wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

Remove Holi colour from Clothes

Fact: Your clothes can be wearable again after playing holi.

Are you the one who just want to use your old clothes to play holi so that you can throw it after the celebration or are you the one who is hiding himself/herself throughout the day?

If you are concerned about how to remove holi colour from clothes then the next three or four points are dedicated to you. You can make your clothes wearable again by following these ways to remove colour stains.

  1. Use Bleach: If the colour of your clothe is white then soak it well in hot water by putting non-chlorine bleach. Wash it properly.
  2. Lemon juice: Lemons are acidic in nature and it can actually help you to remove holi colour from your clothes. Soak the sturdy stain in lemon juice for at least 20 minutes and wash it properly.
  3. White vinegar: Take two to three litres of cold water and put 1 teaspoon surf and half a cup of white vinegar. It can easily pull the colour out of your clothes.
  4. Use Window cleaner: Yes, you heard it right! Spray the section using a clear ammonia-based window cleaner and leave it for 20-25 minutes. Rinse and wash it properly.

Final Notes:

1. Do not use hot water to remove holi colour, use cold water only.
2. Do not avail any beauty or hair treatment for a week after playing holi. It’d be much better if you could wait for at-least two weeks.
3. It is also recommended to use soaked amchur powder for removing holi colour.
4. Scrub off the holi colour using coconut oil.
5. You can also apply a paste of methi seeds powder and curd to your hair. It has capacity to keep your hair nourished.
6. Do not rub your face again n again with soap or face wash.

Just tell us how did you remove holi colour from your face, hair and clothes? We’re excited to hear from you!

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