UP Board Class 11 Sociology Syllabus 2024-25

The UP Board published the syllabus for the Sociology subject along with the syllabus of other subjects of class 11th. Compete details about the UP Board Class 11 Sociology Syllabus 2024-25 comprising of both included and removed topics are provided in this post below. We have also inserted UP Board class 11 Sociology syllabus 2024 pdf to download.

Class 11 Sociology Syllabus for UP Board- Included syllabus

UP board has included the following topics in the current year syllabus. Questions in the school exam will only be asked from the topics listed below and candidates must keep this in mind while preparing for their exams.

Note: We also request students to prefer PDF for complete syllabus.

Part A: Inducing Sociology (50 marks)

Unit 1: Sociology, society & its relationship with other social sciences (12 marks)

  • Introducing society: Individuals & collectivities, Plural prospective
  • Introducing sociology: Emergence, Nature & scope, Relationship ton other disciplines

Unit 2: Basic concept & their use in sociology (12 marks)

  • Social groups and society
  • Status & role
  • Social stratification
  • Society & social control

Unit 3: Understanding social institutions (12 marks)

  • Family marriage & kinship
  • Work & Economic life
  • Political Institutions
  • Religion as a social Institution
  • Education as a social Institution

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Unit 4: Culture and socialization (14 marks)

  • Culture, Values and Norms: on the basis of shared, mixed and participated
  • Socialization, conformity, conflict and the shaping of personality

Part B: Understanding Society (50 marks)

Unit 7: Social change and social order in rural and urban society (18 marks)

  • Social change: Types, causes and contestation
  • Social order, Domination, Authority and Law, crime and violence
  • Village, town and city, change in Rural and Urban society

Unit 9: Introducing Western Sociologists (16 marks)

  • Karl Marx on class conflict
  • Emile Durkheim: Division of labor & social consequences
  • Max Weber, Bureaucracy

Unit 10: Indian sociologists (16 marks)

  • G S Ghurye on Caste and Race
  • D P Mukherjee on tradition and change
  • A R Desai on the state
  • M N Srinivas on the Village
UP Board class 11 sociology syllabus pdf 2022-2023

Class 11 Sociology Syllabus for UP Board- Removed syllabus

Topics that are removed from the current academic year syllabus of Sociology have been listed below. No questions will be asked in the school exam from these topics and while studying for the school exam, the students can skip these topics.

Part A: Introduction of sociology

Unit 5: Doing sociology: Research Methods

  • Methods
  • Tools & Techniques: Observation, interview & questionnaire
  • The significance of Field work in sociology

Part B: Understanding society

Unit 6: Social structure, stratification & social processes in society

  • Social structure
  • Social stratification: Class, caste, Gender
  • Social processes: Cooperation, competition, conflict

Unit 8: Environment & society

  • Ecology & society
  • Environment crises & social responses
  • Sustainable development

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