Vi Free Internet Tricks 2024: Ways to Get Free Data in Vi

VI is offering a large number of tricks to get free data in 2024. Let's know them and enjoy blazing-fast internet.

If you are a VI customer then you should be aware of VI free internet tricks that give you free internet data.

The most successful telecom and internet service provider in India is Vodafone Idea (Vi). More than 20 million individuals use the Vi India network. 

Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have lowered their Data Plan and Vi. All businesses provide free data to entice clients to utilize their services because of the fierce competition in the industry. Miscalling also gives you 10 GB and GB of free Internet Data. There are a lot of offerings out there.

You may use this method to acquire a free data pack on Vodafone without having to pay for it. Vi Free Internet Data Tricks are now available to you, just as we promised. The new consumers who sign up for Vi 4G with Vodafone Idea will get 30 GB of data. Customers who miss a call will receive 10 GB of free data. The easiest way to obtain free data is in this article, where you’ll learn how to do it for free.

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Vi Free Internet Tricks 2024

Here, we’ve discussed three data plans for free Vodafone internet techniques. For a month, you’ll get 10 GB of data with this plan. Vi will provide you 30 GB of free data for a month at this point. Vi App is required for the third deal, which gives you 1 GB of data.

Here is the list of tactics to get free data in Vi:

By calling Miss Call, you may get 10 GB of free data on Vi.

Using these tactics, some users are obtaining 10 GB of free bandwidth from Vi. Ten days of free data are also available to qualifying customers. To make use of this promotion, simply complete the steps listed below.

How to avail of this offer

  • Take a look at the phone’s dialer.
  • To begin, dial the 121365 access number. A connection will be established for you in a matter of seconds.
  • To activate this offer, press 5 now.
  • A notification will be sent to your email address. Credit for 10 GB of free data on your Vi number
  • Your Vu account will be rewarded with 10 GB of free data right now.
  • To find out how much Internet credit you have left, use either your Vi App or Net Balance Checking Number.
  • *111*2*2# is the Vodafone Internet Balance Checking Number.

Data and voice calls on Vi are both free after midnight.

Vi just launched a new free data and call offer from 12.00 a.m. to 6 a.m. To take advantage of this promotion, you must have a plan that costs at least 249 per month. It’s sometimes referred to as a “binge all-night deal”. At night, you’ll be able to use the high-speed internet and complimentary phone service provided by this deal. You may activate this promotion on your Vi number by following the instructions below.

How to avail of this offer

  • Open Vi’s official website by clicking this link first.
  • You’ll need to input your mobile phone number and choose the prepaid option.
  • To recharge your device, select the option to “Continue.”
  • Now, select a recharge value of 249 or more and finish the process of recharging.
  • You will be able to use your nightly free data plan as soon as you have finished charging your phone.

You may get 30 GB of free data with Vi 4G if you sign up.

To entice new 4G subscribers, Vodafone Idea (Vi) is offering 30GB of data when they switch from a 3G or 2G SIM card to a 4G USIM. Those who join Vodafone 4G via the gateway from other networks are also eligible for this promotion. Make sure you follow the instructions below if you’re qualified for this deal.

Note: This promotion is only valid for 4G SIM upgrades from 2G or 3G.

How to avail of this offer

  • First, go to a Vi-Store or retail location near you.
  • Ask for a new SIM card if you want to swap or update your phone.
  • Send the word “SIMEX” through SMS to 55199 from your old SIM card.
  • You’ll get an SMS containing a SIM partial number in a matter of minutes.
  • Using the last six digits of the New SIM card you received from the retailer, type in the phone number.
  • Your new SIM card will be activated within two hours.
  • For the next 28 days, you’ll get 30 GB of data for free.

Use the Vodaphone app for the first time to get 1 GB of free data on Vi

It’s now possible to get 1GB of free data for a month by downloading and signing up for the Vodafone app for the first time. The Vi App link may be found in the header. To obtain 1 GB of free data on your Vi number, complete the steps below. New users of the Vodafone App are eligible for this promotion.

How to avail of this offer

  • Now that you’ve set up or logged into your Vi Account, you’ll need to verify it with your phone number and OTP.
  • You’ll notice a 1GB Data Reward Banner on your App Homepage if you click on it.
  • Once you’ve done that, click the button that says “claim this deal.”
  • For the next 28 days, you’ll get 1GB of data for free.

Free Disney Plus Hotstar with Vi Recharge Offers

Vi is offering free Disney+ Hotstar Mobile Membership worth Rs. 499 at no extra cost. You just have to recharge your Vi phone number with Rs. 499, Rs. 601, Rs. 901, Rs. 1066, or Rs. 3099.

Vi Hotstar Offer
Source –
3 months Disney+ Hotstar mobile3GB/Day28 daysRs. 499/-
3 months Disney+ Hotstar mobile8GB30 daysRs. 151/-
1 year disney+ hotstar mobile & 48gb extra3GB/Day70 daysRs. 901/-
1 year disney+ hotstar mobile2GB/Day84 daysRs. 1066/-
1 year disney+ hotstar mobile2GB/Day365 daysRs. 3099/-
1 year disney+ hotstar mobile & 16gb extra3GB/Day28 daysRs. 601/-
3 months Disney+ Hotstar mobile & 5gb extra2.5GB/Day28 daysRs. 399/-

Final Thought

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. For a limited time, Vie users may get 10 GB of free data.

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Those who aren’t qualified can try again next month. The Vi APP 1GB Free Data Offer is only accessible to first-time Vi App customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vi spin the wheel offer?

This offer lets you get extra internet for free and other assured prizes.

How can I check the validity of my Vi number?

You can check the validity through the Vi App or by dialing *199#.

How can I contact Vi for my issues?

You can write an email at

Will my phone number change if I want to switch to Vi?

No, your phone number will remain the same if you decide to port to Vi.

What are the other benefits of Vi app?

It offers you benefits like music, movies, games, callertunes, recharge offers, rewards, and more.

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