How Do I Uninstall Google Play: Steps to Disable, Uninstall Updates and Reinstall Google Play Store in Android

There is a misconception that you can uninstall Google Play Store- genuinely you can either disable Google Play or uninstall updates. We also suggest users not to use any robber tactics to uninstall Google Play in Android, your device warranty may get spoiled or you may lose your phone.

What can you do you can disable Google Play store or simply uninstall updates by following a simple procedure as shared below. You may also share your concern if any through the comment box below.

How Do I Uninstall Google Play?

As we already mentioned that you are not allowed to uninstall Google Play store permanently from your Android phone however you can disable it- here is the process:

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Process to Disable Google Play

Here is the quick way to disable Google Play:

Step 1: Unlock your android phone.

Step 2: First of all you need to go to Setting on your Android phone or tablet.

Step 3: Now, click on Apps & Notifications or Simply Apps.

Step 4: Open Google Play in your Phone and you’ll see three options there- Open, Disable, Force Stop.

You need to click Disable. Upon clicking the Disable button, you won’t see Google Play Store icon on your phone. However, doing this won’t affect the existing apps in your phone.

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Uninstall Updates in Google Play Store

If you want to uninstall updates in Google Play Store, then again you need to go to Setting in your phone number.

Step 1: You need to tap Setting in your Android phone and go to Apps & Notifications or Simply Apps.

Step 2: From the list of installed apps in your android phone, tap Google Play Store.

Step 3: You’ll see the three dots at the top.

Step 4: You’ll see the option to Uninstall Updates, tap the same.

When you uninstall updates, your Google Play Store will be restored to its default version. You will still see the Google Play Store icon on your phone. Uninstalling updates from Google Play Store won’t affect other existing apps in your phone.

How Do I Reinstall Google Play Store?

You have many options to reinstall Google Play store- have a look:

Option 1: Just Enable Google Play Store

For the same you need to go to Setting of your android phone. Then, you need to tap Apps & Notifications or simply Apps. Tap Google Play Store and at the bottom, you’ll see option to Enable Google Play Store in your phone.

Option 2: It will be updated automatically

Google Play store will be updated automatically when it gets touch with an active internet connection.

Option 3: Check for Google Play Store Version

You can also update your Google Play store manually. For the same you need to open Google Play store in your phone and tap on Profile Icon. Then, go to Setting>Play Store Version. Tap the Play Store Version and update it. However, if Google Play Store is already updated in your phone a pop-up will appear on screen say your Google Play Store is up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Play store necessary?

Yes, it is an essential sector of Android functionality.

Is it OK to disable Google Play services?

When you disable Google Play services, Google Play Game Service will be stopped.

How do I remove Google Play apps from my Android?

You can uninstall the app simply by tapping the app and clicking uninstall or go to play store, tap the app name and click uninstall. In this way, you can easily remove Google Play apps from android.

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