World Drowning Prevention Day 2023: Date, Facts, Significance, History, Theme

July 25 is observed as World Drowning Prevention Day (WDPD) to raise awareness about increased cases of drowning and available preventive measures to be taken to prevent the situation.

The day also celebrates the actions and initiatives taken by individuals and organizations around the world to prevent drowning.

World Drowning Prevention Day 2023

EventWorld Drowning Prevention Day 2023
DateJuly 25, 2023
Declared byWorld Health Organization, United Nations
PurposeTo draw global attention towards drowning cases and its prevention
ThemeAnyone can drown, no one should.
World Drowning Prevention Day edudwar

World Drowning Prevention Day 2023 Date

Below mentioned are the upcoming dates for World Drowning Prevention Day for the next 5 years.

World Drowning Prevention Day 2023July 25, 2023Tuesday
World Drowning Prevention Day 2024July 25, 2024Thursday
World Drowning Prevention Day 2025July 25, 2025Friday
World Drowning Prevention Day 2026July 25, 2026Saturday
World Drowning Prevention Day 2027July 25, 2027Sunday

Did you know?

Here are some shocking facts that will make you realize about the severity of drowning:

  1. On an average, every day ten people die from unintentional drowning out of which two are of age less than 14. This makes an average of 3,500 to 4,000 lives taken per year by drowning.
  2. After motor vehicle crash, drowning is the second major cause of injury-related death in US, especially for the age group below 14.
  3. Children with autism are 160 times more likely to experience drowning.
  4. Injuries caused from drowning can cause brain damage and other long-term disability.
  5. Around 80% of people dying from drowning are male; reason being their increased exposure to water, alcohol use and risk-taking behaviors.
  6. Drowning is fast and silent and can happen in within 20-60 seconds.
  7. Swimming lessons for kids aged 1-4 years can reduce the risk of drowning by 88%.
  8. Except birth defects, drowning is responsible for more deaths among children ages one to four than any other cause.
  9. Children between age 5 and 17 years are more likely to drown in natural water, like pond or lake whereas children younger than 5 years drown in home pools or hot tubs.
  10. For every child who dies from drowning, five require emergency care for nonfatal injuries.

World Drowning Prevention Day Significance

World Drowning Prevention Day offers a platform to raise concern in people all over the world against the graveness of drowning. The day highlights the tragic impact of drowning on families and communities and the need to offer life-saving solutions to prevent it. According to an estimate in 2019, 236000 people died from drowning making it a worldwide issue. People, mostly children from low and middle-income countries, Western Pacific Region and South-East Asia Region are more prone to drowning related death.

History of World Drowning Prevention Day

In April 2021, a resolution was passed by General Assembly and 25 July was adopted as World Drowning Prevention Day. The resolution invites World Health Organization to coordinate actions on drowning prevention within the UN system.

WHO produces advocacy materials, hosts global launch event and support national and local activities in communities around the world for prevention of drowning.

World Drowning Prevention Day 2023 Theme

Theme for World Drowning Prevention Day 2023 observation, as decided by WHO, is “”Anyone can drown, no one should.“”.

With this theme, an invitation is given to everyone, individuals or groups, to take action to advance drowning prevention.

World Drowning Prevention Day 2023 Observation

UN stakeholders, agencies as well as governments, civil society organizations, private sectors and individuals are urged to take actions and apply preventative measures to lower or eliminate the cases of drowning.

People can celebrate the day by enrolling themselves in swimming classes or at least learn the basics of swimming and teach others about its importance as well.

International Days in July

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International Moon DayWorld Drowning Prevention Day
Nelson Mandela International DayWorld population Day
End Human Trafficking Day 


When was the first World Drowning Prevention Day celebrated?

The first World Drowning Prevention Day was observed in 2021 after its adoption in April in the same year.

What are the most probable locations for drowning in children?

After pools, bathtubs are the second leading location for drowning in children. Other than this, wells, septic tanks and decorative ponds are also probable drowning sources.

What are some measures that can be taken to prevent drowning?

Some basic preventive measures against drowning include installation of barriers to control access to water, teaching swimming, water safety and safe rescue skills, training bystanders in safe rescue and resuscitation and enforcing safe boating and shipping.

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