World Logic Day 2024: Date, Facts, How to Celebrate?

World Logic Day is an international day that is celebrated on 14 January of every year, proclaimed by the UNESCO and International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences.

Important Facts

  • It was first celebrated on 14th January 2019.
  • This day is recognized to lay out the importance of logic and broaden people’s reasoning skills.
  • The significance of the date lies in the birth anniversary of Alfred Tarski and the death anniversary of Kurt Godel, who were great logicians.

The word logic is of Greek origin and comes from the Greek word logos. It is defined as a branch of philosophy that distinguishes between true and false reasoning. Although it was considered a philosophy before, it is used in different walks of life now. From everyday simple things to complicated scientific equations, we human beings need to use logic everywhere.

World Logic Day 2024 Date

World Logic Day 2024 Date14 January 2024
World Logic Day 2025 Date14 January 2025
World Logic Day 2026 Date14 January 2026

About World Logic Day

Human beings are rational animals. Using logic where it is needed has ensured the survival of our species since ancient times. It has also led to various technological advancements and the growth of humankind as a whole. This is why 14 January is celebrated as World Logic Day every year.

This day was recognized as World Logic Day by the United Nations Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) and the International Council of Philosophy and Human Sciences (CIPSH). This day was decided three years ago in 2019 and is celebrated every year since then.

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Why January 14?

The date 14th January was decided as World Logic Day because it signifies the birthday anniversary of Alfred Tarski and the death of Kurt Godel, both of them being great logicians.

Both Alfred and Kurt were logicians, mathematicians, and philosophers who were the most significant logicians of the 20th century and had a strong influence on scientific and philosophical thinking in the 20th century.


Born on January 14, 1901, Alfred Tarski was a Polish-American mathematician and logician. He graduated from the University of Warsaw and became a member of the Warsaw school of logic and mathematics. After moving to the United States in 1939, Tarski carried out his research in mathematics at the University of California in Berkeley.

Even though he was often named among the four greatest logicians of all time, Tarski himself admired Charles Sanders Pierce for his great work in ‘logic of relations.’ He worked on logical consequence, deductive systems, theory of definability, and algebra of logic. In the year 1930, he developed an abstract theory of logical deductions that resembles some properties of logical calculi. His most relevant works include philosophy, theories of truth, logical constraints, and logical consequences.

“Truth and Proof” released in 1969 consisted of both Tarski’s undefinability theorem and Godel’s incompleteness theorems, which talked about their consequences for the axiomatic method in mathematics.His contribution to mathematics and logic cannot be summed up here, but the celebration of this day for his work proves how great of a logician Alfred Tarski was.


Kurt Godel was a German philosopher, mathematician, and logician. Godel had a huge impact on the scientific and philosophical thinking of the 20th century and is considered one of the most significant logicians in history, along with Gottlob Frege and Aristotle.

Because of his immense curiosity, Godel was given the nickname “Mr. Why” during his childhood. During his time at the University of Vienna, he adopted the ideas of mathematical realism. By the age of 18, he had already mastered university-level mathematics. After attending a seminar that emphasized Bertrand Russel’s book ‘Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy, Godel’s interest was piqued in mathematical logic.He was awarded his doctoral at the age of 23.

Kurt Godel’s work and achievements in modern logic have completely changed the face of logic and are truly remarkable. No wonder he is considered one of the greatest logicians.He died on 14 January 1978 and his death anniversary is celebrated as World Logic Day.

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Objectives of World Logic Day

Humans are considered rational animals. Logic has taken us places since the beginning of mankind, from learning how to start a fire to building huge machines and skyscrapers. It has played a crucial role in the survival and development of humankind. Since its dawn, logic has played an important role in the advancement of sciences and philosophy – says UNESCO.

Despite it being so relevant to day-to-day lives, there’s very little public awareness about it. Hence the proclamation of World Logic Day intends to raise awareness about its historical importance, relevant applications,and conceptual significance. It will also help to broaden the public perspective.

Celebration of World Logic Day also helps bring people of the world together and fosters an international sense of co-operation in advocating the importance of logic for everyone’s betterment.

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