World Tsunami Day 2023 – Know Date, History, Significance, Ways To Celebrate and More

World Tsunami Day 2023 is on Sunday, November 5, 2023. It is a day to remember the devastating power of tsunamis and to raise awareness about the importance of preparedness. Tsunamis are a natural phenomenon that can cause widespread destruction. It is essential that we understand the risk they pose and take steps to ensure that we are ready for them.

In order to better prepare for and protect against the destruction that tsunamis can cause, we should know the science behind them. On this day, we should take the time to educate ourselves on the power of tsunamis.

Overview of World Tsunami Day Date

Every year, we celebrate World Tsunami Day on the 5th of November. Similarly, this year it will fall on Sunday 5th November 2023.

Name of the dayWorld Tsunami Day
FounderUnited Nations
As knowns AsWorld Tsunami Awareness Day
Year of Establishment2015

History and Significance

The United Nations General Assembly declared November 5 as World Tsunami Awareness Day in December 2015. On this day, the United Nations asks nations, international organizations, and civil societies to share their innovations and ideas for risk reduction and raise awareness of the tsunami.

Japan came up with the idea for this day. Over the years, Japan has developed a lot of expertise in areas like tsunami early warning, public action, and rebuilding after a disaster to reduce its impact in the future.

Ways to observe World Tsunami Day

There are numerous ways to observe World Tsunami Day and learn more about this natural disaster. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Discuss Tsunamis with friends and family – You can discuss the history and implications of tsunamis with friends and family. It’s important to be educated and aware of the potential dangers of tsunamis so that you know the preparation techniques.
  2. Participate in local events or campaigns – Many local organizations host educational lectures, interactive activities, and public campaigns to raise awareness of tsunamis and their associated risks. You should try to join these campaigns. These events might include information sessions with experts and safety drills.
  3. Spread Education – You can share educational materials to help raise awareness about tsunami safety. Posting tsunami safety tips on social media or in your community can help spread the word.
  4. Donate – People can also observe World Tsunami Day by expressing their solidarity with those affected by a tsunami. By donating to organizations that are focused on providing assistance to victims of a tsunami, we can help to make a difference in their lives.
  5. Post with #GetToHighGround Campaign and #Tsunami Day – These are the two hashtags selected by the United Nations to spread awareness of the Tsunami. You can also post using these hashtags to share your thoughts.

On this day, people around the world should join hands to reduce the risk of tsunamis and improve the capacity for a quick and effective response.

Major Causes of Tsunami

To handle the Tsunami, we should understand the science behind the same. This disaster can cause the energy of the water to be released as a large wave that can cause serious damage to coastal areas. The primary causes of a tsunami are as follows:

  1. Earthquakes: An earthquake is the most common reason behind Tsunamis. The energy released during an earthquake can cause the ocean floor to move, and when this happens the energy of the water is released in the form of a wave.
  2. Landslides: A tsunami can be caused by the movement of massive amounts of rock or soil which displaces large amounts of water. The resulting wave can travel up to hundreds of kilometers depending on the force of the landslide.
  3. Volcanic activity: Volcanic eruptions can also cause tsunamis. When the magma under the seafloor is ejected into the ocean, it displaces the water, creating a large wave.
  4. Meteorite impacts: The impact of a large meteorite on the ocean can cause a wave that happens quickly and can travel far, causing extensive damage.

Please note that landslides and meteors are less common causes of tsunamis, but still capable of producing a large wave when they hit the ocean’s surface.

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Some Terrifying Facts About Tsunamis

Here are a few terrifying facts about tsunamis that will make you think twice about being near a coast.

  1. Tsunamis can travel at speeds up to 500 miles per hour. That’s faster than a fighter jet. They can remain undetected until they hit the shore because they often travel in deep water.
  2. The effects of a tsunami can be felt literally thousands of miles away from its point of origin. For instance, the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was felt as far away as South Africa.
  3. Tsunamis can have waves up to 100 feet high. That’s three times the height of a 10-story building. A tsunami is also capable of wiping out entire towns in a matter of minutes. 
  4. The effects of tsunamis can last for years and have a negative impact on the environment.
  5. Tsunamis can also cause a great deal of economic damage, with some estimates saying the cost of a Tsunami can reach more than $6 billion.

World Tsunami Day 2023 Theme

The United Nations has not declared any particular theme for the year 2023. However, last year’s theme was “Early Warning and Early Action Before Every Tsunami”. We will update the latest theme here once the UN announces the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the body of the United Nations that observes World Tsunami Day?

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR).

What does the word “Tsunami” mean?

The word Tsunami is composed of two Japanese words i.e. “Tsu” (harbor) and Nami (wave).

How many Tsunamis have occurred in the last 100 years?

Approximately 58.

Can we stop a Tsunami?

Unfortunately, we can’t stop a Tsunami. However, we can control its damages by taking the correct precautionary measures.

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