World Radiography Day 2023: Theme, Significance and History

World Radiography Day 2023 is on Wednesday, 8th November 2023. This day is also known as International Day of Radiology. It is celebrated every year on 8 November by people all over the globe. The day marks the anniversary of the discovery of x-rays by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895. WRD is also taken as an opportunity to increase public awareness of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy and to promote radiography as a career, as a vital contribution to modern healthcare. World Radiography Day also honors those already working in the field of radiology MRI & radiologic technologist, sonographer, radiation therapist, nuclear medicine technologist, etc.

World Radiography Day 2023 Date

For radiologic technologists, it is one of the most important days in November. Check its schedule:

World Radiography Day 2023November 8, 2023Wednesday
World Radiography Day 2024November 8, 2024Friday
World Radiography Day 2025November 8, 2025Saturday
World Radiography Day 2026November 8, 2026Sunday
World Radiography Day 2027November 8, 2027Monday

World Radiography Day 2023 Overview

EventWorld Radiography Day (it is also known as International Day of Radiology)
DateNovember 8, 2023
Declared byInternational Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists
Observed byWorldwide
Purpose of celebrationTo mark the anniversary of the discovery of x-rays by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895, honor those working in the field of radiography and  promote radiography as a career.

Significance of World Radiography Day

World Radiography Day celebrates the anniversary of the discovery of X-rays in 1895 and is used as a platform to raise public awareness of radiographic imaging and therapy. Radiographic imaging plays an important role in the diagnosis and the treatment of patients but it is equally crucial that the radiation level is kept to the minimum required so that it improves the health of patients instead of harming them. Thus, WRD is also an opportunity to honor those working with precise accuracy and save thousands of lives every year.

Discovery of X-Ray

X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths shorter than those of ultraviolet light. These rays were discovered in 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, a Professor at Wuerzburg University in Germany while he was working with a cathode-ray tube in his laboratory. He noticed a fluorescent glow of crystals on a table near his tube and discovered a green colored fluorescent light generated by a material located a few feet away from the tube when shielded with a heavy black paper.  Wilhelm’s discovery of X-rays brought revolution in medical sciences. However, the first use of X-rays were for an industrial application when Rontgen produced a radiograph of a set of weights in a box. In 1901 Wilhelm Rontgen became the inaugural winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics for this achievement.

Details about National Education Day

History of World Radiography Day Observation

According to many sources, the first World Radiography Day was observed in 2007 by the  International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists on November 8. however, the first major celebration of the day was organized in 2012 when the European Society of Radiology (ESR), Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), and American College of Radiology (ACR) came together for the initiative. This year will celebrate the 11th anniversary of International Day of Radiology.

There was another World Radiography Day observed by the European Day of Radiology on February 10, 2011 to coincide with the death anniversary of Wilhem Rontgen. However, the earlier observance was discontinued and November 8 was adopted as global day of celebration of World Radiography Day.

How is World Radiography Day celebrated?

The day is celebrated worldwide by various national radiographers’ associations and societies. It is a celebration of raising awareness about radiology and honor the role that  radiologists and radiology technologists play in healthcare.

Try and learn more about radiographers and radiologists who handled x-rays and related equipment even if it was harmful to their own health. thank the many radiographers and radiologists currently working hard to improve our lives.

The best way to celebrate this day is by visiting your doctor and get a full-body check-up. Help spread information and spread awareness on the many benefits of medical imaging. Individuals and organizations throughout the world are also invited to share impressions of their observation of the day


Who discovered x-rays and when?

Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen in 1895

Is there any theme to celebrate World Radiography Day 2023?

This year’s theme is ‘Healthcare Heroes’.

When do we celebrate World Radiography Day?

Every year on November 8

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