5 Reasons Why Should Parents Consider IB Schools For Their Child?

Recently, both the number of IB schools and number of students enrolling in these schools have increased owing to its different style of teaching.

Schools that offer IB program (International Baccalaureate) in their curriculum are known as IB schools. IB schools do not provide education in the traditional style but have a unique modern style of teaching.

This has attracted a lot of parents towards IB schools and they are taking more interest in IB schools. But before you make any decisions, it is suggested that you go through this article as it can help in getting clarity about the IB system of study and the benefits your child will be getting by enrolling in the IB schools. In this article, we have discussed 5 reasons why should parents consider IB schools for their child.

Benefits of choosing an IB school for your ward

IB schools follow a curriculum that allows overall development of their students. Many top schools provide options to the students to opt for the IB study program. Four types of educational programs are offered by the IB schools-  IB Primary Years Program for children aged between 3 to 12 years, IB Middle Years Program for students aged between 11 to 16 years and IB Diploma Program and the IB Career-related Program for students aged between 15 to 19 years.

There are many advantages of choosing an IB school for your ward as it can open the doors for global opportunities for your children and prepare them for higher level of studies from an early age.

IB learners are encouraged to think critically and solve complex problems and they are free to devise their own learning methodology. Through the development of a second language, the IB education system make your child more culturally aware and they also develop the ability to engage with people in an increasingly globalized, rapidly changing world. Check out the top 5 reasons why should parents consider IB schools for their child.

1. IB curriculum offers freedom of learning

Students at IB schools are given the opportunity to select their subjects of study as well as their method of learning. The students are engaged in doing research work where they select their own topics and execute the task on their terms with the teachers acting like their supervisor or mentor. This makes the students more curious about learning new things as they can do this their own way. Students in IB schools can also select high grade and low-grade level subjects and give more time to the subjects they want to take up in future.

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  1. Prepare your kid for college from an early age

Curriculum of IB study system is designed in such a manner that it prepares the students for college life. Doing extensive research works, engaging in challenging projects, writing assignments and reports, meeting deadlines, etc form a part of IB curriculum which provides a base for college life. In this way, IB schools prepare your kids for the challenges they will be facing in college life and they can adapt easily to the exhaustive environment they may find inside their college.

  1. Open up global opportunities for your ward

The IB Diploma Program (IBDP) is recognized internationally and there are more than 5300 schools in 158 countries that have adopted the IB system of study with more than 1.4 million students enrolled in these schools. Apart from this, the IBDP is also recognized by colleges and universities from almost 90 countries. Prestigious universities of United States such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford and many other universities from around the globe recognize the IB Diploma Program. studying an IB program can open up doors to some top graded universities around the world. Curriculum of IBDP is created in a manner to provide your children with global opportunity and establish themselves as global citizens.

  1. Develops critical thinking and research skills

The teaching methods implied in IBDP encourage students to think critically and develop  analysis and evaluation skills as well. Students are not required to make lengthy notes and memorize them but rather they understand the actual concept behind anything. In this way, it sharpens their mind and help them think critically, be more challenging and develop other skills beneficial for them in higher education. Other than academics, these skills will also present themselves helpful in other aspects of life.

  1. IB ensures overall development of your child

Along with academics, the IB study program ensures the overall development of your child and therefore engages them in extracurricular activities as well. Three core components have been integrated in the IB system of study known as CAS (creativity, action, service), Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Extended Essay (EE). The students are free to build on their extracurricular activities and can select activities that help them make a positive contribution to the society rather than obtaining only bookish knowledge. Learning through experience is encouraged under the IB system of study that helps in their personal and interpersonal development as well.

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Thus, you can see there are some pretty good reasons for selecting an IB school for your child. But one thing that you should keep in mind that this system of study is quite intensive and requires a lot from the students. So before you move forward and select an IB school, make sure about the goals, limits and intentions of your child. It will help you to choose a right school for an ideal education of your child.

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