Top 10 Best Computer Monitors 2023 with Price and Specification

In this era of digitization, computers have become more like our own body parts. From work, to education and to entertainment, we can’t imagine ourselves without computers and laptops. The major component of any computer is its display. If the display stops working in an important situation like staff meeting and online exams, we will be in a disastrous situation.

To avoid such career ruining moments, you need to have a good monitor screen that can support your work 24×7. Now the question arises: What monitors should we buy out of tonnes of different monitors out there in the market?

So don’t worry, today we have brought you 10 best computer monitors that you can buy in 2023.

Top 10 Best Computer Monitors 2023

Have a look at the best computer monitors you can purchase in 2023:

  1. HP ultrathin FHD

With it’s highly pixelated IPS panel, this micro-edge display monitor delivers ultra-wide viewing and crisp, clear picture quality.
Immerse yourself in great sound effects without cluttering your office with external speakers as this monitor as inbuilt music system.

If your budget is tight but you also want a good quality monitor, then definitely go for this one as it’s very cost effective.


The price of this monitor is around Rs. 25,000.

  1. Acer Nitro Gaming monitor

If you want a normal monitor, with not so much hike about resolution or refresh rates then this is going to suit you.

This monitor has good brightness levels, 144 Hz refresh rates with 1080 p resolution display. Though this monitor is really capable of doing every kind of work, but during heavy takes that involves high resolutions, this monitor might lag a bit.


The price different models of this monitor ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 100,000.

  1. Dell S3221QS

This is a budget 4k monitor which has very decent output regarding heavy works like gaming and web development. Majority of the tech people prefer this monitor because of its low response time, good resolution and high refresh rates along with its budget friendly nature.


The price of this monitor ranges from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000.


Ever seen those giant screens that many youtubers have in their background, especially who are coders and gamers?

Well that’s no other monitor than LG ultrawide curved series. This monitor is itself one of a kind and no other monitor can compete with this one on the basis of wide angle and 3-D imagery.


The price of this monitor ranges around Rs. 30,000.

  1. Dell Supersharp U2720Q

This is the ideal monitor for office and school purposes. It has a 27 inch ips panel display with low input lag and good response time. It also has a 4 K resolution screen with 60 Hz refresh rate. However this doesn’t support variable refresh rate technologies.


The price of this monitor ranges from Rs. 62,000- Rs. 65, 000.

  1. AOC C21G1

This monitor comes with a 144 hertz refresh rate and a full HD resolution out of the box. It has a curved display which provides seamless working experience to it’s users.

Unlike it’s competitors, the input lag of this monitor is merely 4 ms which assures that heavy work, multi tasking and high graphics gaming can be done very easily.

1 ms MPRT technology in this monitor minimizes the ghosting effect of pixels while doing heavy resolution work or gaming.


  • Screen Size: 23.6 inch
  • Resolution: 1920×1080 (Full HD)
  • Refresh rate: 144 Hz
  • Brightness: 250 CD/m3
  • Curvature: 1500R
  • Adaptive Sync: Freesync (48 Hz-144 Hz)
  • Ports: 2×HDMI 1.4, VGA, Display port 1.2 , Headphone jack

Structure and Build

A cinematic viewing experience is provided by this stylish-designed monitor which has ultra-thin bezels on top and bottom. This also provides the right feel for heavy gaming.

The metal stand that supports the monitor is capable of a -5° to 29° tilt and has height adjustment upto 130 millimeters. It also has a 100×100 mm VESA mount compatibility and offers 35° positive as well as negative swivel.


In India, the price is around Rs. 17,000 which varies from time to time.

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With a massive 320 Hz refresh rate, asus rog swift is made only with one purpose: to support gamers. This monitor is preferred for eSports in the battlefield of War zone, fortnight, Call of duty and other multiplayer games.

Structure and Build

This monitor comes with ROG desk mount kit, which helps this monitor to be clamped on any flat surface ,such as a wall, so that we have more space for keyboard and mouse.

It as a very unique stand design which is angular and is designed such a way that the cables pass from inside the stand itself, hiding and concealing the wired system.


The price of this monitor ranges around  Rs. 50,000.

  1. LG 27GN950

This monitor is not only the best overall gaming  monitor but at 144 Hz, its also one of the fastest 4K monitors on the market.

It’s display is Nano IPS which refers to subpixel structure that services a widened colour gamut like Quantum dot technology used by other manufacturers.

This LG monitor achieves 95% coverage of the DCI P3 colour space 144 Hz 4K monitors are pretty rare and have serious bandwidth requirements. So to run this monitor you need a good graphics card to handle this monitors display stream compression to get all the pixels.


  • Screen Size: 27 inch
  • Resolution: 3840×2160 pixels (4 K)
  • Refresh rate: 48 Hz – 144 Hz
  • Brightness: 420 CD/m2
  • Curvature: 1500R
  • Adaptive Sync: Freesync (48 Hz-144 Hz)
  • Ports: 2×HDMI 1.4, VGA, Display port 1.2 , Headphone jack

Structure and Build

It has 5 mm bezels on top and sides and a 10 mm bezel on bottom. On the the back side, you will see a ring of RGB LEDs around the attachment point. This LED light is controlled with the dial on the bottom centre and has six effect to select from. The rear facing input panel gives you two HDMI 2.0 ports, and one displayport 1.4. It also has one upstream and two downstream USB 2.1 port. A 3.5 mm audio port supports headphones and speakers as there are no inbuilt audio system in this monitor. The stand offers a 4.4 inch height adjustment and a 5° to 15°  tilt.


The price of this monitor ranges from Rs. 58,000 – Rs. 65,000.

  1. Samsung 32-inch Odyssey G7

This monitor is coupled with freesync support along with NVIDIA’S G-SYNC. With a very high refresh rate of 240 Hz, this monitor under Samsung’s Odyssey series is, by far, the best for office work, graphic design, video editing, and, obviously, gaming.

Structure and Build

This monitor is curved and has a curvature of 1000 R. The stand of this monitor is V-shaped and is 30 cm deep substantially. The bezels are almost frameless with a small portion of the plastic extending out of the display.

It has a two legged stand that deals with LEDs, swivel, and height adjustments. There is LED lighting at the pivot point.


The price of this monitor ranges from Rs. 45,000 – Rs. 50,000.

  1. Alienware AW2720hf

Alienware AW2720hf

As the name suggests, this monitor which looks like alien technology is totally on a next level. It has the fastest refresh rate of 1 millisecond and provides a distortion free, furiously fast and smooth working experience.

With a customizable backlight, this monitor has inbuilt graphics card and hence one of the most powerful monitors this year.

Structure and Build

This monitor has an extremely sturdy build quality. The stand provides a height adjustment of +/- 130 mm with an angular pivot of 90° to 90°. It can tilt 5°-21° and has a swivel of 20-20°.


The price of this monitor is about Rs. 40,000.

Note: The price mentioned above is tentative and subject to change with time.

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