California Admission Day 2023 – History, Significance, Ways to Celebrate, and More

California Admission Day 2023 is celebrated on September 9. It is a special day to commemorate the event when California became the 31st state of the USA. California is one of the most important US states. It sought full statehood in 1849. Eventually, getting it in 1850.

In 2023, we are celebrating the 173rd anniversary of California’s statehood. It is the perfect opportunity for all of us to recognize the diverse culture, rich history, and heritage of California. In today’s post, we will discuss various aspects of California Admission Day 2023 along with all the relevant information.

California Admission Day 2023 Highlights

Name of the eventCalifornia Admission Day
DateSeptember 9th
PurposeCommemorating California’s admission as the 31st state
Type of celebrationLocal Observance
ActivitiesParades, festivals, educational programs, etc.
FrequencyAnnual Event

History of California Admission Day

The history of California’s journey toward full statehood has been very interesting. It begins with the Mexican-American War in 1846. In this war, through the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the United States of America got control of California from Mexico.

In 1848, the US was able to find gold in California. This accelerated the growth and prosperity in the region resulting in thousands of people migrating to California to settle. Later, historians call this event the “California Gold Rush”.

As the population continues to grow, California drafted its state constitution and formed a state government in 1849. Initially, the US government was not ready to admit California as a full-fledged state because the officials were worried about the balance of free and slave states.

Eventually, On September 9th, 1850, President Millard Fillmore signed the Act for the Admission of California into the Union. With this, California became a free state in the US.

Significance of California Admission Day

California’s admission into the United States was a significant milestone in American history. Go through the following points to understand the importance of California Admission Day.

  • Bringing the people together – The admission of California as a free state brought various communities to know each other and live together. Today, Native Americans, Spanish settlers, African Americans, Chinese immigrants, etc. all are living together in California. This unique mix of cultures shaped California to have a different identity.
  • Gold Rush and Rise in Population – Miners were able to find Gold in California in 1848. This sparked a massive rise in the population. People come to the state from all around the world seeking a better life.
  • Political Influence – The rise of population resulted in California becoming one of the largest states in the US in terms of population and economy. Due to all these factors, California commands significant political influence. This state has always been a key player in national power.

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Ways to Celebrate California Admission Day 2023

Here are various ways by which you can celebrate California Admission Day in 2023.

Celebration IdeasDescription
Festivals and ParadesYou can attend a local parade or festival that will happen in the state. 
Visit California State ParkVisit and Explore the beauty of state parks in California.
Local Food and Wine TastingsYou may gather your family/ friends and check out the famous cuisines and wines of California.
Outdoor ActivitiesThose who like outdoor activities can go hiking, biking, or camping in the natural landscape of California.
Learn about CaliforniaOne of the best ways to observe California Admission Day 2023 is to know more about the state. Try to gather more information about the state’s history, culture, geography, etc.
Support Local BusinessYou can show your support to the state by purchasing local products.

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7 Mind-Blowing Facts about California

Here are 7 of the most amazing facts about California that we all should know.

  1. If California were an Independent Country, it would have been the 5th largest economy in the world.
  2. California has the highest and lowest point in the United States i.e. Mount Whitney and Death Valley.
  3. California has the oldest tree in the world known as “The Methuselah Tree”.
  4. Inspired by the Gold Rush of the 1850s, California is often called “The Golden State”.
  5. California is home to silicon valley. It has the headquarters of some of the top tech companies in the world like Apple, Google, and Facebook.
  6. California is also the most populous state in the US. It has a population of more than 39 million.
  7. Apart from death valley, California also has a coastline that is approximately 840 miles long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is California Admission Day a federal holiday?

No, California Admission Day is not a federal holiday. It is rather a local observance.

When is California Admission Day Celebrated?

It is celebrated every year on September 19th.

Is California a good place to live?

Yes, in fact, it ranked 2nd in Wallethub’s survey of the “Best State to Live In” Index.

Can visitors participate in California Admission Day celebrations?

Yes, visitors are welcome to join in the celebrations of this day.

In which year did California join the USA as a free state?


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