CBSE Class 10 Information Technology Syllabus 2023-24

CBSE has introduced the Information Technology subject to make students aware and illiterate in the field of computers. It is a vocational subject and its syllabus is designed to develop the employability of the candidates. Both theory and practical papers of CBSE 10th class Information Technology subject will carry 50 marks each. To prepare for the exam, the students should understand the CBSE Class 10 Information Technology syllabus 2023 thoroughly. All the necessary details related to CBSE 10th Class Information Technology syllabus 2023-24 are mentioned in this post.

CBSE 10th Class Syllabus for Information Technology 2023-24

The complete syllabus of Information Technology is divided into the following four parts as given below.

  • Part – A: Employability Skills
  • Part – B: Vocational Skills
  • Part – C: Practical Work
  • Part – D: Project Work/ Field Visit

The distribution of marks and periods among the four parts is as follows:

Parts Maximum Marks Periods
Employability Skills 50 marks 50 Periods
Vocational Skills 40 marks 150 Periods
Practical Work 35 marks
Project Work/ Field Visit 15 marks
Total 100 marks

Unit Wise syllabus of CBSE class 10th Information Technology

The unit-wise syllabus of Information technology divided into various part is given below.

Part – A: Employability Skills (10 Marks) (50 Periods)

  1. Communication Skills-II (10 Periods)
  2. Self-Management Skills-II (10 Periods)
  3. Information and Communication Technology Skills-II (10 Periods)
  4. Entrepreneurial Skills-II (15 Periods)
  5. Green Skills-II (05 Periods)

Part – B: Vocational Skills (40 Marks) (50 Theory periods + 100 Practical Periods)

  1. Web Applications (Basics) – 7 marks (8 Theory period + 10 Practical Periods)
  2. Word Processing (Intermediate) – 8 marks (8 Theory period  + 20 Practical Periods)
  3. Spreadsheet (Intermediate) – 8 marks (11 Theory period + 20 Practical Periods)
  4. Digital Presentation (Intermediate) – 6 marks (8 Theory period + 25 Practical Periods)
  5. E-Mail Messaging (Intermediate) – 4 marks (5 Theory period + 10 Practical Periods)
  6. Data Base Development (Basics) – 7 marks (10 Theory period + 15 Practical Periods)

Part – C: Practical Work (35 Marks)

  1. Practical Examination – 15 marks
  2. Written Test – 10 marks
  3. Viva Voce – 10 marks

Part – D: Project Work/ Field Visit (15 marks)

  1. Practical File/ Student Portfolio – 10 marks
  2. Viva Voce – 5 marks

CBSE Class 10th Syllabus

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  1. Sunil

    Can you provide me the new syllabus of FIT(402)for the current session. 22-23.

  2. Sunil

    My school managment says about IT (402) that if any student get fail in Any of these subjects (sst, science, maths) . In that condition IT will replace in the place of failed subject. how far is it true

    1. Srishti

      This is totally true .

    2. Yaswant Singh

      Yes, its true and confirmed by CBSE to allocate the IT as vocational (Skill) subject and given the power to replace the main subject(Math/ Science/ S St) if student is getting fail in any of one.

  3. Nawaz Khan

    Please made correction in marks above

  4. Rohini

    Plz send IT(402) 2022-23 syllabus

  5. G. Sandhyarani

    Please tell me class 10 syllabus for Information Technology 402 year 2022-23.

  6. Aamir Ahmad Khanday

    please made correction in marks above

  7. afiya

    how much marks does IT paper consist in board exams???

    1. jishan lulani

      50marks paper internal 5o marks

      1. Manpreet

        25 cbse board only

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