Data Privacy Day 2024: Theme, History, Facts, and much more

Data Privacy Day on January 28 serve as a timely reminder that protecting our personal information is a top issue as our offline and online lives become more intertwined. Despite the fact that we live in an increasingly digital environment, most of us don’t give data privacy much attention unless it’s been compromised for some other reason.

As we increasingly rely on digital technology to handle every aspect of our lives, we must reevaluate what personal information we are disclosing, when and where we are disclosing it, and with whom we are sharing it.

The theme of Data Privacy Day 2024 is yet to be decided. However, it was ‘Think Privacy First’ last year.

Data Privacy Day 2024 Overview

EventData Privacy Day
Date28 January 2024
Theme‘Think Privacy First’

Data Privacy Day 2024 Date

The goal of Data Privacy Day is to increase public awareness of the need of protecting personal information in the digital age. In the US, Canada, and 27 European nations, it is observed as a national holiday.

To begin with, the educational campaign behind Data Privacy Day aimed to raise awareness among teenagers and young adults about the necessity of safeguarding their personal information while using social networking sites. Over the last four years, the instructional emphasis has broadened to encompass households, consumers, and enterprises.

Event nameDayDate
Data Privacy Day 2024Sunday28th January

Data Privacy Day History

On January 28, 1981, the Council of Europe made the Convention for the Protection of Individuals for signing. This convention is presently being revised to take into account the new legal issues that have arisen as a result of technological advancements.

It also promotes activities that encourage the development of technology tools that support individual control over personally identifiable information, as well as the observance of privacy laws and regulations, as well as the creation of dialogues among stakeholders interested in furthering data protection and privacy. Governments, businesses, academia, non-profits, privacy experts, and educators all have an opportunity to work together at this global event.

The integrity of data systems and, by extension, the privacy of internet users are safeguarded by the Convention on Cybercrime. It is also guaranteed by European Convention on Human Rights to have privacy and data protection.

The link between data collection and distribution, technology, public expectations of privacy, and legal and political challenges surrounding them is known as the “data privacy relationship.” When personal information is gathered and maintained in any manner, there are issues about privacy. Privacy concerns may be caused by a lack of adequate or no disclosure control.

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The Best Ways to Commemorate Data Privacy Day

  • In the first place, if you haven’t previously taken steps to protect your personal information, you should do so now if you accept this task, which you should. To preserve the privacy of your personal information, make a pledge now to learn one new thing about data privacy every day and then take the appropriate measures.
  • Take some time today to learn how all of the digital gadgets linked to your “Internet of Things” communicate with each other and with the rest of the digital world. By using all of these smart gadgets, you can more easily keep everything in sync with your own private “internet of me.” Do everything it takes to ensure that your personal data is not shared with people who may be interested in it, but who don’t really need it.
  • Donate your time and expertise to educate older individuals how to keep their personal information safe by volunteering to teach a class or provide a presentation on data privacy. The greatest way to teach technology to the elderly is to show them how to do it rather than just tell them how to do it.

How to follow Data privacy as an individual

  • Always use the most recent operating systems and applications on your computer and mobile devices.
  • Check and update your privacy settings on your web browser on a regular basis, remove any cookies, and clear the cache.
  • Whether you rent a router from your internet service provider, ask them if you’re eligible for a new one or if they can help you change your existing router’s settings, since these devices are also susceptible to hacking.
  • For those of you who have a slew of online accounts and are having trouble remembering all the various passwords, you may want to consider signing up for a service that creates random passwords for each of your accounts and only asks you to remember ONE of them.


Q. Where do we see data privacy going in the future?

Ans. It’s predicted that the service market would raise $18.96 billion by 2026 because of the increasing number of organizations looking to improve their hosted services and make them more scalable, adaptable, and resilient.

Q. In what ways will AI impact privacy?

Ans. Data breaches may occur when large amounts of information are fed into AI-driven systems. An individual’s personal data may be obtained by AI without their consent. In the same way, face recognition software is entering our personal space as we speak.

Q. Data Privacy Day was first observed on what date?

Ans. The first time the day was observed was in 2007. To honor the twelfth anniversary of Convention 108, it is being observed. Protective measures for privacy were put in place by the Convention in 1981

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