International Zebra Day 2024: History, facts and activities to do

Kenya and Ethiopia's semi-desert areas and Namibia, Angola, and South Africa's hilly regions are the primary habitats for zebras.

International Zebra Day is celebrated annually on January 31. These kinds of creatures are in danger as human growth and degradation of the natural environment increase. Animals become endangered when their natural habitats are disturbed.

IWD is an opportunity to raise awareness of this endangered species and find ways to support its preservation. A zebra’s distinctive black and white stripes make it easy to tell one from the other.

International Zebra Day 2024 Date

Conservation groups like the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and the Conservation Biology Institute are likely behind the creation of International Zebra Day. In order to promote awareness about the plight of the zebra and how they might be saved from further extinction, International Zebra Day was established.

Event nameDayDate
International Zebra Day 2024Wednesday31st January

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The origins of the International Zebra Day

Currently, there are three varieties of zebras in the wild. The Grévy’s zebra, the plains zebra, and the mountain zebra are their names, respectively. It is the most common kind of zebra, the plains zebra. In the grasslands of southern Ethiopia, eastern Africa, and southern Africa, they may be found all over the place!

Despite its rarity, the Grévy’s zebra, which can only be found in northern Kenya, is an endangered species due to the loss of almost 54% of its original population. All three species are smaller than Grevy’s Zebra. In Ethiopia, they’re a regular sight, but Kansas’ Tanganyika Wildlife Park is home to a herd of them, too. Poaching for their skin and fur has accelerated the decline over the last three decades.

Angola, Namibia, and southern Africa are home to the Mountain Zebra. They’re known for their toughness since they’re often found in the area’s hilly terrain. Mountain zebras are now classified as “critically endangered” and have been on the verge of extinction many times during the course of the twentieth century.

Because of the African Savannah’s protection of zebras’ native habitat, not all zebras are in imminent danger of extinction. The Grevy’s zebra is more endangered than the other two zebra subspecies. Plains zebras are in good health and do not suffer any dangers. South Africa, Angola, and Namibia are home to the mountain zebra. When the situation gets bad, these zebras are also at risk of being hunted for their flesh by locals. Many people are concerned about the future of the zebra population, and they’ve been fighting these worries for years.

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Some Fun Facts about zebras

  • The body’s temperature is regulated by zebra stripes! The temperature of the body may be regulated by wearing a zebra-striped garment, according to ScienceDaily. The towering, wavy lines of their grassy habitats may also help the zebra blend in.
  • The term “dazzle” refers to a group of zebras. Some zebras, though, prefer to dwell in smaller herds. Unlike Grevy’s zebras, which form small family groups of mares and foals, plains zebras live in huge family groups generally commanded by a dominant male. Zebras, no matter how big or little their dazzles are, are very social and follow each other wherever they go.
  • When a zebra foal is born, it will have brown and white stripes or spots. Adult zebras have a black and white pattern that only shows as they mature. Some zebras in London Zoo have spots and stripes, according to the Zoological Society of London. A typical zebra has 80 stripes.

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What to do on International Zebra Day 2024

  • Do you have any plans to commemorate International Zebra Day? As a simple first step, share some of these fascinating facts about these creatures with your family and friends.
  •  Learn about the conservation activities that are undertaken in order to save the zebras and how you can get involved yourself.
  • Consider wearing zebra stripes (fake stripes, of course) or doing anything to assist raise awareness of this beautiful kind of animal in the wild. Party with a zebra theme or prepare zebra-themed cuisine are two options you have. There is no need to worry about deciding on a color palette for your project!

Are there any zebra-related charities I can support?

There are a slew of organizations dedicated to the protection of animals in existence today. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are two organizations dedicated to assisting all species, regardless of whether they are threatened with extinction. A few organizations, including Grevy’s Zebra Trust, focus only on zebras. This group’s members are dedicated to preserving zebra habitats and ensuring the safety of zebras.


When do we celebrate International Zebra day?

on 31st of January

How many zebras were left on the planet?

Between 150,000–250,000

Where are zebras mainly found?

The zebra is Africa’s most famous grazing mammal. The semi-desert parts of Kenya and Ethiopia, excluding the mountainous regions of Namibia, Angola, and South Africa, are where they are most often found.

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