An Overview of Data Scientist Salary in the Global Market (USA, Switzerland, Australia,India )

The demand for data scientists is still on the rise which means even better salaries can come in the near future.

Data science has emerged over years to become one of the most favorite career paths for young graduates. Experienced professionals working in other fields too find data science an attractive field, mostly because of the lucrative salary package that comes with the job. Career opportunities in data science have also grown exponentially in recent years and companies are not hesitant to pay beautifully to those with the right skills in the arena. In this article, you will find an overview of the average data scientist salary offered in different countries across the world.

Data science is an exciting domain of computer science that deals with the study of a large amount of data generated by the organization. The study of these data has proved to be efficient in extracting meaningful insights for business which ultimately leads to enhanced business profits. This is the reason why companies are not shying away from offering handsome data scientist salaries. Let us check out data scientist salaries offered by different countries and companies.

Data Scientist Salary across Major Countries

Becoming a data scientist can help you land some of the best-paying jobs all over the world.  Countries like the USA, Switzerland, India and others readily offer an average data scientist salary of around $10000k and even more to the experienced ones. And keep in mind that this is only the average salary. The highest salary packages can even go up to around $20000k per year. Check out the table below for data scientist salaries across major countries of the world.

S. NoCountriesAverage data scientist salary

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Top 5 Countries with highest Data Scientist Salary

  1. USA: The country of dreams America is also a dream country for data scientists all over the world. This is because the country offers the highest average salary package to data scientists at a whopping $165,000. even the base pay for entry-level positions starts at around $95,000.
  2. Switzerland: Next comes Switzerland in the list of top countries that offer an alluring data scientist salary package. A data science job in the country can help you earn a package of around $140,000 annually. The salary increases as a person become more experienced.
  3. Australia: The average annual salary in Australia is $124,000 for data scientists. With an increase in the digital economy of the country, the package is expected to rise as high as $170,000 to $200,000 for some companies.
  4. India: India also offers a high salary package to data scientists that goes up to an average of $93,000k. With the market seeming a constant boom, it is expected that career opportunities for data scientists will increase in the country. Thus, the package is expected to see a rise as well.
  5. Netherlands: A data scientist in the Netherlands can earn an average salary of around $89,000. As the experience grows, the package grows accordingly.

Data Scientist Salary by Top Companies

There are many data science companies that offer an alluring salary package to data scientists and similar professionals. In addition to this, there are many startups and small-scale organizations always in search of good data scientists. But here were are disusing some of the large-scale companies that offer salary package as high as $188k.

CompanyArea of workAverage salaryBest salary
AirbnbData infrastructure$188k$286k
MetaUI/ UX$158k$294k
CiscoProduct management$158k$206k
GoogleGeo-spatial data$150k$297k

How to land a high-paying job in Data Science?

If you are also interested in a career in data science, check out the quick steps for getting a high-paying job in the field.

  • Earn a degree in data science. This is kind of a prerequisite to get a job in the data science field.
  • Make a list of relevant companies that offer data science jobs to freshers.
  • Prepare for data science interviews.
  • Get an entry-level data analytics job.
  • Make your salary grow with experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Data Science the highest-paid job in world?

Data Science is one of the highest-paying jobs in the world.

Which country pays the highest average salary to data scientists?

United States

Which country offers the best job opportunities in the field of data science?

United States and India

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