8th Pay Commission Date, Latest News, Date, Pay Matrix, Salary Slab, Fitment Factor

This pay commission will bring a lot of big changes for government employees. It will provide a much-awaited salary boost to the employees. This increase will affect all government employees, military personnel, and pensioners.

The 8th Pay Commission is a payment commission of the Indian Government that is going to be established in 2024. It is expected to be implemented from 1st January 2026. A large number of employees are eagerly waiting for the implementation of this commission. However, the exact date is yet to be confirmed by the official.

The aim of the commission is to end the disparity between the salaries of different groups of employees. It is also aimed at helping employees cope with inflation.

Overview of 8th Pay Commission

Title8th Pay Commission
Year of Preparing the Draft2023
Announcement of commission2024
Year of Implementation2026
Category of the CommissionFinance
BeneficiariesGovernment Job Employees

8th Pay Commission Date – Anticipated Dates Only, No Official Announcement Received Yet

All employees of the Central and State Governments in India, as well as retirees and their families, are eagerly awaiting the publication of the 8th Central Pay Commission.

We anticipate that the announcement of the eighth pay commission will be possible prior to the general election in 2024. The 8th Pay Commission won’t take effect until January 1, 2026.

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According to the reports on the Internet, the draft of this commission is not yet prepared. It is possible that the government will get it prepared before the 2024 elections and present the same in front of the public.

Pay Matrix

The 8th Pay Commission Matrix will be implemented in January 2026, possibly, following the proposal by the central government. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic years, it may get postponed for up to one to two years.

The life of government workers would be fundamentally changed by the eighth pay commission. The commission made it clear, among other things, the pay scales for all government employees can change and that beneficiaries’ retirements could get a 25% boost.

The payoff for central government workers may increase by 20 to 30 percent, according to reports.

Expected 8th Pay Commission Minimum Basic Salary

As of now, it is very difficult to guess the exact hike in the salary as per the 8th Pay Commission. However, many experts are claiming that the basic salaries will increase by about 20%.

On the basis of the same, the expected salaries of various pay matrices are as follows.

Pay Matrix Level7th CPC Basic Salary8th CPC Basic Salary
Pay Matrix Level 1Rs. 18,000/-Rs. 21,600/-
Pay Matrix Level 2Rs. 19,900/-Rs. 23,880/-
Pay Matrix Level 3Rs. 21,700/-Rs. 26,040/-
Pay Matrix Level 4Rs. 25,500/-Rs. 30,600/-
Pay Matrix Level 5Rs. 29,200/-Rs. 35,040/-
Pay Matrix Level 6Rs. 35,400/-Rs. 42,480/-
Pay Matrix Level 7Rs. 44,900/-Rs. 53,880/-
Pay Matrix Level 8Rs. 47,600/-Rs. 57,120/-
Pay Matrix Level 9Rs. 53,100/-Rs. 63,720/-
Pay Matrix Level 10Rs. 56,100/-Rs. 67,320/-
Pay Matrix Level 11Rs. 67,700/-Rs. 81,240/-
Pay Matrix Level 12Rs. 78,800/-Rs. 94,560/-
Pay Matrix Level 13Rs. 1,23,100/-Rs. 147,720/-
Pay Matrix Level 13ARs. 1,31,100/-Rs. 157,320/-
Pay Matrix Level 14Rs. 1,44,200/-Rs. 173,040/-
Pay Matrix Level 15Rs. 1,82,200/-Rs. 218,400/-
Pay Matrix Level 16Rs. 2,05,400/-Rs. 246,480/-
Pay Matrix Level 17Rs. 2,25,000/-Rs. 270,000/-
Pay Matrix Level 18Rs. 2,50,000/-Rs. 300,000/-

8th Pay Commission in Parliament

There are a large number of speculations that the government of India is planning to scrap the complete system of Pay commissions. However, none of these speculations are true.

On August 2, 2022, the minister of state for finance, Shri Pankaj Chaudhary, responded to numerous questions regarding the 8th pay commission in Parliament.

The question of whether the government is considering not forming the 8th Central Pay Commission to review salaries, allowances, and pensions was one of the concerns raised.

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The minister answered that the union government is not planning to scrap the system.

In addition, Shri Chaudhary stated that central government employees receive Dearness Allowances (DA) to compensate for the decline in the real value of their salaries as a result of inflation.

The rate of DA is updated every six months in accordance with the rate of inflation as measured by the All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (AICPI-IW), which is published by the Labour Bureau under M/o Labour & Employment.

Fitment Factor of the 8th Pay Commission

The “Fitment Factor” is a factor that converts an old basic salary to a new one. It is a common number used to compare pre-revised basic pay to revised basic pay is the fitment factor! In the Pay Commission Report, it is a significant recommendation. Only this aspect will determine the pay increase.

We are compiling the information regarding previous pay commissions and have made them available for your review below.

Pay CommissionPay Hike In PercentageMinimum Basic Salary
4th Pay Commission Fitment Factor27.6%Rs. 750/-
5th Pay Commission Fitment Factor31%Rs. 2550/-
6th Pay Commission Fitment Factor54% (With a Fitment Factor of 1.86)Rs. 7000/-
7th Pay Commission Fitment Factor14.29% (With a Fitment Factor of 2.57)Rs. 18000/-
8th Pay Commission Fitment Factor20% (expected) (Expected Fitment Factor is 3.00)Rs. 21,600/- (expected)

Benefits of 8th Pay Commission Implementation

Here are some of the major benefits that current and former employees will get after the implementation of the 8th Pay Commission.

  • The minimum salaries will increase. This will make government jobs even more lucrative.
  • The employees will be able to afford a better lifestyle.
  • With more money in hand and better purchasing power, government employees will help the Indian economy grow.
  • Retired employees will be able to cope with inflation.
  • The government is planning to decrease the retirement age of employees. With a better salary after retirement, the government will be able to do so with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 8th Pay Commission Due Date?

The government will present the draft in 2024. The draft will get implemented in January 2026.

How much will the salary increase after the 8th Pay Commission?

Around 20% (expected)

Can I get the 8th Pay Commission Calculator?

Unfortunately, the calculator is not available because the exact rate of the salary hike is not available as of now.

Will there be any 8th Pay Commission?

Yes, it will be implemented in 2026.

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