Equinox Membership Cost 2023: A Fitness Club That Comes With Comfort And Luxury

Not only in America, but Equinox is one of the most popular gyms all over the world. By joining Equinox, you get a high-end fitness experience but it comes at a significantly high price as well. However, once you become a member of the gym, any extra price that you pay starts to seem totally worth it.

The Equinox gyms have world-class infrastructure, best-quality exercising equipment, and modern amenities that provide a workout experience coming with comfort and luxury. For those keen to become a part of the experience, this article provides complete information about Equinox Membership Cost 2023. Details of specialized plans and benefits offered by Equinox are also covered in detail.

Equinox Membership Monthly Plans 2023

To meet the need of all types of fitness enthusiasts, Equinox provides several membership packages. The basic Equinox membership package comes at a cost of $168 per month and allows the members to visit only one club.

All the perks available at Equinox with the membership can be enjoyed with this plan. Another membership plan provided by Equinox is the all-club access package which comes with a monthly fee of $230.

This membership plan is the best choice for those who travel a lot and do not want to disturb their fitness regime due to traveling. There is an initiation fee of $100 for these plans. One good news is that there is no cancellation charge on these plans and you can cancel the plan anytime you want.

ParticularsOne Club AccessAll Clubs Access
Initiation Fee$100$100
Monthly Fee$168$230
Cancellation ChargesNilNil

Other Specialized Equinox Membership Cost 2023

Apart from the basic Equinox membership plans mentioned above, there are some specialized plans as well.

  • First of all, those who are looking to try out Equinox before signing up for a membership can try a guest pass. The guest pass comes at a price of $10 to $50 and might have some limitations in terms of hours or facilities.
  • Other than the monthly plans, Equinox also offers annual memberships at a cost of $2200 for single club access and $3120 for all club access. An initiation fee of $500 is also charged with the yearly plans.
  • Although the all-club access plan can get you entry into Equinox gyms all over the world, there are some luxurious gyms that you cannot access with the basic pass. For entering those gyms, you need a destination membership plan which costs $3,600 a year.
  • There is one more high-cost Equinox executive membership plan that comes with many exclusive benefits and will cost you about $5,220 every year.
  • Equinox also offers a digital-only membership plan for those who want to work out from the comfort of their home. The digital membership starts at $39.99 per month and gives access to various live classes, on-demand classes, personalized online training, and coaching. However, members with digital plans cannot access the facilities available at any Equinox club.

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Benefits of Equinox Gym Membership

Equinox Membership Benefits
Source – Equinox

Equinox is considered one of the elite gym classes that offer a plethora of benefits to its members. With Equinox membership, you can gain access to group classes, weight training, cardio machines, Pilates, and amenities like pools and sauna. Personal training and massage services are also available at the gym for additional costs.

You can get up to $300 back per year if you put your Equinox membership on your American Express Platinum Card. This offer is applicable on any Equinox membership and the Equinox+ digital fitness app but there are certain terms and conditions. You can find the details of these terms by contacting Equinox directly.

Dedicated personal trainers are also available at Equinox who can create a tailored plan according to your fitness goals. These expert trainers have over 150 hours of education and will guide you one-on-one through all your workout plans. For those exercising from home, Virtual Personal Training can also be provided.

Unlimited classes namely Master of One, Choreo Cult, Anthem, etc are available at Equinox. These classes are designed by the industry’s best minds and taught by talented fitness instructors. You can enjoy any of these classes by booking in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit a club I don’t have access to?

You can purchase a Day Pass at the Front Desk to visit a club not available in your membership class.

How do I freeze my membership?

You can freeze (temporarily suspend) your membership for a monthly fee of $50 per month. However, it is only allowed once in a membership year.

How can I download the Equinox+ mobile app?

By visiting the App Store or Google Play Store.

What is the procedure to cancel the membership?

You can cancel in club with a club manager, via registered or certified mail, or via email at Cancellations@Equinox.com

Can I visit a club I don’t have access to?

Yes, you can visit by purchasing a day pass at the front desk.

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