GK Questions for Class 5 Students with Answers (Class 5 सामान्य ज्ञान के प्रश्न)

Explore below some interesting GK Quiz questions for class 5 students which will help them to prepare for various school level entrance tests and general quizzes. Improving general awareness not only makes kids genius but also enhances their academic performance.

If your child is 10 years old then here is the dedicated set of GK questions for him/her:


GK Questions for Class 5

Here is the list of more than 100 gk questions for class 5:

Question: What is Mahatma Gandhi called?

Ans. Father of Nation.

Question: When do we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti?

Ans: Every year on 2nd of October


Question: Name one heavy metal?

Ans. Gold.


Question: 30th January is celebrated as?

Ans. Martyrs’ day


Question: Where is Gir National Park located?

Ans. Gujarat.


Question: Name one plant which grows in Desert?

Ans. Cactus.


Question: National fruit of India?

Ans. Mango.


Question: Which city is called Pearl City?

Ans. Hyderabad.


Question: Name one famous crop of Assam?

Ans. Tea.


Question: Name the brightest planet in the Solar system?

Ans. Venus


Question: How many players are there in the football team?

Ans. 11.


Question: In Which sea Ganga river falls?

Ans. Bay of Bengal.


Question: Where will the 2021 Olympic Games be held?

Ans. Tokyo.


Question: A Place where dead bodies are kept?

Ans. Mortuary


Question: Samsung is the company of which country?

Ans. South Korea.


Question: Emmanuel Macron is the President of which European Country?

Ans. France


Question: Which is the national bird of the United States of America?

Ans. Bald Eagle


Question: World’s longest migration done by any animal or bird in the world is?

Ans. Arctic Tern (Bird)


Question: River Nile flows through how many countries?

Ans. 10 countries


Question: Which two rivers combine at Devprayag to form the Ganges River?

Ans. Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers


Question: 1024 kilobytes is equal to _?

Ans. 1 Megabyte(MB)


Question: A figure with 6 sides is known as ________?

Ans. Hexagon


Question: At which temperature does water boil?

Ans. 100◦C


Question: Which is the first animal to land on the moon?

Ans. Laika, The dog


Question: What do AM and PM stand for?

Ans. AM stands for Ante Meridiem and PM stands for Post Meridiem


Question: Name the five layers of Earth’s atmosphere?

Ans. Exosphere, Thermosphere, Mesosphere, Stratosphere and Troposphere


Question: What is Ablutophobia?

Ans. It is the Fear of Bathing


Question: Which is the coldest planet in our solar system?

Ans. Neptune


Question: Name the largest temple in the World?

Ans. Angkor Wat


Question: What is the full form of MBBS?

Ans. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery


Question: What is the capital of Italy?

Ans. Rome


Question: What is the scientific name of Mango?

Mangifera Indica


Question: Which is the biggest planet in our solar system?

Ans. Jupiter


Question: Onion (Allium cepa) is a modified form of?

Ans. Stem


Question: Who invented the Airplane?

Ans. Wright Brothers


Question: Sound cannot travel through which?

Ans. Vacuum


Question: Name one heavy metal?

Ans. Gold


Question: Name the largest river in the world by volume?

Ans. Amazon


Question: Nokia is which type of company?

Ans. Telecommunications company.


Question: Which state government observed November 1st as No Tobacco Day in 2016?

Ans. Punjab


Question: How many Cricket world cups did India win?

Ans. Two


Question: What is the capital of Italy?

Ans. Rome


Question: What is the full form of MBBS?

Ans. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery


Question: What grows quicker—hair or toenails?

Ans. Hair


Question: When the Autistic Pride Day observed globally?

Ans. June 18


Question: Constitution of India was adopted by whom?

Ans. Constituent Assembly.


Question: Chauri Chaura is a town located in which country?

Ans. Its a town in Uttar Pradesh of India.


Question: ‘UN World Tourism Organization’ was founded on which date?

Ans. Founded in 1 November 1975.


Question: National Aeronautics and Space Administration is a space agency of which country?

Ans. United States of America.


Question: Indira Gandhi born in which year?

Ans. 1917.


Question: What is the full form of CBSE?

Ans. Central Board of Secondary Education.


Question: Name the folk dance of Assam?

Ans. Bihu


Question: Name the largest river in the world?

Ans. Amazon.


Question: Delhi is situated on the bank of which river?

Ans. Yamuna


Question: Victoria Memorial is located in which city?

Ans. Kolkata.


Question: Where does a lion live?

Ans. Den.


Question: Young one of a cow is called?

Ans. Calf.


Question: How many sides are there in Hexagon?

Ans. 6.


Question: The scientific study of an earthquake is called?

Ans. Seismology.


Question: Atacama Desert is in which continent?

Ans. South America


Question: When is World Heritage Day celebrated?

Ans. 18th April


Question: Who is Paulo Coelho?

Ans. Brazilian Novelist


Question: Name the acid in lemon?

Ans. Citric acid


Question: Statue of Liberty is in _.

Ans. New York City


Question: What is the full form of  HTTP?

Ans. Hypertext Transfer Protocol


Question: Which is the largest freshwater lake in the world?

Ans. Lake Baikal


Question: When is UN day celebrated?

Ans. October 24


Question: What is the Diameter of Sun?

Ans. 14 Lakh Kms


Question: Oxygen liberated during photosynthesis is coming from?

Ans. Water


Question: What is the scientific name of Mango?

Ans. Mangifera Indica


Question: What is the Study of the Universe called?

Ans. Cosmology


Question: Which islands are part of India?

Ans. The Lakshadweep island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Question: What is the name of the elephant which serves as the mount of Lord Indra?

Ans. Airavata


Question: ‘The Race of My Life’ is the autobiography of which Indian Sprinter?

Ans. Milkha Singh.


Question: Social networking service company Facebook, Inc. was founded by whom?

Ans. Mark Zuckerberg with his friends in 2004.


Question: Udaipur is famous city in which state of India?

Ans. Rajasthan.


Question: Name the 4thplanet of our solar system?

Ans. Mars.


Question: Which animal can live without drinking water for many days?

Ans. Camel.


Question: How many UT’s are there in India?

Ans. 8.


Question: Name the president of the USA?

Ans. Joe Biden.


Question: PV Sindhu is associated with which sport?

Ans. Badminton


Question: Name the largest ocean in the world?

Ans. Pacific.


Question: Who is the author of the book ‘Wings of Fire’?

Ans. APJ Abdul Kalam and Arun Tiwari.


Question: Which is the smallest bone in the human body?

Ans. Stapes


Question: Where is Mount Vesuvius located?

Ans. Italy


Question: What do UPS stand for?

Ans. Uninterrupted Power Supply


Question: Name the two Oceans in which Australia is sandwiched between?

Ans. The Indian Ocean and The Pacific Ocean


Question: Name the border of India and Pakistan?

Ans. Radcliffe Line


Question: Which gas is known as “Laughing gas”?

Ans. Nitrous Oxide


Question: Who is the founder of Buddhism?

Ans. Siddhartha Gautama


Question: How many layers are there in Earth’s atmosphere?

Ans. 5


Question: Who is considered the father of the Indian Space Program?

Ans. Vikram Sarabhai


Question: Which structure of the eye is the most sensitive but contains no blood vessels?

Ans. Cornea


Question: Which is the largest plateau in the world?

Ans. Tibetan Plateau


Question: Name one plant which grows in the Desert?

Ans. Cactus


Question: Name the coldest planet in our solar system?

Ans. Neptune


Question: Name the Union Territories of India?

Ans. National Capital Territory of Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Chandigarh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Dadra Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu, Lakshadweep, and Puducherry


Question: ‘Har Ghar Pani-Har Ghar Safai’ mission was launched in which Indian state?

Ans. Punjab.


Question: Photo and Video sharing social networking service app ‘Instagram’ owned by which company?

Ans. Facebook.


Question: Where is the ‘Mount Abu’ in India?

Ans. Rajashthan State.


Question: Taj Mahal is also known as which name?

Ans. Crown Palace.

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