Check out 30+ Popular Hindu Baby Girl Names starting with “B”

You just welcome your first love and we truly understand how special it is for you and your family. In Hindu tradition, when a baby girl is born, her respective family considers it as a blessing of God. The Goddess Laxmi just entered your home with her tiny fit. It’s time of Joy and celebration.

Let Edudwar becomes part of this memorable celebration, we will help you in choosing the most popular and widespread name for your baby girl.

Choosing a baby name is indeed personal decision, and what might be considered the “best” Hindu baby girl name can vary greatly depending on cultural, familial, and lastly personal preferences.

30+ Popular Hindu Baby Girl Names starting with “B”

Check out below best Hindu baby girl names starting with “B” along with its meaning.

These names not only have valid meanings but also sound musical. You should focus to choose a name that resonates with you and your family’s values and preferences.

Balamani: Precious jewel

Bhadra: Auspicious, good

Bhavya: Future, grand

Bhoomika: Earth, nature

Brinda: Holy basil, devotion

Bhagyashree: Blessed, auspicious

Bandhini: A bond, connected

Babita: Born in the first quarter of an astrological day

Bala: Strength, young

Basudha: Earth

Bindula: A drop, delicate

Binal: Graceful, polite

Bhayanika: Fearless

Bhavishya: Visionary, future

Bhumika: Role, foundation

Bhrishti: Rain, life

Bairavi: Powerful, fierce

Basanti: Spring, new beginnings

Bhoomija: Daughter of the Earth

Banhi: Flame, passion

Bhavish: Progressive, enlightened

Binita: Humble, polite

Bhumika: Foundation, base

Brindisi: Belonging to Brindavan

Bhavna: Feeling, emotion

Bindya: Dot, wisdom

Bhoomika: Girl from Earth

Bhavleen: Deeply engrossed, passionate

Bhavneeta: Full of feelings

Banee: Speech, sound

One more thing, do not forget to discuss your baby girl name with family members. They can suggest you just best.

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What do you call your baby girl in your home?

Apart from the official name, most of us call our baby with another name in home. This is the essence of our Indian culture.

Do you also call your baby girl:

  • Pihu
  • Bittu
  • Motu
  • Satna
  • Guddi
  • Gudiya
  • Ladoo
  • Rimghim
  • Runghun
  • Googly
  • Puttu

This list won’t last because these names are true feelings of parenthood.

Why don’t you just comment what do you call you baby in home!


What are some traditional Hindu baby girl names with “B”?

Bhagya, Bina, Bhavana, and Bhuvana.

What are some unique Hindu baby girl names starting with “B”?

Bhairavi, Bhumija, Bhuvika, and Bhadrakshi.

What factors should I consider when choosing a Hindu baby girl name with “B”?

More importantly don’t forget to consider the significance of name you are choosing.

What are some modern Hindu baby girl names with letter “B”?

Bhakti, Bandita, Barkha, Bhagyashree, Bhavya

There are a countless number of baby girl names with “B”. Just help others by sharing your Baby girl name in the comment box below.

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