Exploring 50 Unique Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with “A” [2024]

Discover 50 beautiful Hindu baby girl names starting with 'A', each with deep cultural significance.

First of all, let us congratulate you that you or someone you know has a daughter. A daughter is respected not only by the family but by the entire world. So, if you are looking for a good name, then in this page we have given 50 Hindu baby girl names Starting with Latter “A”. and that too with meaning.

Are you excitedly awaiting the arrival of a precious little princess into your family? One of the most joyous parts of getting ready for a new member is choosing the perfect name – one that reflects our roots, our traditions, and holds a special significance. In Hindu culture, names aren’t just labels; they carry deep meanings, often symbolizing virtues, dreams, or blessings from the divine. So, if you’re on the hunt for a unique Hindu baby girl name that starts with the letter “A,” you’re in the right place! We’ve put together a list of 50 beautiful and meaningful names to help you on this wonderful journey of finding the perfect name for your little angel.

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List of 50 baby girl names that start with the letter A, along with their meanings

  1. Aadhya – First power
  2. Aaratrika – Dusk lamp ritual
  3. Aarika – Admired for looks
  4. Aarna – Goddess Lakshmi
  5. Aarohi – A musical note
  6. Aashi – Smile
  7. Aashna – Beloved
  8. Aastha – Faith
  9. Abha – Splendor
  10. Adhira – Restless
  11. Aditi – The Earth
  12. Advika – Unique
  13. Ahana – Inner light
  14. Aisha – Living
  15. Akanksha – Desire
  16. Akshara – Imperishable
  17. Alaka – A girl with a lovely hair
  18. Alekhya – Painting
  19. Alia – Noble
  20. Alisha – Protected by God
  21. Amara – Immortal
  22. Amrita – Immortality
  23. Anaisha – Special
  24. Anamika – Ring finger
  25. Ananya – Unique
  26. Anika – Goddess Durga
  27. Anisha – Continuous
  28. Anjali – Offering
  29. Anvi – Goddess of forest
  30. Anya – Inexhaustible
  31. Apeksha – Expectation
  32. Aria – Melody
  33. Aruna – Reddish-brown
  34. Arya – Noble
  35. Asha – Hope
  36. Ashna – A friend
  37. Ashwini – A star
  38. Asmi – I am
  39. Ayesha – Woman
  40. Ayushi – Long life
  41. Akriti – Shape
  42. Adwita – Unique
  43. Anandita – Happy
  44. Amisha – Beautiful
  45. Aradhya – Worshiped
  46. Arpana – Offering
  47. Ambika – Goddess Parvati
  48. Amrita – Nectar
  49. Avani – Earth
  50. Avantika – Princess of Ujjain

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What’s the significance of choosing a Hindu baby girl name starting with “A”?

Starting a name with “A” symbolizes auspicious beginnings and blessings in Hindu culture.

Are these names traditional or modern?

The list includes a mix of traditional and modern Hindu baby girl names.

Do these names have specific meanings?

Yes, each name comes with its own unique meaning rooted in Hindu culture and mythology.

Do these names have religious connotations?

Many names have religious or spiritual significance.

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