International Cricket Commentators Salary 2024- Fees Per Match, Annual Salary, Top 10 Commentators’ Salaries

These commentators are also offered a handsome salary for their job and for some of the best ones, the salary goes as high as $1 million.

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world especially in countries like India, England, Australia, etc. Millions of people enjoy the game of cricket on their television and radio and what makes their experience even more thrilling is the excellent commentaries going on along with the game.

Commentators play a very important role during a cricket match and make the event more exciting with their amazing explanation of the game, ball by ball, over by over. Providing a good commentary in this sport is something that requires immense skill and there are many cricket commentators who are good at this.

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Salary of International Cricket Commentators

There are many international cricket commentators who make millions from their talent. Most of these commentators are former cricketers who understand the game pretty well and use their knowledge to describe each and every event of the sport beautifully. Some of the highest-paid international cricket commentators are from the Indian cricket board (BCCI).

Among these commentators, Sanjay Manjrekar is paid the highest fees for his job which is around $55,810 per series. He is followed by three other Indian commentators namely Harsha Bhogle, Sourav Ganguly, and Sunil Gavaskar after which comes the international commentators such as Ian Bishop, Mark Nicholas, Geoffrey Boycott, etc.

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Top 10 International Cricket Commentators’ Salary

The table below presents the list of the top 10 international cricket commentators salary along with the channel for which they broadcast and their fees per match and series.

CommentatorsChannelAnnual salaryFees per seriesFees per match
Sanjay ManjrekarESPN Star Sports$1 million$55,810$2,500
Harsha BhogleESPN Star Sports & ABC$1 million$50,000$2,500
Sunil GavaskarESPN Star Sports$1 million$50,000$2,500
Sourav GangulyESPN Star Sports$1 million$50,000$2,500
Ian BishopSky Sports$900,000$52,000$2,000
Mark NicholasSky Sports$850,000$50,000$4000
Geoffrey BoycottSky Sports$850,000$50,000$4000
Michael VaughanSky Sports$850,000$50,000$4000
Ian BothamSky Sports$850,000$50,000$4000
Mike AthertonSky Sports$850,000$50,000$4000

Role of Commentators in Cricket

Imagining a cricket match without commentary is just like eating food without salt. Commentary has become a very important part of cricket and so have the commentators. Their roles become even more prominent for people who enjoy the match on radio.

The spirit and excitement among the cricket fans are uplifted manifold by the energetic voice of the commentators. Not just the match, these commentators have even made the pre-match and post-match analysis of the game enjoyable for the fans. This is one of the major reasons why these commentators are paid such a handsome salary.

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Factors Affecting the Salary of Cricket Commentators

There are multiple factors that affect the salaries of international cricket commentators. Their salary varies depending on the number of hours and days they are scheduled to perform commentary for the game. Other than this, they are also paid on a per-match and per-series basis apart from getting an annual salary.

The skill of these commentators is also a factor that decides the salary they will be receiving. Also, due to the Indian cricket board BCCI being wealthier than boards of any other country, international commentators from India are paid better salaries than commentators from other countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best cricket commentator internationally?

Many people consider Harsha Bhogle to be the best cricket commentator.

Who is the highest-paid international cricket commentator?

Sanjay Manjrekar

Is the salary for English & Hindi commentary the same?

No, generally English commentators are paid more than Hindi commentators.

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