International Firefighters Day 2024: Appreciating firefighters for their noble service to the communities

International Firefighters’ Day is observed annually on May 4 by people all around the world. The day was established on January 4, 1999, after the tragic death of five firefighters in a bushfire in Australia. The main purpose behind observing IFFD is to honor the firefighters who lost their lives while serving the community. In addition to this, the day also promotes the need for more intensive and thorough training for firefighters and aims to raise both skill and awareness. In this article, you can find important details related to International Firefighters Day 2024 such as its observance, symbol, significance, history, etc.

International Firefighters Day 2024 Overview

EventInternational Firefighters Day, IFFD
DateMay 4, 2024
Proposed byJJ Edmondson
Observed byWorldwide
Purpose of celebrationTo honor the past firefighters who have died while serving the community.

International Firefighters Day 2024 Date

International Firefighters Day will be observed on the following dates in the year 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2027:

International Firefighters Day 2024May 4, 2024Saturday
International Firefighters Day 2025May 4, 2025Sunday
International Firefighters Day 2026May 4, 2026Monday
International Firefighters Day 2027May 4, 2027Tuesday

Significance of International Firefighters Day

Firefighters put their lives at ultimate risk by dedicating it to the protection of life and property in case of a fire. They give countless hours to their job without any hesitation or second thought and most of the time it is completely voluntary. International Firefighters’ Day provides an opportunity to recognize and honor the sacrifices that firefighters make to ensure that their communities and environment are safe. past firefighters who have lost their lives as well as those currently serving us are remembered on this day.

History of International Firefighters Day

The foundation of International Firefighters Day was inspired by the tragic event that took place in Victoria, Australia on December 2, 1998. On this day, firefighters of the Geelong West Fire Brigade responded to a call from Linton, Victoria regarding a bushfire in the area. There was a sudden change of wind direction and five firefighters got trapped in the fire. All these firefighters, Garry Vredeveldt, Chris Evans, Stuart Davidson, Jason Thomas, and Matthew Armstrong, lost their lives in the incident.

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After this incident, letters of support and fellowship started flowing that encouraged a volunteer Lieutenant and firefighter in Victoria, JJ Edmondson to set a New Year’s resolution for 1999. the resolution was to organize an internationally recognized symbol of support and respect for all firefighters and to set a date in their honor that would be observed worldwide. After weeks of coordinated email discussions with the national and international community, a date and a symbol were finally established. A red-blue ribbon was chosen as the symbol of the IFFD (red for fire and blue for water) and May 4 was chosen as the date of observation. The chosen date was linked to the feast day of St Florian who is the patron saint of all firefighters.

Celebration of International Firefighters Day

On the occasion of International Firefighters’ Day, people from all over the world are invited to remember the firefighters who lost their lives on duty. People can show their support and appreciation for the firefighters by wearing blue and red ribbons. To celebrate this day, you can visit any memorial service held in the honor of firefighters and show your gratitude. You can also support firefighters on this day by making a donation, small or big, to non-government organizations (NGOs) that work for the betterment of firefighters.

Interesting Facts about Firefighters

here are some interesting facts about firefighters that you might not know.

  1. The world’s first fire station was built in Ancient Rome.
  2. The first official fire department was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1678.
  3. A firefighter needs around 100 hours of training before being allowed to enter a burning building.
  4. As per the norms, firefighters have to get dressed in less than two minutes.
  5. There are more than a million firefighters in the United States. However, only 7% are women.
  6. Molly Williams was the first recorded woman to serve as a firefighter in New York City in 1815.
  7. Firefighters are more likely to die from heart attacks than fire.
  8. Most firefighters are on duty for about 50 hours each week.
  9. Dalmatians are known as firehouse dogs.
  10. Approximately 100 firefighters are arrested every year for starting fires.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we celebrate International Firefighters Day?

May 4 every year

Who is considered the father of firefighters?

Benjamin Franklin

Which is the oldest fire department in the US?

Cincinnati Fire Department established in 1853

What the theme of International Firefighters Day?

To understand and honour the exceptional role of Firefighters towards the protection of life and property.

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