International Firgun Day 2023: Theme, Date, Significance, Meaning & History,

It is very easy to get jealous over someone’s success and it has become a human nature to be resentful of others. But it takes courage to be happy for someone else’s achievement and to compliment them on their success. This year July 17 will be observed as International Firgun Day 2023, a day dedicated to feel unselfish delight or pride in the accomplishment of the other person and to praise them genuinely over their achievement. Firgun describes a concept in Israeli culture that promotes complimenting others and feeling genuinely happy for their success.

International Firgun Day 2023 Date

Below mentioned are the upcoming dates for International Firgun Day for the next 5 years.

Event Date Day
International Firgun Day 2023 July 17, 2023 Monday
International Firgun Day 2024 July 17, 2024 Wednesday
International Firgun Day 2025 July 17, 2025 Thursday
International Firgun Day 2026 July 17, 2026 Friday
International Firgun Day 2027 July 17, 2027 Saturday

International Firgun Day 2023 Overview

Event International Firgun Day 2023
Date July 17, 2023
Day Monday

What is Firgun? – Meaning & History


Firgun is a term from Modern Hebrew meaning to complement others on their victory or any achievement and feel a sense of unselfishness, happiness and pride in that. The word also defines the Israeli culture of complimenting others and the concept of celebrating the International Firgun Day also came from a non-profit organization based in Jerusalem, Israel.  Firgun can also be defined as a generosity of spirit, an unselfish feeling of joy for others and happiness derived from the success and achievement of people around us. Its infinitive form is Lefargen, which means to make someone feel good without having any hidden motive. Both these terms denote absence of negativity and feeling of jealousness from one’s heart and be genuinely pleased with others’ accomplishments.


Origin of the word Firgun can be traced back to the Yiddish word farginen. Firgun is a Hebrew word, added recently to the language, back in 1970s. The concept of firgun can be found in Talmudic Hebrew as ayin tova or ayin yafa meaning “a good eye”. As per the professor of communications in the University of Haifa, Tamar Katriel, Firgun is all about a feeling of affinity that is real and without any hidden agenda. Through compliments, this feeling can be expressed openly and therefore Firgun became the synonym for complementing others.

Significance of International Firgun Day

There is so much negativity around us. Everywhere we see is hate, jealousy and crime with very little act of kindness or generosity for others. It is important to spread love as nothing good can ever come from hate and jealousy. We can start the act of kindness with simple gestures like kind words, feeling happy for others and bringing them the words of compliment that they might deserve.

The International Firgun Day 2023 will be celebrated to remind people of the blissful emotion they will feel by being happy for others and praising them on their achievements. According to Psychology Today, sharing good news is beneficial for both sharer and receiver.

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History of International Firgun Day

Made in JLM (Made in Jerusalem), a non-profit organization of Israel, are accredited with the celebration of International Firgun Day. It was decided in a meeting held in 2014 that a public observation day should be celebrated where people can express pride in the accomplishment of others and share compliments with each other, through social media or other platform. July 17 was chosen to be celebrated as International Firgun Day.

International Firgun Day Celebration

Every year, Made in JLM organizes an overnight marketing hackathon at the night before July 17 for promoting this day. Events and seminars on the importance of this day are conducted by different private and public organizations and people are encouraged to take part in them.

You can observe this day by complementing your peers or your friends or put a small post in their honor on social media. It is very easy and fun observing this day which will not cost you anything but put a smile on face of others.


What is the English translation of the word Firgun?

Firgun is derived from Yiddish word farginen which means to compliment others. However, there is no English translation of this word nor is there any word in English that means the same.

Which countries mark public holiday on International Firgun Day?

The International Firgun Day is a day of expressing compliments to others, friends, families, peers, etc. There is no holiday provided to celebrate this day in any part of the world.

Is International Firgun Day celebrated with any theme?

There is no specific theme for celebration of International Firgun Day in any year and similarly it will be observed without a theme in the year 2023 as well.

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